Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Betting: 8 Value Bets You Need to Consider

by Kevin Roberts
on August 15, 2017

The massive Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout is rapidly approaching. The hype train has been speeding full steam ahead over the last month, while footage of The Notorious is only drumming up more interest in the super fight.

While most people at least have a casual interest in a crazy bout that borders on gimmicky, there is some very serious interest when it comes to the sports betting world.

Bettors have a litany of interesting opportunities heading into this fight, whether they’re looking for a safe bet on Money Mayweather, a high upside bet on a McGregor KO or one of the many fun McGregor vs. Mayweather prop bets.

There’s plenty of routes to take from a betting perspective and with just over a week to go, it’s high time we decided which ones are worth a shot. Here are our 8 favorite value bets to consider before the August 26th bout:

McGregor Over Mayweather – Straight Up

If you want safety and have loads of money to put down in favor of Money Mayweather, go for it. There is not much upside in backing Mayweather, though. You’d have to lay hundreds or even thousands to see much of a return.

That doesn’t make it a bad bet, of course. Mayweather is undefeated and an experienced, defensive fighter. Some would say he’s the best boxer of all-time. If he is, betting on him would make good sense.

But you don’t need to throw a lot of cash down to make this a fun fight to bet on. Backing McGregor goes against common logic, but so does this entire bout. It’s a 40-year old retired boxer against an MMA star in his prime. It’s fair to say anything goes in this one.

With that being the case, taking McGregor with his fun +460 odds at BetOnline makes just as much sense. That means you get $460 back for every $100 you put up. Obviously, this is a shaky bet and you may not want to go crazy here, but if we’re tuning in for this event, we’re hoping someone gets knocked out. If it’s Mayweather, at least you can get way more bang for your buck.

BetOnline is probably the best boxing betting site to target for this bet, too.

Shot Called

If you’re betting on McGregor, you are probably in agreement that the method of victory is going to be some type of stoppage and the fight will end relatively early.

Money Mayweather is an elite defensive boxer and he’s seen everything fighters can throw at him. If this fight goes past the first 5-6 rounds, it’s surely his to lose. If The Notorious can toss a wrinkle maybe he hasn’t seen or surprise Mayweather with his quickness or a lucky jab, this thing hypothetically could end early.

McGregor has to know that’s his only realistic way of winning this thing, too, which is probably why he guaranteed he’d win in the first four rounds. That’s produced the “calling his shot” bets, which let us make money off of McGregor winning by a KO within that four-round time frame.

The best value bet with this wager seems to be at right now, where we can buy into the McGregor win within the first four rounds with awesome +1000 odds. You can get nice value with this bet at Bovada (+600) and other MMA betting sites, but is the top option we see for this particular bet at the moment.

Muscle Memory – Accidental Kick

Staying with for a second, we need to also consider this fight getting away from The Notorious. One way some people think that could happen is he lands a MMA move – specifically a leg kick – at some point in this bout.

Whether it’s born out of natural muscle memory (this is McGregor’s first non-mma bout) or pure frustration, we get some fun odds (+1000) to play with here.

Is it super likely that McGregor accidentally or purposefully throws a kick? No, but we get really nice playability here and it’s not that crazy of a bet. This is a world where we’ve seen low blows and guys biting their opponent’s ear, for crying out loud.

If we want to get really crazy with this line of thinking, we can also target a similar bet that deals with The Notorious throwing an elbow (+800).

PPV Record

Another viable McGregor vs. Mayweather betting opportunity is a wager many of the top boxing betting websites are offering in accordance with the PPV records.

Mayweather holds the record from his high profile showdown with Manny Pacquiao. That was one of the most hyped boxing matches probably ever and the viewers turned up for it with a record 4.6 million Pay-Per-View buys.

That’s a huge number and we saw the record broken in the “Fight of the Century”. McGregor isn’t a high profile boxer, but he very well could be labeled the biggest star Mayweather has ever faced.

Will that make this fight good for a new record? It’s hard to say, while some sites are asking us to be so bold as to wager on whether or not the bout will eclipse 4.9 or 5 million PPV buys.

