NBA Betting: 5 Teams You’ll Want to Bet Against in 2017-18

by Kevin Roberts
on August 25, 2017

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics just shattered the NBA world with a huge trade involving Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas. As crazy as that deal is for all parties involved, it probably doesn’t actually change a whole lot.

The Cavs still have a marquee point guard running the show and they got a draft pick to build with for when LeBron James bolts. Boston got a point guard upgrade and after signing Gordon Hayward earlier this summer continues their bid to move past Cleveland.

Whether or not there is a shift there remains to be seen. But these two heavy-hitters (2nd and 3rd at Bovada in terms of NBA Finals odds) are going to be very good again this year.

That’s a lot more than several bottom-feeding NBA teams can say. On a nightly basis, the Cavs and Celtics are going to go onto the court and do their thing and more often than not, it’s going to translate into wins.

It’s the opposite end of the spectrum we want to focus on today, though, as daily NBA bettors are going to want to know the best spots to routinely rack up winning NBA picks.

Some teams made huge moves to better themselves for the future, while others were bad a year ago and didn’t do enough to change their immediate fortunes. Here are our 5 favorite teams to target in NBA betting circles this year:

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls officially started a rebuild when they shipped Jimmy Butler to Minnesota in the summer and it sounds like it will only be a matter of time before Dwyane Wade leaves town, as well.

With the Bulls shedding their veteran weight, there will be a ton of pressure on young guys like Kris Duss, Zach LaVine and rookie Lauri Markkanen to carry the scoring load. That’s bad news for a team that struggled to finish 41-41 and nab the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference at full strength.

Less veteran leadership and more raw talent on the roster, Chicago is likely looking at the bottom of the Central Division. We can likely count on them to lose a good amount of games this coming season.

New York Knicks

The Knicks want to make the right moves so star big man Kristaps Porzingis stays in town, but one way or another Zinger seems primed for another losing campaign.

New York has some nice young talent to build with, but soon they’ll unload Carmelo Anthony in a trade and find a way to shed other veteran players that are clogging up their finances.

With the Knicks looking to fully move on to a rebuild, we can’t expect them to be very competitive in 2017-18. They’ll be worse than they were a season ago when they went just 31-51. Needless to say, we can safely lay a lot of money on the team’s going up against the Knicks next year.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets can’t possibly get worse after posting the league’s worst record (20-62) last year, can they? We will find out this year as D’Angelo Russell and Jeremy Lin team up for an exciting but likely inefficient backcourt.

Brooklyn finally moved on from star center Brook Lopez in the process, but they’re still very young and now lack much reliability down low. Really, the Nets didn’t make any serious progress and can fully expect to remain one of the worst teams in the NBA.

This is a team that wants to push the pace and shoot the ball from outside, which will give us more betting flexibility when it comes to spreads and Totals. That being said, it’s still quite fair to wonder if they have the personnel to effectively run the system they desire.

On the surface, the answer looks to be an obvious “no”. The Nets are slowly moving in the right direction, but the D’Lo/Lopez swap doesn’t move the meter enough for us. Keep betting against them with regularity going into the new 2017-18 NBA season.

Phoenix Suns

The Suns still have Eric Bledsoe leading the charge and are stacked with tantalizing young talent, but this team is still seemingly going nowhere. Phoenix routinely got destroyed last year and while we can hope for some improvement, it’s unlikely they get more than the 24 wins we saw them notch a year ago.

Phoenix might not be done dealing yet, either. Bledsoe has been a marked man in trade rumors ever since the Suns acquired him and that may not stop anytime soon. Depending on what happens with any prospective deals, the Suns could acquire more young picks or young talent and continue working backward before they see any real success.

This team still has a lot to be excited about, though. With talent like Devin Booker, Josh Jackson and Dragan Bender gracing their roster, this could be a fun team that gives us a shot at the Over in a lot of contests.

The Suns are fun and we can cheer them on in spots, but that doesn’t mean we should bet in their favor this season. They should again be one of the worst teams in the league.

Sacramento Kings

One other team, we’ll want to actively bet against are the Kings, who surprisingly loaded up on some solid veterans despite gearing up for a youth movement.

The DeMarcus Cousins trade set this team back a bit, but they drafted De’Aaron Fox this summer and still have Buddy Hield from the big trade last year. The big question is if veteran additions like George Hill, Zach Randolph and Vince Carter will actually make them better or just end up stunting the growth of their youth.

Only time can really tell, but after the Kings won just 32 games last year, it’s awfully difficult to trust them in a loaded Western Conference. They might have a little more upside than the four aforementioned squads, but the gap doesn’t appear to be wide.

For the most part, you know who the best NBA teams are and betting against them is usually pretty silly. However, betting against these five teams could win you a bunch of money during the 2017-18 NBA season. Now you’ll just need to get your timing right.

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