11 NFL Prop Bets That Could Win You Money in 2017

by Kevin Roberts
on June 2, 2017

The 2017 NFL season is just around the corner, as June is finally here and in two months we’ll see real, live pro football games. The August games won’t actually matter, but it will be four weeks of meaningless football that will quickly bleed into another intense NFL regular season.

The beauty of the NFL season is it’s not very long from a game-by-game perspective, so the betting world likes to get a head start on how we all can wager and profit. That certainly doesn’t leave out exciting NFL prop bets, which depending on the bet can be highly rewarding.

Bookmaker is one of several NFL betting sites that allows a slew of NFL prop bets that are both engaging and potentially extremely profitable. That doesn’t mean they’re easy to nail or necessarily likely to happen, but when you’re given playable odds, you at least have to think about taking a stab at some of these bets. Here’s our favorite 2017 NFL prop bets to consider wagering on over at Bookmaker:

Single Season All-Purpose Yardage Record

This one’s a doozy, just because it’s really not easy to accomplish. Darren Sproles broke the record for total yardage (rushing, receiving and return) in a season with the New Orleans Saints back in 2011 and for someone to break it again in 2017, they’d need to top 2,696 total yards.

It’s a long shot, so Bookmaker leads heavily on the “no” side being favored:

  • Yes +1200
  • No -6000

Obviously there is no upside in going against this bet. You’re either betting someone can break the record or you’re just avoiding it, altogether. This is a tough record to break, but it’s not that crazy. The main reason why is the league has several talented running backs that have enough athleticism and versatility to chase this record if everything breaks right.

Sproles is a special case, as he had a big role as a rusher and receiver with the Saints in 2011 and was extremely active in the return game. There aren’t a ton of guys like that to target for 2017, but stud running backs like David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott and of course Le’Veon Bell are all going to be in play for this record if they can stay healthy and continue to dominate as they have been.

Johnson might be the best bet, as he’s arguably the most versatile and explosive of that trio and actually paced the league in All-Purpose yardage in 2016 (2,118 total yards). He actually got hurt in week 15 and has suggested since that he feels he’s capable of putting up 1,000+ receiving yards in 2017. It’s hard to argue against his confidence, as he put up over 800 receiving yards in his first full season as the starter in Arizona.

Johnson isn’t a lock to accomplish this feat, but he’d be in the ballpark if he makes good on his bid for 1,000+ receiving yards.

This isn’t a safe play by any means, but we like the upside here and with three viable outs in Zeke, Bell and DJ, it’s not a crazy bet.

Ezekiel Elliott 2,000+ Rushing Yards?

The Dallas Cowboys found themselves a stud running back in last year’s draft, as Elliott was everything he was hyped up to be during a very productive rookie season. The former Buckeye blasted off for 1,631 rushing yards in his first season as a pro and Bookmaker provides NFL bettors with a fun prop bet – whether or not Zeke can top 2,000+ rushing yards in his second year:

  • Yes +1000
  • No -3500

Obviously it’s not a safe bet, as 2,000+ yard rushers are few and far between. We’ve seen that milestone topped just seven times in NFL history, so we can’t toss around this bet so lightly. That being said, Zeke was pretty vocal about chasing Eric Dickerson’s rookie rushing record and as a huge piece of what Dallas does offensively, it’s not that crazy to hope Elliott tacks on 400 extra yards in 2017.

I’m not saying this is a lock, but this is a pretty fun bet with +1000 odds.

This one probably won’t hit, but it’s one of the better 2017 NFL prop bets to target.

Le’Veon Bell 2,000+ Rushing Yards?

We get the same bet with Pittsburgh Steelers stud rusher Le’Veon Bell, who just signed a big new contract and enjoyed yet another elite season in 2016. He actually gets more playable odds than Elliott, as we can target his +1400 odds to top 2,000+ rushing yards:

  • Yes +1400
  • No -8500

It’s again pretty obvious that the “no” side is the safer play, as not many running backs accomplish this feat and if we think Elliott is going to do it, we probably can’t logically hope for Bell to also do it. Both have a chance due to their talent and workload, but the league has never seen two backs top 2,000 rushing yards in the same season and it’s fairly safe to say they probably never will.

