Entertainment Betting: George Foreman vs. Steven Seagal Odds and Prediction

by Kevin Roberts
on October 4, 2017

The next great super fight is upon us. Kind of.

Per reports, living boxing legend George Foreman is prepared to take his talents back to the ring and if he has his way he’ll do it against movie star Steven Seagal.

In response to recent comments Seagal had for NFL players that didn’t stand for the national anthem, Foreman challenged the aging martial artist to a 10-round bout.

Foreman doesn’t mind how the fight goes down, either. The 68-year old masher took to Twitter this week by posting an image of Seagal, telling the actor he’s challenging him, “one on one”:

While the proposed fight would take place in a boxing ring, Foreman isn’t scared of whatever tactics Seagal would want to use to win the fight. The legendary boxer says he’ll stick to his boxing skills and Seagal can do “whatever” to get a win on his end.

Is This Thing Happening?

When confronted by fans and media about picking on Seagal, Foreman suggested that the 64-year old martial artist “can really fight”. Seagal, not surprisingly, had no comment when reached out to be the media.

This whole thing is crazy and almost certainly will never happen. Foreman is clearly being vocal about his pride, both for his country and the black community.

The recent protests in and around the NFL have been confusing, as some feel the initial stance from Colin Kaepernick was to bring to light police brutality and oppression dealing with African Americans.

Whatever Kaepernick was trying to do has gotten twisted and turned into something completely different, thanks to several remarks against the league, owners and players from President Donald Trump.

Foreman and Seagal seem to be on opposite ends of the debate and that’s led to the 68-year old heavy-hitter calling for a fight to settle their differences.

Foreman vs. Seagal Odds

Entertainment and boxing betting sites are answering the call for this likely lunacy, with Bovada among the top betting sites offering a wager on the hypothetical bout.

Early Foreman vs. Seagal odds show Seagal as the early favorite, surprisingly. Perhaps it has something to do with Seagal’s more well-rounded martial arts background or the fact that he’s four years younger. Regardless, he’s actually a pretty big favorite:

  • Steven Seagal -300
  • George Foreman +200

This is a weird bet and Bovada understandably cautions that this fight actually needs to happen by next October in 2018 for bets to hold.

I’m not seeing it happening. Foreman is pushing 70 and Seagal, believe it or not, doesn’t even live in the United States anymore:

Adding to the incentive of this fight is Seagal’s citizenship in Russia. That doesn’t necessarily kill the fight, of course, and if anything, it promotes a fun USA vs. Russia showdown.

That isn’t to say we don’t like Russia, but it’s always interesting to add to the hype with an inter-country clash.

So, all of this nonsense aside, if this thing actually did somehow come to fruition, which side of the bet should we be on?

Honestly, I want to aim high with Foreman. I’m seriously a little surprised that he’s such a sharp underdog. Neither of these guys are in amazing shape at this point in their lives and they aren’t actively fighting.

Seagal has the fundamentals edge and could easily trip up an older Foreman, but when it comes to stand-up brawling and raw punching power, I find it hard to believe Seagal would get the best of Foreman.

Of course, if Seagal can really do “whatever”, then we’re at risk of seeing some broken elbows and throat rips. I mean, if we really want to see that, we can slide in a DVD of Roadhouse.

I’m not sure I care if it’s the cult classic starring a badass Patrick Swayze or Peter Griffin randomly beating the crap out of people. Either way, I’m probably good.

In all seriousness, though, we definitely want to see this and in that same breath, we totally don’t. These dudes should really just let sleeping dogs lie and just forget about this charade.

That being said, if this fight ever does happen, I want the value. Right now that’s the guy who brought the thing up in the first place – George Foreman.

Pick: George Foreman to Win (+200)
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