Devin Booker and the Top Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Picks For Friday, 10/28

by Kevin Roberts
on October 28, 2016

Daily fantasy basketball has been insane, and it’s only been officially live for three full nights. Friday night marks the fourth, yet we’ve already seen Stephen Curry come up lame, Anthony Davis drop one of the best fantasy basketball lines we’ve ever seen – especially in the modern DFS era.

Oh, and we also go ho-hum elite production from studs like DeMarcus Cousins (37 and 16 last night), James Harden and of course, Russell Westbrook.

The elites are always going to be there. For the most part, your job is to figure out which 1-2 elites are worth paying up for, whether or not they all should be faded and then adding the right value plays if you don’t fade them.

That’s what we’re here for – the value side of things. Let’s first run through tonight’s best elite options and see which stud among the studs will be, er, studliest:

Top Elite Plays

  • Russell Westbrook, PG, Thunder
  • James Harden, SG, Rockets
  • Stephen Curry, PG, Warriors
  • Kevin Durant, SF, Warriors
  • LeBron James, SF, Cavaliers
  • Paul George, SF, Pacers
  • Anthony Davis, PF, Pelicans
  • Hassan Whiteside, C, Heat
  • Andre Drummond, C, Pistons

What qualifies as elite on any given slate is open for interpretation. For us, it’s the expensive guys who typically put up 40+ fantasy points per game and have the talent, role and upside to offer much, much more.

These guys can be separated pretty easily right off the bat, though. Russ, Harden and Brow are the three best elites on this slate – without a doubt. Westbrook and Harden both have awesome matchups, but they also have the ball in their hands for the majority of the game. They are going to have a hand in points, rebounds and assists on a ton of plays.

Brow is an interesting case, seeing as he went completely nuts (99 fantasy points on DraftKings!), but two things are problematic: he’s facing the Warriors and repeating insane games like that just isn’t realistic. In fact, Brow himself dropped 59 actual points in a win over the Pistons. The very next game he scored just nine actual points.

We can’t expect that severe of a drop-off, but the point is it’s tough to career, like, all the freaking time.

Brow clearly might be ready to take his game to a whole new level this year and the Pelicans have virtually no one else right now who deserves shots, so I do buy the argument that this could be a thing for a while. But not quite at that level. Davis should easily hit 45-50 fantasy points, if not 60+, but banking on a once in a year outing in his second game feels like a reach.

These other guys are also in play, but they have things working against them. Not only do they seem to lack the upside of Harden, Westbrook and Davis, but Durant/Curry are sharing the wealth, LeBron is on the road against a solid Toronto defense, George has been known to go full spare and both Whiteside and Drums can get into foul trouble.

That being said, if you’re looking for guys to pay up for, these are the big ticket guys.

Of this group, we like Harden the most.

Dallas doesn’t really have anyone that can stop him and the Mavs’ defense didn’t look particularly good while allowing 130 points to the Pacers in their season opener. The crazy thing, too, is Harden was ridiculously efficient in his debut, scoring 34 points off of just 19 shots. His assists numbers make sense to come down a bit tonight, but I could see more shots and more points in a high-scoring shootout.

Of course, whether you take Harden and/or another elite, you’ll need some value. Here’s our favorite value plays at each position tonight on both DraftKings and FanDuel:

Top NBA DFS Values at DraftKings

Stephen Curry, PG, Warriors ($9.3k)

I know, how the heck is Curry a value play? For one, he’s really not that expensive when you realize how good he can be. Secondly, his price compared to Harden and Russ right now (both $2k+ pricier) is absurd. Obviously the presence of Kevin Durant will sap him from game to game, but KD’s presence also can help him get open looks

Curry wasn’t even bad in Golden State’s opener. He scored 26 points and hit 50% of his shots. He simply didn’t hit a ton of three’s (3 is still nice) and didn’t record enough stats elsewhere. Four dimes and three boards isn’t awful, but he had zero steals and we would have liked to see more assists.

Tonight he gets a bad Pelicans team on the road, where he’ll face off with Tim Frazier. That should go well for Curry, who by the way, is even cheaper over at FanDuel ($9k).

Eric Gordon, SG, Rockets ($5.2k)

I have one issue with Gordon; the dude does nothing other than score. So far that isn’t too big of a deal, as he’s fit in nicely in Mike D’Antoni’s fast-paced and spread out offensive system. He poured in 19 points right away in Houston’s opener and as long as he can stay healthy (something he’s struggled with) the future looks bright.

