ROG DreamLeague Season 8 Dota 2 Betting Guide

by Mark Ryan
on November 29, 2017

Get ready because on December 1st, 2017, an all-star Dota 2 event will take place. 8 teams from all over the world will be battling for $1,000,000 and 1500 pro circuit points.

7 of the world’s most famous teams, and Infamous, will collide in Sweden for Season 8 of ROG DreamLeague.

  • Team Secret
  • Navi
  • Team Liquid
  • pro
  • Newbee
  • Fnatic
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Infamous

It doesn’t get more star-studded than this line-up folks.

This tournament features: TI7 1st and 2nd place teams (Liquid, Newbee), winners of the last tournament with pro circuit points (Newbee), 1st and 2nd place at the last major tournament (, Secret), fan favorites (Navi, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic), and a representative from South America (Infamous).

I’ll be introducing the teams’ betting odds and why they’re ranked where they are.

Team Liquid – +225

Team Liquid is the number 1 team in Dota 2 but many teams in this tournament have a solid chance at taking them out.

2017 has been all about Team Liquid. The last member to join, GH, joined in January 2017 and since then Team Liquid has been unstoppable.

This year they’ve played at 14 events and won 1st place in 9 of them. They won TI7 and 5 other premier tournaments. They also won DreamLeague season 7, which gave them 1st place and $80,000. Season 8 will give 1st place $500,000, so a bit of a difference.

They won 5 straight tournaments before losing to Team Secret at ESL One Hamburg. They bounced back at their next tournament, winning Dota Pit, and never lost a series that tournament.

This team is as sure-fire a bet as they come. Yes, there are 6 other very talented teams that are playing well right now. But Team Liquid is a clear #1 favorite for this tournament and that’s for a reason.

It’s not wise to bet against Team Liquid, but you never know what might happen. – +333 is the #2 team in the world. These Russian and Ukrainian all stars are just as feared as Team Liquid.

No one wants to face because their play style is explosive and difficult to predict. They pick many different heroes and play them all at a high level. This may be the most versatile team in Dota at the moment.

At The Summit 7, picked 81 different heroes in 17 games. They won that tournament beating Team Secret in the grand finals. It didn’t matter if the heroes were out of meta, Virtus Pro still found a way to win with them.

This type of cocky and arrogant style is what Virtus Pro is famous for. They are so much better than their competition that they make the game harder for themselves to keep things interesting.

When they buckle down and focus on a goal, they can dominate everyone including Team Liquid.

The Dota world saw this focus and domination at their first tournament of the season, the ESL One Hamburg. beat Team Liquid in a best of 3 series by allowing Team Liquid to pick their comfort heroes like IO and EarthShaker. Then they beat Team Secret in the grand finals 2-0 in dominating fashion. Solo, their captain, was voted MVP of the tournament and won a new Mercedez Benz. is talented and fierce but their weakness is in their discipline. After ESL One Hamburg, they placed 4th in their next tournament, Dota Pit. They also lost several series of qualifiers leading up to this tournament as well.

Which VP will show up? I think it will be the disciplined and focused VP. They already won 1 major and if they win another, then they’re almost guaranteed a spot at TI8. They need to win though and if they do, then a serious VP might never show up.

Newbee – +400

The 3rd best team would be Newbee. This Chinese super team has found their footing since struggling at the beginning of the season.

They won the Perfect World Masters Minor tournament, which was the last tournament to have pro circuit points. They went straight through the winner’s bracket all the way to the finals, never losing a series.

At Perfect World Masters, they beat LFY, Team Kinguin, Vici Gaming, and Vici Gaming again in the grand finals.

None of those teams are in this tournament, but LFY and Vici Gaming are better than some teams this tournament. Team Secret, who is at this tournament, lost 0-2 to Vici Gaming and LFY at Perfect World Masters.

Newbee finished 2nd at TI7, losing to Team Liquid 0-3 in the grand finals. They finished 3rd at Dota Pit, losing to Vici Gaming but eliminating Virtus Pro before that. They finished 3rd-4th at ESL One Hamburg, losing to Virtus Pro 1-2.

Newbee is riding a wave of momentum that no other team has in this tournament. Team Secret played without their mid at Perfect World, and Team Liquid haven’t played an important game in a long time, and the other teams shouldn’t be a threat to Newbee.

Newbee just finished winning the Perfect World Masters a week ago. If they can bring that energy and momentum to this tournament, then they have a great chance to win it all.

Team Secret – +500

Team Secret had a rough month but November will be over by the time they enter this tournament.

They finished 2nd at ESL One Hamburg, the first Major tournament of the season and then finished 5th-6th at Perfect World Masters, their next tournament.

At Perfect World, Team Secret was missing their star player, MidOne, due to family issues. They were without their best player all tournament and had to use a stand-in from the Chinese team EHOME.

Team Secret has shown a lot of promise in the first few months of the season but their success would be considered an overachievement. They beat Team Liquid at ESL One Hamburg to make it to the grand finals. I wouldn’t expect Team Secret to be consistent with that type of performance. It could be the biggest victory their roster sees or it could be a sign of things to come. I think it’s the former.

Team Secret has one of the best captains in the game, Puppey. He’s had his ups and downs but no matter the downs, Puppey has always found a way to bounce back. I have faith in this man because he is a veteran player, famous for the TI1 championship with Navi, and continues to compete at a high level.

With Ace and MidOne as their cores, Team Secret is in a better position than most teams. Only a few teams have a better core combination than these two. YapzOr and Puppey are a support duo that only a few teams can beat as well. Fata is a solid offlaner and is not a weak player by any means.

