The Popular Esports Genres

by Garrett Klein
on October 1, 2017

There is always that attraction to new things in this world that we cannot deny, whether it be the fact they are shiny or feel like an untapped resource. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of esports.

The betting world has had a shattering breakthrough due to the massive popularity that video games are having on the scene. What exactly is the draw of these type of games that is getting people so excited?

Today I will be explaining these details to give you a deeper understanding of the meteoric rise that video games have seen. We are going to look at 6 styles of games that have been rather popular within the esports scene the last few years.

It is important to know what brings about the interest in specific games as opposed to others. If you are an esports bettor, you should make sure to pay close attention because this knowledge can help put money in your pocket. By learning how these games work it can give you a leg up when making your own personal betting strategy.

Game Styles

There are many styles of video games out there that can draw in crowds from all walks of life. That is one of the uniting factors of video games because there is truly something for everyone. Whatever your taste, you can surely find something that appeals to you.

This doesn’t just go for entertainment purposes but also with your understanding of a genre. When you understand what is going on in a deeper sense, this can bring further satisfaction to you rather than the bright colors and explosions on the screen.

FPS – First Person Shooters

First Person
FPS style games have been a focal point of the esports scene from the beginning, and it cannot be denied have been largely responsible for the meteoric rise of competition within the gaming world. These games feature such franchise titles as Counter-Strike, Halo, Call of Duty, and the list goes on and on.

What is the draw of these games and why are they so popular in the competitive field? Well for starters they are basic enough where it can be explained as aim weapon, shoot the weapon, and repeat until the opponent is dead.

They are complicated enough to involve a myriad of goals and challenges along the way apart from just defeating your opponent, such as holding an area of the map or disarming a bomb. This gives players and those placing wagers on them many avenues to explore.

These styles of games make a person feel like they are directly in “the action” themselves due to the viewpoint presented. These games pull you into the character and players point of view bringing that sense of excitement as they pull that trigger to the forefront of your mind.

RTS – Real-Time Strategy

esports 1

Real Time Strategy based games have been around for quite some time and truly are one of the main foundations in esports. This is due in large part to the fact they provided the platform for many of the other genres to come from such as MOBA style games.

Starcraft 2, for example, is a hugely popular RTS style of game which brought about the whole concept of making professional gamers into celebrities, as was the case in South Korea. The original Starcraft became a non-official national sport pretty much there.

These games are similar in concept to chess where you control a force of troops, and your goal is to eliminate the opposing force. Some RTS games will have a main designated command center, that once eliminated will defeat the opposing team. This is akin to taking a person’s king in chess.

Other RTS style games may require the entire decimation of the opposing forces which can change the dynamic of the match entirely. If the opposing force is far stronger after all than that opposing force could readily wipe you out.

These games offer players so many different strategies to attempt and therefore provide massive amounts of entertainment to audiences. The options of both one verse one and teams are readily available making these games very adaptable for the professional scene.

MMORPG – Mass Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game 

esports 2

The MMORPG model has grown to involve millions of fans that not only utilize these games as a fun source of entertainment but as a lifestyle. The player base is extremely dedicated to both the game and their characters.

These styles of games include such fun titles as Final Fantasy 14, Everquest, and of course World of Warcraft. The game is open to whatever the player decides they feel like doing at any time while developing their characters by leveling and acquiring gear.

They can go about their character development in different ways. Whether it be going after massive raid style bosses with other players or picking flowers. They are both beneficial activities in their own way.

The competitive nature of these games is just as vibrant as any other, especially when it comes to the player verse player elements. These are heavily featured in the esports scene in the arena based portions of these games.

World of Warcraft, for example, has the WoW Arena World Championship approaching with a prize pool of $280,000 for their 3v3 divisions. MMORPGs are constantly evolving week to week and have massive amounts of updates and changes that continue to develop the games.

Digital-Collectible Card Game


The style of these types of games goes back to Magic the Gathering and Pokemon style card games that were rather popular in the early 2000s where players would purchase card packs at the stores. The goal was to find rare cards, form decks, and make sets of powerful decks to battle opponents.

Games like Hearthstone have taken these physical card games that many adored into the digital age and provided a platform in a freemium based model. Players can collect decks of cards and play against opponents on either the computer or their mobile phone.

The ability to play the full version on a mobile device is what helped launch these styles of games to popularity because you could take your deck and entire card collection wherever you want. The free to play aspect did not hurt either in getting many people to try the games.

These games work in a manner that you play cards that represent monsters with a certain amount of hit points and damage. In Hearthstone, for example, you can choose to attack either one of the opponent’s cards or their hero.

The goal was to destroy your opponent’s hero before they destroyed yours. Last person standing wins. This allows for many types of strategies to occur. However, there is an issue with these games since the concept of pure luck plays a huge role.

