Cynthia Jay-Brennan

Jay-Brennan was a regular attendee of the Desert Inn Casino in Las Vegas, never spending more than one-hundred dollars per visit, and it turns out she didn't even need that much. She put a mere $27 into the Mega Bucks slot machine, its reels spun, and in that moment her life would never be the same, as she instantly became a multi-millionaire.

Money cannot solve all your problems though, which is something Jay-Brennan quickly finds out after a serious accident involving a drunk driver resulted in the death of her sister and leaving her paralyzed from the chest down.

Before Her Win

Prior to Jay-Brennan's glorious win, she was a cocktail waitress at the Monte Carlo Resort where she had met her boyfriend at the time, Terry Brennan, who worked as a bartender there. They had been dating for about a year and had already been discussing plans to get married.

Before she won, Jay-Brennan had been struggling financially. She was always looking to pick up extra shifts at the resort just so she could make ends meet. That all changed for her on that cold winter's day in January of 2000.

Win of a Lifetime

It was just another day at the Desert Casino in Las Vegas for Jay-Brennan who enjoyed spending her week-ends there. She always set a limit of around one-hundred dollars, and was a cautious player when it came to spending money or taking risks.

Jay-Brennan had a one in a 7 million chance of winning the jackpot on the Megabucks slot machine, and the odds certainly were in her favor that night. On her ninth pull of the lever, three of the Megabucks symbols came up one right after another.

When the lights flashed, she threw her arms into the air, and then collapsed back into her chair out of breath from excitement. Jay-Brennan was ecstatic about her win, mostly because she and Terry could finally start planning the wedding they had always wanted.

After they got married just two weeks later, they started making plans for their future which included travelling the world together and starting a family.

Speaking of family, upon winning Jay-Brennan generosity spread her wealth among all of her family members, setting up a $10,000 trust fund in each of their names.

Devastating Accident

It was only a few weeks after the accident when Jay-Brennan and her sister were travelling to a casino out the town at the same moment Clark Morse was heading home from the bar in his Ford Explorer.

They were parked at a red light when Morse raced through the intersection at over 50 mph rear-ending Jay-Brennan's 1999 Chevrolet Camaro and smashing it into the vehicle in front of her. Lela, Jay-Brennan's sister, died on impact, and Jay-Brennan suffered from major vertebra and spinal cord injuries.

Jay Brennan was hospitalized for four months in a specialized facility for spinal cord injury patients, with her new husband hardly ever leaving her side. Doctors discovered that she was now paralyzed from her upper chest down to her toes, and they told her that although physical therapy will help her condition, her chances of ever being able to walk again are extremely low.

Jay-Brennan and her husband had to move to a ranch-style home that was completely wheel-chair accessible since she will now be confined to one for the rest of her life. She tells everyone how thankful she is for her husband, though, who has graciously supported her both physically and mentally throughout this whole ordeal.

Police reports tell us that Morse had a blood alcohol level that was almost twice the amount allowed according to Nevada's State law. After being put on trial almost a year after the accident, Morse was convicted of drunk driving, operating a vehicle without a license, and leaving the scene of an accident with a sentence to serve up to 145 years in prison.

In an interview after the accident, Jay-Brennan told reporters that she would give back every cent she won to have her sister alive again and to be able to run around the way she used to during her old job as a cocktail waitress.