Why Betting on NBA Preseason Games Isn’t a Waste of Time

by Kevin Roberts
on October 11, 2017

The 2017-18 NBA regular season is rapidly approaching, as actual games that matter arrive next Tuesday on October 17th. That means we are literally one full week away from the new season beginning and we can start putting our NBA bankroll to work.

Unless, of course, we have the stomach for some preseason NBA betting.

It’s true that most bettors shy away from betting on the NBA before the regular season rolls around, but with cash to be made, it’s fair to wonder if they should. Yes, there is some risk and instability involved, but sports betting is about opportunity, edge and profit.

By not even taking part in the preseason schedule, we’re potentially missing out on easy cash. More importantly, betting on preseason basketball is seen as a waste of time and it truly isn’t.

If done the right way, it can actually be very beneficial and just like the player’s prep for the long grind of an 82-game season, preseason betting can get you ready as a bettor, as well.

But don’t take our word for it. Instead, let us detail why NBA preseason betting is more than worth your time (and money):

You Can Get Creative

Usually, with regular NBA betting, most people are looking at the spread to help them consistently make money. Vegas calls spreads fairly close to the chest, too, so you either get in a groove with nailing these or it can be rather difficult.

Regardless, preseason betting opens things up completely. You can look at every possible wager and there can be a ton of extra value that you normally wouldn’t see.

Value is typically key for most sports betting, but it’s really the way to go with NBA preseason games, as upset picks are easier to spot.

This is similar to NBA summer league action, where the favored teams seem relatively obvious, but due to player scratches, limited roles and coaches trying new things out, both teams have a fairly even shot of pulling out a win

Aside from that, it’s fun to hunt on a variety of NBA betting sites to find the most value and/or upside. Some sites will follow suit with others but slightly differentiate the team Money Lines, while others will simply draw up their own odds.

If you do enough digging, you can find awesome odds that are worth pursuing.

Vegas Doesn’t Know Everything

The biggest reason why you should bet on NBA preseason games is that Vegas doesn’t have a distinct edge. The star players are often limited or even inactive, which means a lot of young players hit the floor and rotations can’t be trusted.

It’s true that this can backfire and work against you, but Vegas goes into each game only knowing so much. It’s not like the regular season, where the oddsmakers have a really good idea of scheduling, travel, fatigue, trends, ATS data, star player impact and whatever other useful information you can get your hands on.

Instead, you and Vegas are on the same playing field and you can arguably exploit where the books go wrong a little easier. It can work both ways, but this can be a tricky spot for the sportsbooks, which means it could be an advantageous spot for you.

While it can admittedly be dicey, it’s tough to find another time with NBA betting where you can consistently have a clear edge over the books.

It’s Not All in the Details

All of that data, the stats and trends – they mean less in the preseason. Instead of relying on what experts are telling you or what numbers would lead us to believe, NBA preseason betting strips everything down.

You’re looking at team styles, what young players are trying to earn a role, make the team or have something to prove. Which teams are slated to play their stars more? Any narrative you can hang your hat on you can try to sway your bet with, rather than the usual information you’re bound to use during the regular season.

The more we check injury reports, read local articles and track social media, the better the edge we’ll have going into each game.

You Can Make Money!

What better reason is there to place wagers? I know we sometimes say that you don’t want to bet just for the sake of betting, and that doesn’t change here. But if there is value to be had or a wager to exploit, we can’t bypass it just because the games don’t count.

Preseason betting of any kind can be useful and profitable if we go about it the right way. There is still caution to be exercised and research to be done here. We still want to mind our bankroll and get our hands on all of the helpful information we can.

Really, we want to bet the same way we always bet, but simply adapt our approach. Preseason NBA games are not the same as regular season NBA games. They mean less for the players and teams, but they can mean a whole lot to you if you gauge player role and impact correctly.

We bet because it’s fun. It’s entertaining and if our research and wager pays off, it’s also highly rewarding. If you don’t feel comfortable betting on NBA preseason games, by all means, wait until the regular season rolls around or bet on a different sport.

However, we don’t at all think NBA preseason betting is a waste of time.

It’s just a different ball game with different bets, odds, value and upside. Everything is different, but it’s still the same sport and we can still make money betting on it.

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