Game of Thrones Betting: Which Characters Will Die in Season 8?

by Kevin Roberts
on September 7, 2017

Game of Thrones Season 7 just ended. While we’re all still gathering our collective thoughts and trying to embrace what just happened, we also can’t help but look ahead to season 8 and wonder what’s coming next.

It’s been a wild ride through seven seasons and if you’re not caught up yet, you should probably stop reading. Nope, right here, right now. No more reading for you.

That was your warning.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is in the bag and it was truly a gem. It’s tough to say the show has only gotten better, but it really has. It’s just gotten more succinct as it’s tightly wrapped up storylines that we all kept thinking would otherwise be forgotten.

We should give the GOT showrunners a little more credit apparently.

That snake known as Littlefinger? He dead.

I say you, he dead, indeed.

Petyr Baelish had it coming. We all lusted for it and we got exactly what we wanted. We wanted to know for sure how Jon Snow played into the Targaryen lineage, too. Boy, did we find that one out in the best/worst possible way.

Everything else just unfolded so beautifully, too. The foreshadowing in this show is so crisp and natural that it borders on absurd. No, season 7 of Game of Thrones wasn’t really about shock value or twists. It was about tying off loose ends and setting the stage for a truly epic final run.

Season 8 of Game of Thrones is coming, just like winter. We best prepare for it.

Game of Thrones Betting

One such way is to gauge the value in some Game of Thrones prop bets. We’ve already touched on some interesting Game of Thrones betting opportunities in the past, whether it be who the promised prince would be, who would end season 7 on the Iron Throne, and so on.

More are coming our way for season 8 and we only need to wait….two years.

Yeah, it’s going to be pretty brutal. Not quite as gut-wrenching as the Red Wedding, but it’s going to be a long, tiresome delay that none of us really want.

As tough as that might be, we can look ahead and wonder how the final season of Game of Thrones will play out. And if we wonder correctly we just might take home some serious cash.

There are a litany of Game of Thrones theories fans toss out there. Some think Arya Stark and Jon Snow are already dead. Bran is The Night King. The entire show is Bran’s wild dream after falling out of that window.

The list goes on and on. But if you latch onto the right theories and predict things correctly, the top entertainment betting sites could offer you a path to some big winnings.

Who Will Die in Season 8?

The mother of all Game of Thrones prop bets is forever going to be which main characters will be killed off. It’s not only an engrossing question due to the seemingly random nature of the show and the notion that nobody is ever truly safe, but we also care about these (fake) people.

Most fans are now interwoven into the fabric of the show and whether we have grown fond of a character or the actor/actress playing said character, we don’t want to see them get killed off.

GOT creator George R.R. Martin already suggested we brace for a bittersweet ending, however, and a show this nasty can’t possibly come to close without some big names biting the dust.

Thanks to My Bookie, we can all think about what the future holds and also wager on it. Here are the interesting Game of Thrones death bets My Bookie has to offer:

Will Sansa Stark Die?

There must always be a Stark in Winterfell. Unless there isn’t. Or maybe it will be someone else? My Bookie doesn’t necessarily think Sansa is toast, of course, as the value lies with going against this wager.

The heavy -350 tells us My Bookie feels Sansa is safe, and maybe she is. She is now the Lady of Winterfell, a Stark must always be present and she has mended the fences with her sister Arya and finally got rid of Lord Baelish.

Unless all of that progress wrapped her story up last season, only to set her up for further tragedy.

Anyone is fair game to die on this show, but Sansa is one of the more innocent characters and she’s only just now turning the tide and coming into power. It’s actually kind of all her fault that we’re even here (she lied in season one), but she’s done enough to have us forgive and forget.

  • Yes (+200)
  • No (-350)

Some would take pleasure in the sometimes annoying Sansa going down, but she does a good job keeping herself out of harm’s way. If a Stark is to die, it’s more likely to be Bran or Arya at this point.

Pick: No (-350)

Will Varys Die?

Here’s our first good one. It’s like biting off a piece of mutton. You have to give it a good chew:

  • Yes (+180)
  • No (-320)

Melisandre isn’t always spot on with her predictions, but she seemed so sure of herself when she told Varys that they both were destined to die. Varys has spun a masterful web to this point, but he’s constantly sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Our favorite eunuch once nearly got himself killed for his political ways and it’s probably bound to happen again. He’s openly wondered if he made the right decision by backing Daenerys, so if her promise of burning him alive holds true, he could meet his end rather quickly.