At this price, you can throw caution to the wind and hope Gordon adds a few extra rebounds or dimes with a 20+ point outing. He is facing a Dallas team that gave up 130 points in their opener, after all.

Bojan Bogdanovic, SF, Nets ($4.2k)

Another guy I like is Brooklyn’s Bogdanovic, who remains dirt cheap despite the fact that he’s starting and can score the heck out of the ball. He can also be used as a shooting guard on DK and while he doesn’t do a whole lot else other than score (like Gordon), he’s really cheap and has a solid ceiling when it comes to his ability to put the ball through the net.

The harsh reality is the Nets don’t have many shot-makers, so we could see Bojan attempt the 17 shots he launched in Brooklyn’s opener on a regular basis. If he can add a few extra rebounds with 20+ points, all the better.

Thaddeus Young, PF, Pacers ($5.7k)

Cue the revenge narrative. Not only is Thad a balanced and versatile forward, but he’s dirt cheap and gets to face the Nets, who traded him away to the Pacers this summer. He’ll undoubtedly want to show them what they’re missing out on, while the matchup in general looks solid for him on paper.

Nikola Vucevic, C, Magic ($6.5k)

Andre Drummond can be a handful to go up against at times, but Vucevic excelled in his Orlando debut and has such a well-rounded offensive game that I’m not scared away here. He’s also super cheap for his double-double upside and will probably be needed if the Magic hope to compete with the Pistons in Detroit.

There is the small concern of backup center Bismack Biyombo returning from a suspension tonight, but he hopefully won’t eat too much into Vucevic’s run.

Top NBA DFS Values at FanDuel

Tim Frazier, PG, Pelicans ($5.3k)

While Steph is a strong value based on price, upside and comparison, Frazier is just an awesome value, period. The key here is minutes, as Frazier is set to get a ton of run no matter how the games go, seeing as both Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans are sidelined at the moment.

Golden State’s elite defense was nowhere to be found in their first game and the Pellies get this fast-paced showdown on their own floor, too, so there is plenty of reason to like Frazier. He’s just $100 more expensive over at DK, too, so he looks like a chalk value play for GPP tourneys, all around.

Devin Booker, SG, Suns ($6.1k)

Booker has been one of the worst kept daily fantasy basketball secrets, but due to a weak opener and recency bias, it’s possible you could get shares of him and have others seek help at SG elsewhere. James Harden takes up on shooting guard slot on FanDuel, so it’s entirely possible that other FD gamers opt for a safer or cheaper option.

Booker still feels to be both, as he actually was awesome in Phoenix’s first game, but simply dealt with foul trouble and played just 24 minutes. He should have much better run in game two and against a fast-paced OKC team, I love his upside and the value we’re likely to get here.

Harrison Barnes, SF, Mavs ($5.1k)

Barnes was regularly a buzz kill while with the Warriors, but we saw right away in the Mavs’ first game that he’s a big part of what they’re trying to do. At the very worst, the minutes and role are both there, as he saw 34 minutes and put up a solid 19 points and 9 rebounds.

Barnes may not be a superstar ever, but he’s getting closer to star status with a much bigger workload in Dallas. He’ll have his off nights, but odds are we’ll want to pounce on him when he represents such ridiculous value. Tonight he gets an awesome matchup with a Rockets team that doesn’t defend, too, so the upside is through the roof.

Serge Ibaka, PF, Magic ($5.5k)

Ibaka can be so disappointing at times, and for a second there on Wednesday, a brutally slow start almost buried you if you used the former OKC big man. His minutes and role helped him recover a lost night, however, and his role and upside should make him a solid value tonight and going forward.

It’s tough to count on Ibaka as an offensive performer, but hopefully the rebounds and blocks will flow tonight. In a date with the Pistons, it wouldn’t be shocking for that to be the case.

Steven Adams, C, Thunder ($4.8k)

There are some other center fliers tonight, but none represent more value than Adams, who produced 27 fantasy points in his first game of the year in a killer 36 minutes. With both Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka gone, Adams is now looking at a locked-in starring role. Even when he’s not scoring points, he’s still a threat to chip in on the glass and with blocks.

The beauty here is Adams has gotten more involved offensively just one game deep, and that’s something we can probably expect to stick. Facing a bad Suns defense at home tonight, Adams could be in for an even better performance in game two.

That does it for our look at some of our favorite daily fantasy basketball value picks for Friday night. Hopefully you pick the right value plays and mix them with the right elite options to win big tonight. Whatever you decide to do, good luck in your NBA DFS contests tonight!

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