7 Reasons Why Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather is a Complete Joke

by Kevin Roberts
on March 14, 2017

The world probably isn’t ready for the rumored Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match to happen, but it sounds like it will. News broke just days ago that Money Mayweather would officially be coming out of retirement to take on the UFC star known as The Notorious, while a date and venue are also reportedly penciled in for this summer.

There is no denying the hype, draw and earning potential for this fight. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has an astonishing 49-0 professional boxing record and no matter what happens from this point on, will go down as one of the best boxing champions in history. In fact, some could argue already that he’s the best, even if he doesn’t get to 50-0.

McGregor has made a legacy in MMA for himself, as well, and with his star steadily on the rise after winning title belts in two different UFC weight classes (the first fighter to do so in history), he brings an added twist to this cross-sport superfight.

As interesting as this boxing vs. mixed martial arts bout looks at first glance, there also seems to be a lot weighing this thing down; so much so that it’s fair to ask if it’s already a total joke. Let’s count the ways:

Exhausting Process

Part of why this mega fight feels like such a joke is the fact that it’s taken forever to even come to fruition. It was rumored to be a possibility last summer, and if this fight goes down this summer, it’ll end up being a full year of rumors, denials, trash talk and hearsay.

Throughout the process The Notorious has climbed to the top of the UFC and Mayweather has sat quietly and comfortably in retirement. Both fighters have suggested they’ve been down for this huge fight the entire time, yet it took us so long to get here.

It’s true that some fights – perhaps ones especially of this magnitude – simply take time to develop. Fighter scheduling, training and most importantly the fight finances all take precedence to the actual fight taking place. Still, that doesn’t hide the fact that McGregor vs. Mayweather has been beaten to death for longer than most care to think about.

Because of the exhausting process that led to this fight and all of the build up that has and will continue to surround it, it’s worth wondering if anyone will really care what happens when it does finally arrive.

Disrespectful to Boxing

One of the best boxers in the business right now – Canelo Alvarez – spoke out recently and said what most everyone else is thinking already; this .

It’s especially annoying for Alvarez, who has fought Mayweather (and lost) in the past, and probably would be a much better contender in another fight than McGregor. Adding to the annoyance is the constant chatter about this fight, rather than the good fights and promotions currently going on in the boxing world.

Alvarez could certainly be biased, but it’s hard to disagree with him. Mayweather is ditching a legit boxing match for what figures to be nothing more than a gimmick or publicity stunt.

All Hype, No Substance

Alvarez’s take aligns with many others, which keeps adding fuel to the fire that suggests this bout is purely about money and notoriety, and has very little to do with boxing or a good, fair fight.

A lot of fans of boxing and the UFC will find it easy to get behind this fight as they cheer on their preferred fighter, while some will find interest solely to see either McGregor or Mayweather be embarrassed. Others will place bets on the fight and hope The Notorious rises up for the upset win so they can cash out with huge winnings.

But very little of what stems from the fight feels authentic. Instead, we’re looking at a money grab fight that will temporarily make both fighters unstoppable icons leading up to the fight, but the fight itself will undoubtedly wind up being the joke it already seems to be.

Vegas Backs Mayweather

Another reason this fight is a total joke is the oddsmakers clearly backing Floyd Mayweather with zero hesitation. Most UFC and boxing betting sites are favoring Money Mayweather by a wide margin, with top betting site Bovada handing Mayweather absurd -850 odds to win. Here’s how the set up looks:

  • Mayweather to Win (-850)
  • McGregor to Win (+525)

How is this a fight we’re expected to get excited about? Not only is Vegas basically telling us there is no logical way Mayweather loses, but the safe play happens to be Mayweather Jr. and betting hard on him seems absolutely fruitless.

Betting on Money Mayweather to beat Conor McGregor offers almost no return, as a $100 bet yields a ridiculously low $11.81 return at Bovada. Thinking to be even more ambitious with your boxing betting when it comes to this match? How about 10 grand? If you toss a cool $10,000 up on Bovada in favor of the seemingly ultra safe Mayweather, you’re only getting a little over $1.1k back if he in fact wins.

Mayweather is going to win this fight, but what if he didn’t? All of the would-be “safe” action would drive losing bettors mad and would surely turn the wheel on those ever dangerous “rigged” conversations.

Of course, betting on McGregor to pull off the upset of the century certainly has it’s upside. That same $100 bet on McGregor could bring back $525, while a $10,000 bet would return over $52k at boxing betting sites like Bovada.

Cheapening the Record

Even if Mayweather wins, just as Vegas and everyone else thinks he should, what does it matter? Conor McGregor isn’t a professional boxer, this match doesn’t even technically count and Floyd’s bid to go 50-0 would feel like a total farce.

If Mayweather’s perfect boxing record is going to mean anything, he’d need to take on a big boxing name and get there, not some MMA star with what feels like a made up beef that is coming out of nowhere.

We’ve seen other fighters get to where Mayweather is right now, while Ricardo Lopez actually reached a 51-0 record that seems to be held back by one career draw. Still, the guys that came before Money Mayweather and left their mark did it in the boxing ring against fellow boxers. Mayweather getting to 50-0 against McGregor cheapens the record and overall could deliver a hit to how the close to his amazing career comes off.

McGregor Isn’t a Boxer

This is a much bigger deal than anyone seems to appreciate. Well, that’s not completely true. Fans have poked at The Notorious in the forums and comments boards for months, suggesting he wouldn’t last two rounds with a legendary fighter like Mayweather. Others even mocked his boxing skills and pointed to a particular video which suggests McGregor may be behind on his training.

No matter your stance, it’s pretty obvious that McGregor isn’t a boxer. He’s a tough as nails fighter in the MMA and in his fighting world, his striking ability is rather elite. In a boxing ring, however, he has a ways to go.

On top of McGregor’s flat out ability to fight, work the angles and defend himself, is the question of stamina and endurance. Most of McGregor’s UFC fights last three rounds or are finished much earlier and we’ve seen him tire out even in some of those fights. McGregor is accustomed to grinding out a 3-round win or finishing an inferior talent earlier with his superior power and quickness.

That won’t be the case here, as Mayweather is a seasoned pro that does two things better than anyone: defend and grind. Mayweather can certainly pick his spots and pack some power into his punch, but he’s really best known for limiting opposing fighter’s offense and punch impact. Mayweather tends to dodge heavy blows and angle himself in a fashion where it simply isn’t easy for the best of heavy-hitters to get a good, clean shot at him.

If Manny Pacquiao and so many other brilliant boxers (who have made amazing careers out of this, by the way) couldn’t figure Money Mayweather out, why are we so silly to even entertain the idea that a career MMA fighter suddenly can?

These Guys Are Annoying

Don’t get me wrong, fighters have to be confident to keep winning, so we can appreciate a cocky fighter who not only speaks his mind, but can back up his talk. Mayweather and McGregor both certainly have done so in their respective fields.

But that doesn’t change the fact that these guys are annoying. Both Mayweather and McGregor talk way too much and are working together here to prop up a fight that lacks substance, looks and feels like a money grab and ultimately will cheapen Mayweather’s record and possibly even boxing itself.

Mayweather taking on McGregor in a boxing match is a joke and McGregor wanting to take this fight and thinking he can win is probably a joke, too. Perhaps these guys actually even agree this thing is a joke, and simply think it’s hilarious how much money they can earn together by putting together the biggest joke of a fight we’ve ever seen.

That, along with everything else we’ve touched on, leaves this fight to ultimately be a joke and probably a huge waste of everyone’s time. That doesn’t mean we won’t tune in and even throw down a bet, though.

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