Odell Beckham Jr. Props: Will the Giants Receiver Get Suspended?

by Taylor Smith
on March 19, 2018

We’re in the middle of the NFL’s offseason, and, unfortunately, we won’t see any gridiron action for another 5 months or so. The league’s free agency frenzy seems to have died down, and now most teams are focusing their attention on April’s draft.

The league has an unfortunate history with players getting in trouble off the field, though we haven’t heard much on that front in recent months. One exception, though, is Giants superstar receiver Odell Beckham. Over the last couple of weeks, .

Back around March 12, a video leaked on social media that showed Beckham in a bed near a pizza holding what appeared to be a cigarette or cigar. The 7-second clip also shows a woman next to him holding a credit card next to what appeared to be a few rows of a white, powdery substance.

The league and the Giants both said they were aware of the video, though no action or investigation has taken place.

More recently, Beckham was reportedly spotted in a video from a brawl at an Atlanta nightclub throwing punches. However, Beckham’s agent has come out and denied that it was Beckham in the video, and that the player hasn’t even been inside the state of Georgia in a number of months.

While they denied that Beckham was involved in that incident, they have yet to commend on the aforementioned bedroom video. Will Beckham ultimately be suspended for either controversy?

NFL suspends Odell Beckham for any length during 2018-19 regular season

  • Yes -200
  • No +165

Odell has been suspended by the league before, but not for off-field activities. Back in 2015, he was banned for a game by the NFL for his on-field blow-up during a game against the Panthers when he and Josh Norman got into a kerfuffle. He has also been fined a number of times for a variety of on-field behavioral antics.

Of course, the league would need more evidence than a 7-second video in order to take disciplinary action against the player. Records show that Beckham has never failed any sort of drug test administered by the NFL. While using marijuana is no longer against the law in some states, the substance is still banned by the NFL. Obviously, a drug like cocaine (which may or may not be seen in the video) is also a banned substance.

This bet is also all-encompassing. If Beckham is able to avoid a suspension as a result of the video, there’s no telling whether he’ll do something else during the regular season to get himself banned from a game or 2. If Beckham were to get involved in another on-field incident, that would still count toward this prop.

The NFL has been wonky regarding their disciplinary action in the past. The league and commissioner Roger Goodell drew all sorts of ire after they botched the Ray Rice domestic violence situation a number of years ago, and they’ve taken a more cautious approach since then.

The even if he does not fail a drug test. If the NFL or the Giants were to determine that the player engaged in activities detrimental to the league or the team, that’s enough to warrant a suspension. For example, Rice and a number of other players have been suspended without ever having been convicted of a crime.

As of now, I have a hard time believing this video is going to lead to a suspension for Beckham.

It’s going to take more substantive evidence for me to think otherwise, so I’m going to side with the value side of this prop and go with “no” at +165.

Number of games Beckham is suspended during the 2018-19 season

(NFL must issue suspension for action on bet)

  • Over 2.5 (+150)
  • Under 2.5 (-180)

A couple of years ago, the league tweaked its drug policies. A player can now test positive for marijuana 3 times before drawing a suspension. The first positive test puts the player in the league’s substance abuse program. The second positive test draws a 2-game fine. The third positive test results in a 4-game fine. Only a fourth positive test results in a 4-game suspension.

As mentioned previously, Beckham is not known to have tested positive for marijuana or any other drug since entering the NFL. Considering we have no evidence to suggest that the player is on the verge of a ban, siding with the under here looks like the smart play as of now.

Take the under on Beckham missing 2.5 games for a suspension this season.

Will the Giants offer Beckham a contract extension prior to September 6, 2018?

  • Yes +140
  • No -170

Beckham missed most of last season after breaking his ankle in Week 5, but he has spent the majority of the offseason rehabbing and working out in Los Angeles. He’s expected to be fully healthy and ready to report to training camp in August.

As of now, Beckham is set to play his fifth season with the Giants on his rookie deal that will pay him about $8.4 million. The Giants got a new head coach and general manager this offseason, but owner John Mara has been vocal in the past regarding his desire to keep Beckham in New York for the duration of his career.

Mara has expressed disappointment regarding some of Beckham’s antics in the past, but the player’s production speaks for itself. Considering he’s one of the most well-known stars in the league, keeping him in the fold of the Giants’ franchise moving forward makes plenty of sense, even with whatever distractions he presents.

Beckham has been vocal in the past about his desire to re-up on a new deal to stay in New York. Back in February, Beckham said that he was eager to get the extension over with so that he can focus his full attention on the upcoming season. Back in the summer of 2017, Beckham said that it was his goal to become the highest-paid player in NFL history.

Mara said that the “at the appropriate time.” The new GM of the Giants, Dave Gettleman, has reportedly garnered a reputation as a tough negotiator during his previous stint with the Panthers. However, he was also eager to lock up some of Carolina’s young talent to new deals during his time there.

I don’t think the Giants will let the Beckham situation linger into the regular season. With a new coach in place, one would imagine the team will want to keep the distractions to a minimum. So, I’m expecting a new deal to get done, regardless of what happens with the aforementioned video controversy.

Take “yes” for +140.

Will Nike terminate sponsorship contract with Odell Beckham?

  • Yes +450
  • No -800

There is a zero percent chance Nike terminates their deal with Odell Beckham any time soon. Take “no.”

Will Laura Cuenca post additional video showing Odell Beckham?

  • Yes +500
  • No -850

Laura Cuenca was the woman pictured in the infamous video with Beckham. The two reportedly met for the first time at a club in Paris, and she didn’t know who he was. She thought he was a Saudi prince, not an NFL player. Beckham subsequently invited her to his hotel room, where the video was filmed.

In a subsequent interview, Cuenca, a French model, says that the two . She added that he was “completely against that.” She subsequently spent the night before he left Paris for Madrid the next day.

Beckham didn’t seem to know he was being filmed during the encounter, but she claimed that he told her he would “look her up again” whenever he was back in France.

These 2 apparently aren’t some sort of couple, so we can safely suggest it was merely a one-off type of situation. There’s no telling whether Beckham and Cuenca will even meet each other ever again, especially given the controversy surrounding the video.

It seems doubtful that Cuenca has much more footage than she already posted, so I’ll side with the safe bet.

“No” for -850 is the play.

Will Beckham and Cuenca be seen in public in 2018?

  • Yes +800
  • No -1500

He’s a pro football player based in New York, while she’s a model out of Lyon, France. Beckham recently concluded his European promo tour, while he figures to spend the rest of his 2018 in the United States. Unless she decides to make the jaunt over the Atlantic and into the U.S. at some point, there’s almost no way we see them together in public again, let alone in 2018.

Once again, “no” for -1500 is the easy play.
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