Bell is in play for this bet due to the odds, but the logic isn’t as good as it is with Elliott. For one, Bell has a history of getting dinged up or suspended and has suited up for all 16 games just once in his career. You are likely to need all 16 games to hit this lofty milestone, while Bell also tops out at 1,361 rushing yards for his career high.

I doubt Bell makes it through all 16 games and I don’t have a ton of faith that he’ll randomly exceed his best rushing season by nearly 700 yards.

It’s a fun flier bet to consider, but we’d probably avoid this bet.

LeSean McCoy 2,000+ Rushing Yards?

Shady McCoy comes in as another option for this 2,000+ rushing yardage bet at Bookmaker, but he makes the least amount of sense for a variety of reasons. The biggest might be his playability is somehow worse than Le’Veon Bell’s:

  • Yes +1200
  • No -6000

There is still a ton of upside associated with this bet, as McCoy is an elite running back and has a monster workload in Buffalo’s offense. McCoy also has a career high of 1,607 rushing yards (2013) to his name and has topped at least 1,200 rushing yards four different times.

None of that really screams “2,000 yard rusher!” to us, especially considering McCoy might not get enough carries (234 or fewer in each of the last two years), though.

McCoy topping 2,000+ rushing yards isn’t impossible, but it’s pretty unlikely. This is a bet to avoid.

Ezekiel Elliott TD Total

We’re back to Zeke, who was a monster in 2016 and could be even better in just his second NFL season. He’s a threat for virtually any record and that naturally includes the Over for the amount of touchdowns he could score in 2016:

  • Over 13.5 (+120)
  • Under 13.5 (-150)

We already saw Elliott crush it as a rookie in 2016 (15 touchdowns), and given his talent, role and explosiveness, there is little reason to shy away from betting on him doing it again.

This isn’t an insanely high upside bet, but it’s a viable one. Bet the Over.

Will Any Player Break Single Season Passing Yardage Record?

This is a tough one, as Peyton Manning bested Drew Brees’ old record of 5,476 yards by literally one yard back in 2013. The closest anyone has come to touching that record again was Brees himself last year, but he still fell considerably short with 5,208 yards. Bookmaker is asking us to gauge if Brees or someone else can challenge Manning’s record:

  • Yes +400
  • No -600

It looks like we can safely bet against this, but we do need to consider the NFL remains a passing league and that players routinely put up well over 4,000+ yards passing. In 2016 alone, 13 quarterbacks topped 4,000+ passing yards. Of that massive group, three had over 4,900 passing yards.

Brees is the obvious threat for this record, as he came within 400 yards of it just last season, actually held the record Manning broke by just one year and has topped 5,000+ passing yards a ridiculous five times in his illustrious career.

There is an argument that Brees could be in for one of his better seasons yet, too. The Saints added Adrian Peterson to their offensive backfield, brought in burner Ted Ginn Jr. and will be looking for a bigger year out of second-year man Michael Thomas. Losing Brandin Cooks is a pretty big blow on paper, but if anyone can break this record, it’s probably going to be Brees.

It’s still not likely to happen in 2017, but considering the upside and career numbers we’ve seen out of Brees, this is a viable bet to target.

Drew Brees Passing TD Total

Let’s stick with Brees for our next NFL prop bet, as Bookmaker ponders how many touchdowns the Saints star passer could toss this upcoming season:

  • Over 34.5 (-160)
  • Under 34.5 (+130)

Brees would have hit the Over in 2016 when he put up 37 touchdown passe and he’s had a pretty glamorous career that’s included four total seasons where he’s eclipsed this 34.5+ plateau. Brees is more of a yardage fiend than a touchdown monster, though, and his career shows that with far more campaigns of hitting this Under (12 seasons of 34 touchdowns or fewer).

Brees is still a viable try for the Over, but the Saints might look to get a little more balanced in 2017. The addition of Peterson suggests that, so it’s not crazy to imagine the Saints pounding in a few extra scores on the ground.

Brees will still easily threaten the Over, but the value lies with the Under and it is a logical bet.