People simply have to die in this show and Varys is far from a fan favorite. We wouldn’t be shocked to see him go.

Pick: Yes (+180)

Will Euron Greyjoy Die?

This is probably one of the easier bets, as Theon Greyjoy is literally setting off to find Euron right now so he can rescue his sister. Even if Euron isn’t to die by Theon’s hands, it feels like the end is slowly approaching:

  • Yes (-180)
  • No (+160)

If Game of Thrones committed gaffes, not bringing a very solid villain like Euron in earlier would qualify as such. He’s been a devilish delight and is arguably a perfect match for Cersei, even if she isn’t willing to embrace it.

There is still some story for Euron and his arm on the sea, but nobody really wants to see him make it out of the show alive. There are numerous reasons for him to die, but he’s simply a bad guy and I think good wins out in the end. Considering he’s beyond conforming, he won’t make it to the end of season 8.

We are admittedly getting little value here, but it’s public opinion that Euron will likely die, so you’re at least getting reasonable safety at -180.

Pick: Yes (-180)

Will Tyrion Lannister Die?

My Bookie could have kept it going with a litany of Game of Thrones character death prop bets, but we’re fine ending it with the imp that nobody wants to see cast aside:

  • Yes (+350)
  • No (-500)

Tyrion is another character that has probably come full circle, though. He’s been the joke of his family for his entire life, but he’s lived long enough to stare his sister in the face and make her embrace that he is, after all, her brother.

There are fan theories that Tyrion has lied to Khaleesi and/or may have a trick or two up his sleeve. Ultimately, I’d bank on the latter. This is not a fighter, but one of the greatest minds in all of Westeros. Tyrion did not make it this far to die in battle or be killed off early in season 8.

I love the value of betting yes here, but Tyrion has the demeanor of someone who speaks of these times long after they’ve passed.

I actually personally have a very specific reason for why Tyrion lives. It’s because he’s a Targaryen. His ability to approach the dragon without resistance is one huge reason why and we may later have it revealed at a high level when Daenerys has no choice but to burn him after he “betrayed” her by not telling her that Cersei wasn’t giving her armies up for the fight.

That’s right, Daenerys won’t want to do it, but due to the betrayal, she’ll sentence Tyrion to death by fire, but like a true Targaryen, that won’t kill him. After seeing he is her blood, Daenerys will understandably forgive him and he will live.

Is it a pipe dream? Maybe, but that’s part of the fun of these Game of Thrones theories. If you latch onto the right one, it just might make you a ton of money. In this case, though, it really wouldn’t.

Pick: No (-500)

Other Game of Thrones Prop Bets

Where there is death, there is also life. We will surely think about (and bet on) the darker areas of Game of Thrones Season 8, but there are brighter prop bets on there.

Staying over at My Bookie, we can also wager on Khaleesi’s potential pregnancy and whether or not Jon Snow will truly show he’s a Targaryen:

Will Daenerys Targaryen Be Pregnant With Jon Snow’s Child?

Well, they did just hook up on a boat. So, yeah, probably:

  • Yes (-600)
  • No (+450)

It looks like My Bookie and other entertainment betting sites concur, as the “yes” side of this bet offers pretty much no value. We’re riding with that, too, but what’s the harm in betting against logic here and hoping for a fat payday at +450?

Pick: Yes (-600)

Will Jon Snow Ride a Dragon?

It certainly seems like this is a situation we’re destined to come to. Maybe Jon Snow and Daenerys learn about their ancestry by word of mouth, or perhaps they realize it once he finally gets on her remaining dragon:

  • Yes (-350)
  • No (+200)

Whatever the case, Jon Snow is going to be needed in battle and so will two dragons. They don’t necessarily need riders, but you have to admit it’d be awesome and quite fitting.

That does it for our look at the latest Game of Thrones season 8 prop bets. We’re already sifting through them and season 7 hasn’t even been in the bag for two weeks now.

More are sure to come in the next two years and when 2019 rolls around and we finally get to see this show conclude, we’ll be surprised, entertained and hopefully handsomely rewarded.
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