Starcraft 2 WESG Tournament Preview

by Pavo Jurkic
on March 10, 2019

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Apart from IEM Katowice and WCS Global Finals, the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) is the largest Starcraft II tournament in terms of prize pools. Every young Terran wants to become big and strong once they grow up, and that means participating in WESG!

At least nowadays. WESG is a young Starcraft II tournament having only been created in 2017 (with its first iteration being WESG 2016). From the get-go, WESG was a premier-tier tournament; top of the league. Almost all the strongest players participate annually such as Maru (the Hamster Terran), Classic, Serral, Reynor, Scarlett, and many others.

If you’ve been an avid fan of Starcraft II or are just joining it – make sure you tune in to WESG 2018 matches! If that doesn’t inspire you to play and cause excitement, nothing will. Okay, that’s simply not true; all Starcraft tournaments are a blast but there’s a certain feeling of prestige surrounding WESG that isn’t quite present with other tournaments.

Here, we will provide you with a Starcraft 2 WESG betting preview. You will also find the tournament information and overview within to help you understand what’s at stake for the players and what to expect from the matches. Plus, it makes Starcraft 2 WESG betting more interesting!

Best Starcraft 2 WESG Betting Sites – Where to Bet

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Starcraft 2 WESG Betting Preview |Interesting Facts

WESG 2018 is looking to be a stunner. All of the top players from last year are joining us this year as well. And if last year has taught us anything, it’s that Maru is out of this world. So it’s going to be fun watching him progress from the group stage!

Now, the tournament itself has changed compared to last year. Here are some facts to help you catch up to the current situation!

  • Compared to WESG 2017, this year’s WESG has 18 players more (up from 30 to a total of 48). On top of that, WESG had an increase in player count each year (in 2017 there were 24 players). More action for the fans; a tougher playing field for the players!
  • Unfortunately, the new competitive year brought a prize pool cut to the tournament as well. The WESG participants are fighting for only $240,000 in prize pool money, compared to $400,000 last year.
  • Up until this point, Maru is the most successful player having finished 2nd at WESG 2017 and 1st at WESG 2018.
  • There are no Terran players in groups D and F at WESG 2018!

Now, let’s take a quick glance at the tournament format in this Starcraft 2 WESG betting Preview!

Tournament Format

There might be some confusion amongst the newer spectators and fans about the WESG format but in reality, it’s pretty simple. It’s much easier to distinguish what is happening when players are participating against players so this should be fairly easy to understand!


  • 4 players are directly invited to the tournament
  • China Qualifier seeds two players
  • APAC Qualifiers seed 16 players
  • Europe Qualifiers seed 15 players
  • America Qualifiers seed 9 players
  • Africa Qualifiers seed 2 players

Group Stage

  • Features round-robin with 48 teams divided into eight, 6-player groups (A-H)
  • All matches are Bo3
  • Top 2 players from each group advance to the Playoffs (16 players)
  • If a tie happens, this is how they’re solved:
    • 2-player tie: head-to-head result is considered
    • 3-player tie in the following order: map score, match score between tied players, map score between tied players, bo1 tie-breakers


  • Features a single-elimination bracket
  • All matches are Bo5 except for the Grand Finals which are Bo7

That’s about it! Not too difficult to understand, right?

Starcraft 2 WESG Betting Preview | Most Notable Players

As mentioned earlier in our Starcraft 2 WESG betting preview article, some of the best Starcraft II players are taking part in this tournament. It’s going to be an all-out clash between Terrans, Protoss, and Zergs. But which players should you look out for? Who has the highest potential for victory?

Here, we feature the top player from each race!


Maru is the king of Terrans. There is absolutely no doubt behind this statement. He is the youngest GSL player of all time. Maru was only 13 when he won his first live and televised game! This form continued into the future and he has honed the craft over the years. The man has been playing Starcraft professionally for 8 years.

You’d expect such a veteran to have his performance slowly fall off a cliff but it doesn’t. Ever. But that’s exactly where his age comes in. Most professional Esports athletes lose their edge after 4-5 of playing and end up retiring when they’re around 24-26 (in some cases even older).

Maru is still young (21!) and ruthless. He also bears the prestigious title of a ‘Horseman of Terran’ (part of the Four Horsemen of Terran with INnoVation, TY, and ByuN). Maru won last year’s WESG and is a strong favorite to win this year as well. But one player specifically can cause an upset in Maru’s plans.


The Final Boss. If you are in a group with Dark… Well… Good luck. Dark is the player most consider the best of the best. He is currently ranked #1 on the WCS Korea ranking with 1950 points accumulated. He is a Zerg player who’s constantly been a threat.

He does seem to struggle on occasion against fellow Korean players (mainly Maru and Stats) but consistently places well in top-tier tournaments. During the previous 4 years, his achievements in Premier tournaments are stunning – two 1st places, eight 2nd places, and eight 3-4th places.

But stats aren’t everything. Dark is an extremely talented Zerg player that has mastered every inch of this race. He is also known for being an unmovable object for foreign players (those that are not South Koreans). Dark has a very high potential for a high finish in WESG 2018 and will be a force to be reckoned with to all players he encounters.


Neeb takes the Protoss spot in this Starcraft 2 WESG betting preview. Neeb finished 6th at last year’s WESG but this doesn’t make him a weaker opponent. On the contrary. Neeb is currently ranked number 1 on the WCS Circuit rankings with 1200 points (notably less than Dark).

He’s been insanely successful in the WCS tournaments against all races (especially Zerg). What makes him a threat is his match loss analysis? Neeb is entirely capable of learning from his past mistakes and improving upon them. Most pro players do this, but Neeb is exceptional at this.

Still, a tough match-up awaits him. He’s in Group A with Serral, MaSa, Harstem, ShoWTimE, and msrm. He’s had some problems with ShoWTimE in the past, but the hardest challenge will definitely be Serral (The Night King as he’s called). Overall, Neeb has a chance at glory here but we’ll have to wait and see!

Outright Betting on Starcraft 2 WESG

At the time of writing this article, none of the top tier Starcraft 2 betting sites offered outright bets on WESG. Still, this is bound to change as the tournament comes closer to the start date. In fact, if you’re so keen on outright betting, you can always try out some of the lesser-known bookies. Still, keep in mind these are not the best Starcraft 2 WESG betting sites so your experience might not be ideal.

Talking about ideal betting experiences, if that’s something you can’t live without, take another look at the bookie list above and you won’t be disappointed!

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