2017 NFL Draft Betting: Who Will Be Selected #2 Overall?

by Kevin Roberts
on April 26, 2017

The 2017 NFL Draft arrives on Thursday night and with it comes a boatload of answers to all of our questions surrounding some of the top college football prospects. Myles Garrett is regarded as the top overall prospect entering the draft, but there remains confusion as to whether or not the Cleveland Browns will actually spend the top pick on him.

Even if Garrett goes first overall like he should, it’s fair to say few have a firm grasp on what will follow after. On the flip side, if the Browns truly do throw a curveball and either trade out of the top spot or draft a different player, then we’re really in a weird spot.

From top to bottom, this really does feel like one of the more volatile and unpredictable drafts. Garrett should be the top pick in a draft class that does not boast a locked in top quarterback option and he probably will be. But what happens after that? Regardless of what the Browns decide, there is no arguing that Garrett is the best overall player going into Thursday night. Agreeing on who the second best player might be, however, is a totally different story.

Naturally, top NFL Draft betting sites like Bovada are taking advantage of the confusion and lack of predictability in this draft, and they’re currently offering a killer bet on who will be taken with the #2 overall draft pick.

Odds to Go #2 Overall

The top players that are in the discussion shouldn’t be a shock if you’ve followed the draft process. The odds Bovada provides align pretty well with what we see in a lot of mock drafts online, as well. Here’s how things stand at the moment:

  • Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford (+150)
  • Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina (+300)
  • Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State (+600)
  • Jamal Adams, S, LSU (+700)
  • Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU (+1000)
  • Myles Garrett, DE/OLB, Texas A&M (+1000)
  • Field (+400)

Trades can happen that will really shake this up, but speculating on them might be a waste of time and if you’re placing bets, you can only go off of what you know. For now, what we can somewhat accurately assume is the Browns will take Garrett at #1 and the San Francisco 49ers will pick second overall.

Garrett has interesting odds at +1000 if you buy into Cleveland trading down or taking a quarterback (probably Mitchell Trubisky) first overall, but this is not a team that is a franchise passer away from competing. Trubisky is also a bit of a project, so he just doesn’t seem like a guaranteed #1 pick.

Before we even dive into the top bets here, we’ll start with the widely assumed logic that Garrett will be off the board at this pick. That remains a fun flier bet due to the upside and we can totally hedge our bets in case he’s not taken, but if we’re trying to bet on who goes second in the 2017 NFL Draft, he doesn’t make the most sense.

Breaking Down the Options

Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford (+150)

Thomas has been mocked to the 49ers at the #2 spot more than anyone else, as he’s really gained steam as the top pass rusher after Garrett. Thomas is a unique player as he has the size, quickness, strength and overall athleticism to effectively play on a 4-3 or 3-4 defensive line. Some think he’s actually the top prospect going into the draft, while the upside is impossible to ignore.

The 49ers have said in the past that , so it’s worth wondering if they will instead attack another area of concern and bypass a potential stud pass rusher like Thomas.

Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina (+300)

One reason to pass Thomas could be San Francisco’s obvious need for a franchise quarterback. Brian Hoyer is currently slated to begin 2017 as their starter under center and after shedding the likes of Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert from their books, their only other alternative is Matt Barkley.

Neither of those passers are long-term options and if the Niners actually want to compete, the hope has to be neither plays much in the interim, either. The leading into the draft, but if new head coach Kyle Shanahan sees a quarterback he’d love to work with in this draft, we certainly can’t rule out the 49ers selecting one with the 2nd overall pick.

The top option figures to be UNC’s Trubisky if that were to happen. The former Tar Heel is a bit of a project and GM John Lynch has suggested the 49ers don’t really want to toss a young passer into Shanahan’s complex system, but he is a dual threat option with a ton of raw talent and serious upside. If the 49ers believe he’s the answer and the Browns don’t shock everyone by taking him at first overall, he’s .

