Mike Trout and 5 People Who May Have Bet on the Eagles to Win the Super Bowl

by Taylor Smith
on January 26, 2018

On Thursday, news broke that an anonymous bettor placed a multi-million dollar bet on the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52. While the identity of the aggressive gambler and the amount of the wager are not presently known, it’s safe to say that whoever laid down the cash is confident that Nick Foles and company will triumph over the great Tom Brady. That certainly takes some cojones.

We may never discover who placed the rather hefty bet, but we can certainly speculate. There have been a number of high-profile personalities willing to put their money on the line in the past for a variety of sporting events. Boxer Floyd Mayweather, for example, even tried to place money on himself defeating Conor McGregor in their bout last year.

So, who is confident in the Eagles enough to put millions of dollars on the line? Let’s take a look at some possible candidates.

Angels Outfielder Mike Trout +1000

Mike Trout may ply his craft in Orange County, California, but the New Jersey native has been an Eagles fan for his entire life. Trout has shown up at several Eagles games during recent offseasons, and he was spotted in the crowd during Philly’s NFC Championship Game triumph over the Minnesota Vikings sporting a dog mask. He’s even a season-ticket holder.

Trout was asked earlier this week whether he believes his Eagles have a chance at toppling the Patriots’ dynasty. As you would expect, the 2-time American League MVP is confident that his squad can get the job done. Trout said, “It’s going to be tough. Obviously, I wish the best to anybody that goes up against Tom Brady. He’s the greatest of all time. But I still think the Eagles are going to pull it out. I think they’re going to win 31-24, on a late interception off Brady.”

Well then. Trout was confident enough to even give us a score prediction. He was 13-years-old when his Eagles last appeared in a Super Bowl in 2005, where they were beaten by Brady and the Pats.

Trout is set to make $99.75 million over the next 3 seasons with the Angels and surely rake in several more millions in endorsements. So, dropping a few million on his beloved Eagles to win it all for the first time wouldn’t exactly mean he’d suddenly be living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Still, Trout doesn’t necessarily seem the betting type. He’s just a good, down-home kid from a small town in Jersey. He doesn’t really have much reason to up the ante further.

Former Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant +800

Like Mike Trout, Kobe Bryant grew up in the Philadelphia area before moving to California to chase his professional sports dream. Bryant played for the L.A. Lakers for 20 years before hanging up his sneakers in 2016. While he still calls Southern California home, Bryant professed to ESPN in 2013 that he remains a fan of his hometown Eagles. This past December, Kobe said he was a “superstitious” fan of the team.

Now that he’s no longer playing ball, Bryant surely has plenty of free time on his hands. Could he have made the quick 4-hour drive to Vegas in order to place some cash on Philly to win Super Bowl 52? He’s certainly got the funds. Bryant made an estimated $320 million during his decorated playing career, so, like everyone else on this list, dropping $3 million would be a drop in the bucket.

Unlike his idol, Michael Jordan, Kobe has never seemed like the type to be super into gambling. Bryant has a number of interests beyond basketball, but hitting the sportsbook in Las Vegas has never seemed to be one of them. While MJ was a notorious partier, Kobe seems a bit more introverted.

Bryant would also have no real reason to bet that kind of money on anything, so he seems like an unlikely culprit here.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather +250

As mentioned in the open, “Money” Mayweather hasn’t been shy about making things a little interesting. He lives in Las Vegas, so it would be no problem for the legendary boxer to put some money on the line. Prior to Super Bowl 50, it was reported that Mayweather put a whopping $13 million on the line for the Broncos to beat the Carolina Panthers. He reportedly put $11 million on Denver to cover the 2-point spread, as well as another $2 million on the Broncos to cover the .5-point first-half spread.

We can be dubious as to the accuracy of that reporting, especially considering no sportsbook would take a single bet that massive. If true, Mayweather would have had to place a series of smaller bets at a variety of books. Another report claimed that Mayweather used 7 different agencies and 4 offshore accounts to place his bets. Sounds a bit sketchy.

Anyway, the point is that Mayweather has never been one to shy away from putting his money where his mouth is. If he sees an opportunity to make some extra money, he’ll take it. Mayweather is reportedly worth about $400 million, so he can easily afford to risk a couple million in order to make the game a little more entertaining.

Frankly, Mayweather is clearly the most likely person on this list to have placed the anonymous bet on the Eagles.

Actor Bradley Cooper +600

The “Silver Linings Playbook” star is another Philly native, and he was repeatedly caught on camera cheering on his Eagles from a box at the NFC Championship Game. Cooper is reportedly worth about $100 million, so, again, he could afford a hefty bet if he so chose.

We also know that Cooper has been known to get into some Vegas shenanigans in the past. Who’s to say he didn’t get blacked-out drunk one night and throw down a few million on his favorite team? Here’s hoping he didn’t encounter Mike Tyson’s tiger this time around, at least.

Cooper may be the betting type, but it’s tough to shake the notion the bettor would’ve been anyone other than Mayweather.

President Donald Trump +50000

The President of the United States typically has a lot on his plate, but Donald Trump isn’t your standard President. No. 45 seems to clear his schedule rather often so he can watch TV and play golf. Just like your standard 71-year-old grandpa.

Trump was vocal in his displeasure with the NFL’s players protesting racial injustice earlier this season, and he continued to harp on the league’s dwindling ratings as the season progressed. Still, you know President Couch Potato will be front and center when the Super Bowl kicks off on February 4.

Of course, we also know that there’s no way Trump is actually rooting for the Eagles in this game. Trump has been outspoken regarding his apparent friendship with the likes of Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft in the past. Kraft donated to Trump’s campaign, while Belichick wrote the President a letter of support prior to the election.

If Trump were to drop a few million on a team to win this game, it wouldn’t be the Eagles. As tasty as a story involving POTUS gambling would be, we’ll have to write this one off.

Taylor Smith

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