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What Can You Do If Casino Customer Service Is Unresponsive?

It may be easy to forget that one of the most important things about choosing a site to play on is knowing how reliable their customer service is. And even with the best of customer service teams, there is always a chance that your concern or issue could slip through the cracks.

So, what should you do if you enter a situation where the customer service team is unresponsive to your question or concern?

Contact Them During Off-peak Hours

Like any industry, online casinos have on and off-peak hours, or periods of time during the day that they have an influx of activity. Because of this, your message to customer service may have been lost or overlooked.

You will most likely have better luck contacting customer service again at an off-peak time, where they can dedicate more time to responding to your question in depth.

Most casinos experience an influx after 4 or 5 PM, so try to contact them again around noon during their off-peak.

If you do, and your concern remains unaddressed…

Contact the Licensor

Every online casino has their licensor listed somewhere on the site. After locating the licensor information, whether it be the email or phone number, or both, you can lodge your concern with them.

Be aware that licensors typically will host a few different online casinos, so when you contact them be very specific about the site you used, and re-state your concern as clearly as possible with as many details as you can.

The more information they have about your specific issue, the better response time you are likely to have.

If your concern remains unaddressed…

Post Your Concern on a Forum

One of the key tenets of running a business is ensuring that your online public customer feedback is attended to. It’s important for those companies to see what their customers are saying about them on forums and social media platforms, because not addressing the complaints and concerns could cost them future patronage.

Because of this, many casinos will keep a close eye on what their customers are saying on those platforms, whether they’re contacted directly or indirectly. In the case of forums, you can often find specific threads dedicated to the casino you’re looking to talk about.

Those threads are typically monitored by employees from the customer service team from your casino, and you may have a better chance of catching their eye by using a format other than the one listed on the site.

Using forums also gives you the benefit of talking to other customers who may have had the same problems in the past, and have some insight on how to amend the issue. Don’t be afraid to engage!

If your concern remains unaddressed….

Take to Social Media

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are great for airing grievances about family members or the barista at Starbucks that gave you a latte instead of a cappuccino. But, you can also use them to contact the casino you are having issues with.

Both platforms have the private messaging option, but you can make a more public statement by tagging them in your post, detailing your concern and lack of customer service attentiveness.

But, no matter your level of frustration at this point, it is important to keep your messages as calm and collected as possible.

As they say, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

However, there are a number of preventative measures that can be taken before you choose an online casino to play on to ensure that if a problem does arise, the customer service team is prompt to reply and helpful in their response.

Explore the Forums

Again, forums are a very important and helpful asset to the potential casino patron. Even without reading through every complaint or compliment posted to the forum, you can get a feel for the general consensus of previous customers and use it to your advantage.

Skim the thread, if there are a lot of complaints about unresolved customer service issues, especially surrounding payouts, it should be considered a red flag. You can get a bigger picture of how the team works overall by taking a look at all of the listed public complaints.

You can utilize these forum conversations and complaints to compare what is most important in a customer service team to you personally. But keep in mind, every complaint should be taken with a grain of salt. Weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Previous patrons’ experiences are your best tool in choosing where to put your money!

Place a Feeler Complaint

If you would rather test the customer service yourself, send them a message. Ask a question about a certain game play, or how payouts work, and measure not only the response time but the quality of the response by your own gauge.

It’s important that YOU feel that the quality of the customer service is up to your standards in order to fill your needs.

If the time does come where you have a serious concern, you should know absolutely that you can count on them to solve it.


The customer service component of an online casino is sometimes overlooked, but when you have an issue that needs to be resolved, they are the most important part of the operation.

For whatever reason, sometimes the complaints and concerns that you make contact about are not addressed or answered, and you may feel stuck.

Don’t forget that there are a number of steps you can take to attempt to contact customer service and have your issue resolved. Sometimes it’s the simplest fix, such as contacting them at an off-peak hour, but sometimes it will take a little more effort to get your problem solved.

No one should have to learn this lesson the hard way, but with a little bit of searching on the internet you may be surprised how much you may be able to learn from past customers’ experiences.

Forums are a key tool for the potential, or even current customer. Websites such as AskGamblers.com are there for your benefit, and can give you the edge in choosing where to put your money.

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