The Field (+400)

If you’re unsure about the Niners taking one of the guys currently being given odds, you shouldn’t feel weird about it. There are a few big name prospects that could understandably find themselves in this spot, whether because someone trades for San Francisco’s pick or the 49ers just like a different prospect better than these other options.

Jonathan Allen, Deshaun Watson, Malik Hooker and Mike Williams are three huge names that could potentially be candidates to be surprises in this spot. That being said, Allen and Watson are probably the only realistic pivots from these other options, while there have been rumors pointing the Niners to Watson lately, as well. Trubisky remains the consensus favorite to be the first quarterback off the board, but if the Niners like Watson’s NFL-ready skill-set and winning experience at a high level, they could go get their guy right away.

It’s tough to know what is just smoke leading into the draft, so the fact that Allen and Watson aren’t listed among Bovada’s #2 overall pick odds, we’d say this makes for a quality flier bet.

Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State (+600)

Lattimore looks to be the top cornerback prospect going into the draft and the 49ers don’t seem completely set in their secondary (which ranked 14th in 2016 against the pass), so he’s a real possibility at this spot. There hasn’t been clear ties between player and team, but Lattimore is a top-5 prospect and this would not be a crazy landing spot for him.

Jamal Adams, S, LSU (+700)

Safety is another concern for the 49ers, who really have a lot of work to do to improve a bad pass defense. Getting an impact safety that can improve the pass coverage, deliver big hits and be a threat in the middle of the field as a ball hawk could be huge for a maturing defense.

Adams has actually been mocked as high as #2 overall in a few mock drafts, too, so it’s not like this pick would come out of left field. Not only do the Niners have a need for someone as talented as Adams, but other teams need elite safety help, as well. It wouldn’t be all that shocking to see a team like the Bears or Jets try to trade into this spot to locate a stud protector for the back of their secondary.

Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU (+1000)

Fournette might end up being the best gamble on this entire list, simply because he’s regarded as the best overall running back talent in this draft and whispers have emerged that the 49ers .

The Niners do have Carlos Hyde, but the old regime brought him in and he’s had many issues with health and consistency. It’s not crazy to think the 49ers start over at the position like Dallas did last year with Ezekiel Elliott and make sure they’re ready to rock in the ground game.

Who Will Go #2 Overall?

The important thing here is there are several very valid bets to be made. For one, the 49ers . The Browns could trade up from the 12th spot, the Bears could move up one spot and other teams wanting to make a massive splash could pitch them packages.

We’re not set in stone with San Francisco at all, but for now, it looks like there’s a good chance they will take the best available player here. That being said, the big threats here are a quarterback and Leonard Fournette, after Solomon Thomas.

That gives us a few outs, as Jonathan Allen and Deshaun Watson are very much in the discussion and we don’t get odds for them. That makes the Field (+400) a very fun and profitable bet. Ahead of that has to be Fournette (+1000), who is really gaining steam and obviously carries the most upside.

These are two bets we probably want to make, no matter what we think is going to happen at this spot.

Thomas still remains the safest and most logical play at #2 overall. The Niners can say what they want about their defensive line, but this defensive line ranked 19th in sacks a year ago. They need to improve their pass rush to help their secondary, which in turn should help their run defense (dead last in 2016).

If the 49ers are smart they won’t believe they’ll be really competitive right away with a rookie GM and rookie head coach leading the way. They don’t have enough talent as things stand and they need to add a ton of quality pieces. Trubisky or Watson are in play here, but they can get a passer later and sit tight with Hoyer for a year if they don’t find the guy they love. They also don’t need to take a running back here. They do have Hyde for one more season and in a surprisingly deep running back class, they could easily find a more than competent option later in the draft.

All signs continue to point to Thomas, who could potentially line up wherever they need him on their defensive line. San Francisco – much like Cleveland – has too many holes to reach for a quarterback or running back here. If they stand pat, we think the safe money is on them taking Solomon Thomas at #2 overall.

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