Where to Find the Best Craps Games Right Now

by Jeff Harris
on September 13, 2017

Craps bets and house edges are the same from casino to casino. This makes it seem like there’s no separation between games.

But some casinos offer better craps games than others and give you a stronger chance to win.

How is this the case?

I’ll answer this question first by discussing tips that you can use to find the best craps games. Then we’ll discuss what land based casinos and online gaming providers have the best craps action.

Tips for Finding the Top Craps Games

1. Look for the Highest Craps Odds

The best craps bets are as follows:

  • Don’t pass line = 1.36% house edge
  • Don’t come = 1.41%
  • Pass line = 1.41%
  • Come = 1.41%

These are the main four bets that you want to stick with because they offer the lowest house edges.

But you can also improve your chances of winning by making odds bets. Here’s a short explanation of craps odds in case you’re unfamiliar with them:

  • You can put odds behind any of the four bets we mentioned above, or riskier prop bets.
  • Odds pay at 1:1, making them a rare even money bet with the casino.
  • Odds range from 1x to 100x your wager.

Now let’s look at an example of how odds bets work in action:

  • You make a don’t pass line bet worth $10 (1:1 payout).
  • You take 2x odds, which means you bet an extra $20 ($30 total).
  • Your pass line bet wins, and you receive $30 in profit.

The key is to wager as high of odds as possible, or as much as your bankroll allows. The reason why is because you’re getting even money on a higher percentage of your money.

In the example above, your don’t pass line bet is still subjected to a 1.36% house edge. But the other $20 has no house advantage, making for an overall casino edge of 0.46%.

The table below shows how higher odds reduce the house edge:

Odds Pass Line Don’t Pass Line
0x 1.41% house edge 1.36% house edge
1x 0.848% 0.682%
2x 0.606% 0.455%
Full Double Odds 0.572% 0.431%
3x 0.471% 0.341%
3x 4x 5x 0.374% 0.273%
5x 0.326% 0.227%
10x 0.184% 0.124%
20x 0.099% 0.065%
100x 0.021% 0.014%

2. Look for the Best Craps Comps

Odds are the only way that you’re going to reduce the craps house edge. But another way to boost your chances of winning includes searching for the best comps.

This is easiest to do at internet casinos because they offer VIP pages that show the rewards rate for each game.

Craps offers much less than games like slots and scratch cards due to its low house edge. But you can find better reward rates at certain internet casinos with enough research.

Brick and mortar casinos are tougher because they don’t post comp rates anywhere.

Instead, you either need to learn through research, experience, and/or the casinos’ reputation. exemplifies the latter because they’re known for comping craps players well.

3. Read Terms on Online Craps Bonuses

Many online casinos offer welcome bonuses to table game players. And they often come with gaudy offers like $500 or $1,000.

While it’s nice to think about how much money you can earn, you also need to read the terms and conditions behind a bonus.

Here are key points to consider:

  • Does the casino offer welcome bonuses to craps players?
  • What are the wagering requirements?
  • How do these requirements compare to other casinos?
  • What’s the maximum number of days given to earn your bonus?

4. Forget Anything Dealing with Dice Control

I’ve seen some advice on the internet about choosing casinos based on their tolerance towards dice control (a.k.a. controlled shooting).

If you’re unfamiliar with dice control, this concept relates to manipulating results by throwing the same way every time.

This normally involves holding the dice so the 3s form a V shape and practicing your tosses with a homemade craps table. The end goal is to practice enough that you can occasionally avoid throwing 7s.

This sounds good in theory. But then again, it seems impossible to avoid throwing 7s with any consistency when you must bounce dice off the rubberized back wall.

Long story short, don’t let any thoughts of a casino’s tolerance to dice control influence where to play. Unlike card counting or roulette wheel bias, controlled shooting hasn’t been proven to work.

Best Craps Casinos

1. Cromwell

The Cromwell Hotel & Casino is king of the craps scene right now. They offer 100x odds along with $5 minimum bets.

The fact that Cromwell has 100x odds is pretty amazing when considering that most Vegas casinos offer between 2x and 10x odds.

You can take 100x odds behind a pass line or don’t pass line bet for $500. Most of us don’t have $500 for a single bet, but high rollers will certainly benefit from this high even money wager.

The catch is that you won’t find $5 craps tables open very often. This means you’ll have to head to the $10 tables, where 100x odds would cost $1,000.

If you’re unwilling to pony up $500 to $1,000, you can always take lower odds. This is still a good proposition when considering the low minimum bets.