The hype has put the onus on the Over here, which is why we probably want to bet on the Under. At, the “no” side of this bet offers fun +400 odds. That could be a losing bet, but you’re banking on people not taking this fight that seriously – or at least not as seriously as they took what was a far bigger “boxing” match.

Money Via Decision

Our list loses a little steam for a second here. This bet isn’t at all sexy, but it’s quite logical in the sense that Floyd Mayweather tends to grind his opponents down and limits their offensive impact with his movement and defense.

Mayweather can still land a knockout punch, but he hasn’t done so in years and Mayweather has never been taken out of a fight with his opponent’s fists before. The 21-3 Notorious has only lost in the UFC via submission and with boxing gloves on, the punches will only be softer.

Needless to say, if McGregor doesn’t win early, he’ll still probably dig deep and try to give Mayweather all he can handle and push his way the full 12 rounds. Even that isn’t a lock, but McGregor’s toughness and the manner in which Mayweather tends to win does make this a very solid bet.

The best part? Despite all of the logic leading toward it, we still get some value here. A Mayweather Decision win produces a nice +165 line at, while we can make that same wager at for the same price.

We get a little more value if we hunt for it, as Bovada (+250) and BetOnline (+175) offer a little more upside with the same bet.

Leave it to Bieber

mayweather-bieberBetOnline is one of the few stops for some really interesting Mayweather vs. McGregor prop bets and a few of them have to deal with Justin Bieber.

Bieber was recently in the news after getting publicly shamed for trying to date a girl at a gym via Twitter, but he’s a pal of Mayweather’s and will surely be back in the spotlight for this fight.

How much Bieber is associated with his buddy’s fight, of course, remains to be determined. BetOnline offers us several prop bets to consider:

Will Bieber Carry Mayweather’s Belt?

  • Yes (+150)
  • No (-180)

Bieber Wears a Hat

  • Yes (-170)
  • No (+140)

Bieber Wears Sunglasses

  • Yes (-220)
  • No (+180)

These are all pretty silly but should still be fun to wager on. We would say yes to a hat and no to sunglasses, but those are 50/50 bets. Bieber carrying Mayweather’s belt is a bigger risk, but that’s probably the most fun bet of the lot.

Double Whammy

A very popular prop bet for this fight is whether or not both fighters get knocked down. An easy path to this is McGregor getting an early shot in that takes Mayweather down momentarily, which is later followed up by Mayweather winning by a KO.

That, or both fighters get rocked once or twice and we get a fight that goes the distance.

The actual paths to the end of this fight are layered and there are a lot of ways to bet, but this bet is pretty straight forward. Most sites offer it, but few are giving us the upside BetOnline does (Yes, +1000).

I’m not sold on just how likely this is. After all, if McGregor actually gets in enough good shots to send Mayweather down just the one time, that could end in a shocking upset. Regardless, the value is clear here and in a competitive, uber-hyped bout, it’s a bet worth chasing.

MMA Rematch?

This is one of the more rewarding bets out there. Perhaps it’s because it has no chance of ever happening. Still, BetOnline gives us a shot here at a rematch going down in an MMA fight.

That probably isn’t happening, but if Notorious loses, he might demand a rematch. And after allowing the first bout to take place in Mayweather’s house, why shouldn’t he demand the rematch go down in his neck of the woods? It’s a longshot at +2500, but who doesn’t want to take a crack at that bet?

A rematch, in general, could end up being necessary if this somehow ends up being an awesome fight. If McGregor knocks Mayweather out early, Money would probably want a chance at redemption. If it’s a good fight and it makes everyone a ton of money, fans could pine for McGregor vs. Mayweather II.

The MMA rematch is where the value is, but you can still make plenty of coin simply by betting on a rematch in another boxing ring down the road. That bet offers plenty of upside at +450, as well.

We’re not saying you need to be on all of these props, but these are some of the best McGregor vs. Mayweather bets out there.

They also offer plenty of value and there is some logic to them. Worst case, they also enhance the viewing experience and make an already crazy fight even crazier.

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