This team plays better than the sum of its parts and that’s because of Puppey. I’m interested in seeing how they evolve and how good they can become. Right now their team is quite young and inexperienced compared to other tier 1 teams. That means their ceiling can be very high, maybe TI championship high.

Evil Geniuses – +650

Evil Geniuses will remain a tier 1 team, because if they win a tournament, then it’ll be less surprising than if Navi or Fnatic win it. Even though those teams are playing better than Evil Geniuses.

At +650, I think this is the worst bet. EG is playing like a +1000 team at the moment so anything less than that isn’t value.

Why are Evil Geniuses rated so highly? Well, because their core duo of Sumail and Arteezy is arguably the most popular duo in all of Dota. EG also has UNiVeRsE and Fear who won TI5 (Sumail also) and have more professional games under their belt than 99% of professional players. Cr1t is a 2-time Major tournament winner with EG and is highly skilled.

They don’t lack skill or talent. EG is one of the most skilled and talented teams in the world. From what I’ve seen, they’re lacking leadership and captaining. Captains in Dota are so important and having a good captain is even a part of the game’s meta.

Every great team has a great captain. Newbee, Team Liquid,, Team Secret, LFY, and the list goes on. Most teams that are struggling, are struggling because they’re lacking leadership. EG is one of those teams.

Fear simply isn’t a great captain. He is a veteran, champion, and one of the most respected players the world of Dota has ever seen but that doesn’t mean he’s a great captain. During EG’s peak, Fear was never the drafter, that was ppd.

Fear also took a year off of professional Dota in-between TI6 and TI7. He has stated himself that he feels rusty and not yet comfortable with his new role. That is not what you want to hear from the captain of the 2nd highest earning esports organization in history.

Evil Geniuses could surprise everyone and win this tournament but at +650 there is no value. That is the enigma that is EG. No one wants to bet against them, but no one wants to bet on them.

Navi – +1200

Navi at +1200 and Fnatic (who is next) might be the best value picks. Navi has been on fire lately and is looking like a tier 1 team.

After doing poorly at 2 tournaments in October, they picked up some impressive victories at qualifiers in November. They beat 2-0 at the DreamLeague qualifiers on the 2nd last day to secure an invite and then went 1-1 with EG on the last day to secure’s invite.

Navi had been doing poorly for most of the year. Their post TI7 roster shuffle turned out to be a great move for them because they have improved significantly compared to before TI7.

They added a new carry, Crystallize, and a new position 4, RodjER, to join 3 veteran Navi players: Dendi, GeneRaL, and SoNNeikO.

Crystallize is a young 18-year-old carry player that has shown much promise. It looks like Navi is trying to groom Crystallize as their carry for the future. RodjER was a stand out performer at TI7 where his team, Team Empire, was the underdog story of the tournament. Team Empire eliminated North American favorites: Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses and RodjER played very well.

Maybe Navi is benefiting from the changes of the current patch. Or maybe they’re benefiting from everyone not knowing this new patch. Either way, Navi is playing better than they have in years and the hype is back for Navi.

At +1200 I really like the value of this pick. It’s highly unlikely that they win it all, but what a story that would be if it happens. Navi fans might start popping up again.

Fnatic – +2500

The team hailing from South East Asia is Fnatic. This team recently underwent a massive change to their roster. They replaced Xcalibur with Abed in the mid position.

Xcalibur was likely the weakest professional player on a tier 1/2 team in all of Dota. Abed was the first player to reach 10,000 MMR. When Abed replaced Excalibur, Fnatic immediately transformed from the laughing stock of Dota to a team to be feared.

It turned out Xcalibur was holding everyone back. The roster consists of EternaLEnVy, DJ, Ohiayo, Pieliedie, and Abed. Everyone is a tier 1 player, a veteran, and has experience with deep tournament runs. The same could not be said about Xcalibur and I am happy he is no longer on Fnatic because he was holding them back.

Since Abed joined the team, Fnatic played in 3 qualifiers. In the first qualifier, they beat Mineski in the grand finals 3-2, after being down 0-2. Mineski is a tier 1 team and Fnatic reverse swept them in the first event Abed joined.

The second qualifier they were eliminated by TNC Pro Team.

In the 3rd qualifier, they beat Mineski 2-1 in the semi-finals, and then TNC Pro Team 2-1 to qualify for this tournament.

When this team originally formed, it looked quite good, with the glaring exception of Xcalibur. EternaLEnVy, Pieliedie, DJ, and Ohiyao are all veterans, tier 1 talents, and respected by the global Dota community. Their start to the season was bad but now they’re in a great place.

At +2500 this is the best value bet and I would even say they have a good chance of winning. I might even bet on this team because of how much value it is.

EternaLEnVy has a reputation and depending on who you ask it’s good or bad. The reputation is that he is an anime character and his life is an anime story. Who knows, this might be the tournament where his anime character arc reaches its highest point and they win it all in an epic grand final where EternaLEnVy is the star.

Infamous – +8000

To acknowledge that Infamous is indeed a part of this tournament I have created their own section.

Do they deserve to be competing here, with 7 of the most accomplished teams in Dota history? No, they don’t, but Valve has decided South America should compete against the best for some reason.

This new competitive system is still experimental. I think the addition of South American teams to tournaments is a long-term bet, and the Dota scene won’t be seeing the benefits right away.

If the goal is to see the highest levels of competition, which is what I think the goal should be, then giving South America’s spot to another region would be a better. There are tons of teams in other regions more deserving of a spot at this tournament than the best South American team.

Infamous has no chance. Don’t bet on them. That is my analysis of Infamous.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this article and learned a lot. If you’re going to watch a Dota tournament ever, this would be a great choice.

It’s a major, which has the highest stakes, and the 7 teams competing have the most loved and exciting players the world of Dota has ever seen.

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