Biography of Brian Townsend

One of the best online poker performers you might not have heard of is Brian Townsend, and it's his wins in the No Limit Hold 'Em and Pot-Limit Omaha games at Full Tilt Poker under the username "sbrugby," where he has won the majority of his money.

Townsend has also played on High Stakes Poker, had a Full Tilt Red Pro sponsorship, and was featured on the front cover of the August/September 2007 issue of Cardplayer Magazine and the November 2008 issue of Inside Poker for his accomplishments. We're sure we will continue to see great things from this young poker player in the future.

A Good Start to a Career in Poker

He was born in 1982, but he didn't start playing poker until 2004 while attending graduate school at the University of California. Townsend first played .25/.50 Limit Holdem online in 2005 after being introduced to the game by his college roommates. After slowly working his way up to higher limits, he switched over to No Limit Holdem, which is definitely his game of choice now.

In 2007, Townsend guest-starred on GSN's show, High Stakes Poker. He was asked to be on the show after the producer recognized his online username, Sbrugby. Over the course of three episodes he lost $100,000, which he blames is the result of the limited amount of hands he was able to play on the show. He left the show and decided to try out a few other types of tournaments in which he found success.

Townsend landed a money finish at several of the World Poker Tour No Limit Hold 'em events and was also able to make numerous final tables ;at the World Series of Poker No Limit Hold'em events. Townsend appeared on NBC's Poker After Dark season 5 and won $120,000 by beating Doyle Brunson heads up.

In the 2010 World Series of Poker's $10,000 HORSE Championship, Townsend was able to win tenth place for $48 thousand dollars. His most recent significant cash win was last February at the $250 No Limit Hold'em Bounty tournament at the Venetian.

Townsend regularly plays the highest stakes for both the No Limit and the Pot Limit games online at Full Tilt Poker. He has won over $500,000 dollars from online tournaments throughout his career.

Townsend is currently a co-owner of Card Runners, where you can go to read his blogs where he talks about his many experiences while playing poker. He's also often posts on the Two Plus Two forums under the username "aba20."

Disciplinary Action

In March 2008, Townsend became a pro at Full Tilt Poker, playing under his real name. In August 2008, it was discovered that he had violated Full Tilt's terms of service by playing under multiple account names. He admitted to dropping down in stakes and playing under the name "Stellarnebula. "Townsend was suspended for six months from Team Full Tilt as a result of his actions.

In December 2009, Townsend was suspended for a second time and lost his "red pro" status for 30 days due to accusations against him for teaming up with Brian Hastingsand Cole South to conspire against Victor, "Isildur1," Blom, resulting in the loss of millions of dollar for that player. Townsend publically apologized for his actions and pledged to donate $25,000 to a local charity to compensate.

Personal Life

Townsend graduated with honors from the University of California in Santa Barbara and was a starter for their championship rugby team. Today, he is still passionate about staying in shape and can continually be found competing in various triathlons across California. Music is also a passion of his, and he can often be found wearing headphones, both during competitions and in between sessions.