Another nice aspect to playing at the Cromwell is that it’s located in the center of the Vegas Strip. This lets you visit a number of other nearby major resorts, or just enjoy your stay at this luxury hotel and casino.

The Cromwell is a newer casino resort, opening in 2014. My only fear is that they won’t have 100x odds and low stakes forever.

That said, take advantage of this game while you still can.

2. Main Street Station

Located on N. Main Street in downtown Vegas, Main Street Station currently has the second best craps game in Vegas.

They have 20x odds along with $5 minimum bets. This allows you to place a $5 wager on pass line or don’t pass line, then get 20x odds for another $100.

Most players won’t call this bet cheap. But it’s another great option if you want to put a large amount on an even money wager.

Aside from a good craps game, Main Street features a brewery, summer concerts, and a sportsbook. This casino is also close to other downtown venues that feature low stakes baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

3. El Cortez

Found on Vegas’ Fremont Street, El Cortez is often hailed as the best destination for low rollers. The same holds true for their craps action because they offer $5 minimum bets and 10x odds.

This lets you place a $5 pass line or don’t pass line wager, then spend another $50 taking the 10x odds.

The one catch is that El Cortez only has two craps tables. They don’t even offer any other tables in case you can’t get into these games.

But El Cortez is still worth a visit if you’re in downtown Vegas. This is especially the case if you also enjoy low stakes table games.

Their blackjack tables offer $5 minimum wagers and a 0.30% house edge. You can also look forward to roulette tables with $1 $3 minimum bets.

4. Joker’s Wild Casino

Joker’s Wild is the ultimate low roller craps spot because they have $1 minimum bets along with 10x odds.

They’re one of only three Vegas casinos that have $1 minimum bets. And they’re the only one to feature $10 odds in this game.

This allows you to bet $1 on a pass line or don’t pass line wager, then back it with another $10 in odds. Joker’s Wild is definitely the best spot when you’re looking for good odds on a budget.

But there are two major downsides to playing here:

  • Joker’s Wild only has one $1 craps table.
  • They’re located out in Henderson, Nevada.

These two drawbacks tie in together because Henderson is far away from both the Vegas Strip and downtown. If you strike out when looking for the $1 game at Joker’s Wild, then you’re miles away from any other major casino.

Nevertheless, this is the cheapest place to get 10x odds in the Vegas area.

5. Golden Gate

Golden Gate is another casino in Vegas that offers 10x odds and $5 minimum bets. This puts it in line with El Cortez regarding both categories.

Unfortunately, Golden Gate is also like El Cortez in that they only offer two $5 tables.

But as long as you like downtown Vegas, then there’s plenty to experience in case you can’t get into these craps games.

Golden Gate doesn’t offer many attractions beyond its low stakes craps tables. This is why many visitors go the nearby Fremont Experience, which is filled with things to do.

6. Betsoft Craps

Betsoft is the first online gaming provider to make this list.

Their craps game features 3x odds on pass line, don’t pass line, come, and don’t come bets. This is generous for an online provider when considering that most internet casinos don’t offer any odds.

Why many internet software providers don’t feature odds is beyond me. But the point is that Betsoft craps are as good as it gets online.

Another thing to appreciate about Betsoft’s game is that it offers $1 minimum bets.

This means that you can make a pass line bet with 3x odds for only $4. and the great part is that your overall wagers will only have a 0.34% house edge.

The Betsoft craps interface is very simple with few frills. But it’s also a very clean interface and offers a nice way for beginners to get introduced to online craps.

7. Playtech Craps

Playtech is the other online gaming provider on this list because they too have craps with 3x odds. You can also take advantage of $1 minimum bets at Playtech casinos.

Their interface looks nice because of the rich colors and tilted table.

My only complaint is that the betting options are more spaced out than Betsoft’s version. And this means that the different bets run across the entire table.

Nevertheless, Playtech still ranks among the world’s best craps games due to the interface graphics and 3x odds.


The main factor that separates craps games from each other is the amount of odds.

Cromwell is the only casino offering 100x odds right now, while Main Street Station ranks second with 20x odds.

These are definitely worthwhile bets for serious gamblers because they give you such a great chance to win money.

Of course, not everybody can afford to bet hundreds of dollars on the highest odds. This is why you also have to factor stakes into the equation too.

In this case, Joker’s Wild is the best low roller option because they have $1 minimum bets and 10x odds. Betsoft and Playtech’s online craps games are also decent with $1 minimums and 3x odds.

Another major factor to consider is comps and loyalty programs. You should definitely research these to find yourself the best deal possible.

When you combine high odds, reasonable stakes, and good loyalty rewards, then you have the perfect conditions for a craps game.
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