Tom Brady Passing TD Total

Ditto for Tom Brady, who was sensational last year in putting up a staggering 28 touchdowns against just two picks, despite sitting out the first four games of the year due to a suspension. Bookmaker offers the same passing touchdown bet, but down a score:

  • Over 33.5 (-160)
  • Under 33.5 (+130)

Brady is at an age where he could get hurt or experience a sharp decline in play at any point, but he also seems like he could play forever. The guy was a machine in 2016 and has put up 33 or more touchdowns in 6 of his last 7 seasons.

New England has a well-oiled offense that doesn’t rely solely on Brady or big plays, so it’s pretty easy to assume that as long as he stays healthy he’ll be in line to chase the Over. Adding Brandin Cooks and getting a healthy Rob Gronkowski back probably secure that side of the bet for us.

The value lies with the Under, but Brady is too good and has too many weapons. Bet the Over or avoid this bet.

Single Season Passing TD Record

We can bet on whether or not someone will break Peyton Manning’s single season passing yardage mark this year and Bookmaker is allowing us to do the same with his touchdown record (55):

  • Yes +800
  • No -2000

The league is full of elite passers that could easily turn in a career season and vie for this gaudy touchdown total, but topping 50+ passing scores is no easy feat. In fact, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are the only two quarterbacks to ever do it and just 10 others have even topped 40 touchdown passes in league history.

In other words, it sounds a lot more doable than it actually is. This requires a career year from even the best talents and while the likes of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck and a handful of others could pull this off, it’s rather unlikely.

If you think Brady is due to have another insane year, perhaps he makes this bet worthwhile. It’s likely one that is ultimately best left avoided, however.

Andrew Luck Times Sacked

Luck has had an up and down career with the Colts, at times flashing elite ability and other teams dealing with too many turnovers and some injuries. He isn’t headed into a make or break campaign this year, but it’s fair to say nobody knows quite what to expect. That might be the case for how many times he gets sacked, too:

  • Over 32.5 (-160)
  • Under 32.5 (+130)

Luck has had notoriously bad pass protection for virtually his entire playing career, with the former Stanford stud being taken down by opposing pass rushers 42 times in 2016. That was good for second most in the league even with Luck missing a game due to injury.

Luck ranked 22nd in sacks taken in 2014 (he missed 9 games due to injury in 2015) with 27 sacks, got sacked 32 times in 2013 and took 41 sacks in 2012 as a rookie (4th in the NFL).

The sack numbers aren’t consistent, but Luck tries to extend play and his o-line isn’t elite. If he’s fully healthy in 2017, it’s a fair bet to assume he’d hit the Over.

There isn’t a ton of upside here, but the Over is the best play here.

How Many Games Will Big Ben Start?

One more interesting NFL prop bet for 2017 is how many games Pittsburgh Steelers star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will start. It’s a valid bet to consider, especially considering Big Ben has a history of getting hurt. Bookmaker starts the Over/Under at 14.5:

  • Over 14.5 (+110)
  • Under 14.5 (-140)

Obviously you’re either betting Big Ben suits up for 15+ games or 14 or fewer here. The Under is naturally the safe play, as Roethlisberger is getting more and more vulnerable as the years pass by and could be at his shakiest in terms of reliability as he enters his age 35 season.

Big Ben has never been good at completing a full 16-game season (he’s done it three times across 13 seasons) and he’s missed six games in the last two seasons alone. Roethlisberger would have hit the Under in both 2015 and 2016, while that would also be the case for almost half of his playing career (6 seasons).

The Over offers value and is in play, but given Big Ben’s age and injury history, we prefer the Under.

That does it for our latest look at the top NFL prop bets going into 2017. There are always more prop bets to be found online and they come and go depending on which players are relevant, who gets hurt and how lineups change. The NFL betting season is alive and well and now is the time to start acting on some really playable odds, whether it’s Super Bowl 52 odds for some of the top contenders that aren’t yet getting the respect they deserve, or these prop bets that could go away at a moment’s notice.

Hopefully we steer you in the right direction or offered you some insight to help you finalize your bets. Regardless, we wish you luck!

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