One person can draw a card that can be the game changer which is seen both as a downside that takes out skill, but it is also a huge draw of this genre as well. Think of blackjack when you get dealt an ace and a jack instantly getting 21…same concept.


Fighting games have been a staple of the esports community since the scene began with such glorious franchises as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Although fighting games don’t like to be associated with the esports title and prefer to be called “competitive gaming.”

Yeah, well I want to be called Dragon, but hey we can’t all be special snowflakes. (if you are confused by that statement it is a Step Brothers reference. Go watch it. You’re welcome for improving your life.)

Anyway, fighting games have been around the scene for quite some time pitting one player against another in a combo crushing set of matches in which the first mistake made will be the last. Players each have a life bar and perform attacks until one person’s life bar is gone or time runs out.

The fighting genre is like MMA fights regarding how they work but without the fireballs and super moves. Although according to most MMA and martial arts tournament rules you are more than welcome to launch energy blasts and fireballs from your inner Ki…so yeah, go for it, buddy.

Much like actual realistic non-bs aspects of fighting, these games are reliant on combo attacks to perform vast amounts of damage to your opponent. In case you wondered, combo attacks are a chain of moves that coordinate with one another to prevent any chance of recovery.

This is where the fundamental differences between a novice and a professional can be identified quickly. One mistake will leave you open for a brutal counter-assault that can take you from full health to dead before the chance to react.

MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Of course, we couldn’t be talking about anything esports related without discussing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. The MOBA genre has been taking the esports world by storm continually boasting some of the largest cash prize pools of late.

We are not talking hundreds of thousands but rather millions in prize money. The International 2017, for example, paid out over 10 million alone to the first-place team who won in Defense of the Ancients 2. This is just one tournament represented mind you.

Clearly, these games have an astronomical amount of money behind them and occur in front of enormous crowds.

The question remains, why? What is making this type of game stand out so much compared to the others?

It really comes down to one word, options. Whether it be the way, a team wants to play the game itself to the betting wagers the game can offer. Some of the more popular titles are Defense of the Ancients 2, League of Legends, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm.

In these games, teams typically consist of about five players, each selecting their own hero. From that point on the goal is to get to the opposing teams base and destroy their “main” building. Players level their heroes throughout the game and become stronger, choosing different abilities.

Each team has non-player characters that go down each of the paths with the sole intent of destroying that main building and fighting anything that gets in their way. The players controlling characters will assist these NPCs to push deeper into enemy territory.

Players will kill neutral NPCs on maps, team-controlled NPCs, and other player controlled characters to gain experience and or items. When a player is killed, they respawn from about twenty seconds to over a minute.

The game ends once one team’s “main” building is destroyed which leaves the strategy for getting this done up to the players. That is one of the key draws of these styles of games both in entertainment factor for those playing and for viewership.

A lot is going on in these games the whole time. Some parts may seem tedious, but the more you understand the games, the more attractive they become. In the circumstance that a player is pushing a lane very hard, blowing up enemy NPC forces and structures.

That player is causing damage to the enemy team by doing so and at the same time exposing themselves to a possible counter attack the deeper they go into enemy territory. Opposing players have a better opportunity to isolate that player off and therefore get a kill on them.

If this occurs at the wrong time in a match, it could be devastating for the one team awaiting their teammate to come back to life. This example shows one of the reasons that strategy is critical to a team in these games rather than everyone just doing their own thing.

Wagering Impacts

It can be argued the reasoning behind the interest that surrounds esports directly correlates with the meteoric rise and benefits relating to the betting that has become associated with the genre. There are so many ways to bet on these games that it has expanded the standard box that traditional sports placed people in.

Savvy gamblers can apply that knowledge they had within the sports betting scene to the quickly growing esports world that has many new additional facets to explore. Bettors are no longer limited to just one avenue in which they wish to place wagers.

As technology grows and people are opening their lives more on social media, so do the opportunities to learn and make intelligent wagers. Online gambling is becoming an ever-expanding force and a frontrunner in this scene is esports.

Personal Experiences

The personal experiences that we have as individuals play a large factor in how we deal with certain situations we encounter. This is no different when it comes to video games. It is especially wise to apply these personal experiences when placing wagers.

This is where your game selection is vital when choosing what esports to bet on. Selecting a style of game that you understand and can apply that which you have first-hand knowledge, will give you an edge.

For example, if you have a military background and you recognize the type of tactics players are using in a first-person shooting game. You may have knowledge regarding the effectiveness or the issues of this tactic being used on their opponents.

Many of these games base their maps and layouts from actual cities and war zones. Tactics used in real life are not all that different now just because it is in a virtual world. What works can be just as successful as in a game.

By understanding that much of esports is a mind game you are already ahead of the pack. Don’t forget that players are basing their play styles from their own personal experiences after all. Don’t forget to apply your own when placing down those wagers.

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