Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets: Super Bowl MVP, Lady Gaga, Donald Trump and More

by Kevin Roberts
on February 3, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, which means we all need to get ready for a day full of Super Bowl commercials, great food, preferably any beer that isn’t Keystone Light o Natty Ice and apparently some football game that will be on TV.

Okay, we probably shouldn’t be downplaying Super Bowl 51 at all, as we actually might have a true gem on our hands. Anytime the New England Patriots are part of the big game you know there is bound to be some serious drama. And as it turns out, that’s kind of something that has surrounded this game, as well.

All of the Intrigue

Deflategate, anyone?

The point is Super Bowl LI could be a historic one, and for several reasons. The Atlanta Falcons are in the big game for just the second time in franchise history, and with a win they’d secure their first ever Lombardi Trophy. In the name of the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns and any other sad sack NFL franchise that is still chasing that first Super Bowl, that’s a pretty big deal.

That’s just the Atlanta side. The Patriots are appearing in their seventh Super Bowl during the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady era and if they beat the Falcons, they’ll be the only head coach and quarterback in league history to win the big game five times.

That’s all kinds of disgusting, and even worse if you’re a fan of any pro football team not located in Foxborough.

This game is making history even before we see the action sound off on the field, too. The projected Total (59.5 according to the top Super Bowl betting sites) is the highest we’ve ever seen.

This matchup itself is a rarity, as well, as it is not typical at all to get the #1 scoring offense (Falcons) and the #1 scoring defense (Patriots) in the league’s final game of the year. But that’s where Super Bowl 51 gets us – all of this – and potentially a whole heck of a lot more.

On top of everything leading into this game and what could come of it after it starts, Super Bowl 51 might register as the most interesting when it comes to the betting scene, as well. That’s purely subjective, but all things considered, the Super Bowl prop bets alone are cause for pause ahead of Super Bowl 51. But more importantly, they’re cause for some betting and should give way to a really entertaining day of football. And even if the game isn’t what we’re all hyping it up to be, all of these crazy Super Bowl prop bets can perhaps take on a life of their own and make it all worthwhile, regardless.

There are a lot to consider, so if you want to enhance Super Bowl Sunday, locate your one of the top Super Bowl betting sites and consider throwing some money at these awesome Super Bowl prop bets:

General Bets

Before we dive fully into the many (many) Super Bowl 51 prop bets, be sure to take advantage of the regular bets, as well.


  • Patriots (-3)
  • Falcons (+3)

The spread is pretty tight – as it should be – as these are the two best teams in the NFL and we’ve got a potential instant classic on our hands. Both teams are probably too good to get blown out, too, while New England has a ton of experience in the big game and even when they’ve lost, they’ve never had a game decided by more than four points.

Therefore, we can safely brace for a pretty close game and considering their defense, offense, coaching and history in this game, the Patriots feel like the logical favorite.

If you hate this spread, of course, most of the top Super Bowl betting sites (Bovada specifically) offer alternative lines (as well as first half spreads). Here’s the long list of alternate spread options you can consider betting on at Bovada:
Alternate Spread Prop Bet Options from Bovada


  • Patriots (-145)
  • Falcons (+125)

The MoneyLine is going to understandably be pretty tight, as is the case with most Super Bowls when the spread isn’t completely insane. This game is projected to be both close and high-scoring, so it makes sense that you’re not going to gain much of a profit either way unless you throw down some serious cash.

New England offers little upside as the favorite, and that’s pretty evident when you look at the return on a $100 bet (just $68.97). The Falcons offer way more upside, with that same $100 bet getting you back $125.

The upside is still lacking, of course, so unless you have the spare cash to go really hard either way, this might not be the most ideal bet to make during Super Bowl 51.

Total: 59.5

  • Over (EVEN)
  • Under (-120)

This Total is crazy, as it’s far and away the highest Total in Super Bowl history. High Totals don’t historically have amazing success, either, so even though we have a ton of offensive upside in this game, our knee-jerk reaction is to shoot for the Under.

Neither of these bets offer much safety or upside, though, so shooting for an alternative Total might be ideal. Luckily Bovada offers a slew of other Total bets:

Alternate TotalProp Bet Options from Bovada

Coin Toss

This is where the actual Super Bowl betting starts when it comes to the game itself, as you can place a bet on what the coin toss will be:

  • Heads (-105)
  • Tails (-105)

Vegas suggests a 50% chance either way and that’s common logic, too. As far as coin toss history in the Super Bowl, we’ve seen it go right down the middle for the most part. Tails leads the way through the first 50 Super Bowls, though, 26-24.

You can tie in an additional bet with your coin toss bet, too, as Bovada and other sites offer two additional coin toss bets – whether or not the coin toss winner ends up winning the game (-115 for Yes or No) and whether or not the team that calls the coin toss guesses it correctly (-115 for Yes or No).

All of these bets are 50/50 propositions, so you’re playing with fire across the board. They could be a fun parlay bet, though, or just a nice set of bets to stack separately for the game.

Touchdown & Field Goal Props

From what we’ve seen, Bovada is probably the best Super Bowl prop betting site right now. They have an insane amount of options – specifically in the touchdown scoring department.

Before we get into specifics involving players, consider some of the “firsts” that can come in Super Bowl 51:

First Offensive Play – Result

Touchdowns and field goals are one thing, but what about the very first play after the coin toss and kickoff? Will it result in a huge score that gets the ball rolling for an amazing Super Bowl, or will it be as deflating as a sack or penalty? You can test your luck and bet on a variety of outcomes:

  • Rush Attempt – No 1st Down (+160)
  • Pass Attempt – No 1st Down (+175)
  • 1st Down – Passing (+350)
  • 1st Down – Rushing (+750)
  • Quarterback Sack (+1200)
  • Penalty – No Play (+1400)
  • Touchdown (+1600)
  • Turnover (+2000)

How you bet here highly depends on which team gets the ball first. However, most Super Bowls do not start with a score or turnover on the very first play, while both of these quarterbacks are not overly likely to get sacked on their first drop-back.

Both teams can run and pass, but either side might test the trenches first and run the ball. That’s probably why a run without a first down leads the way here as the most likely outcome.

If we’re looking for a little more upside, a passing attempt for a first down could be in play. Both teams are very effective through the air and could come out firing on their first play of the game.

First Scoring Play

  • Patriots Field Goal (+300)
  • Patriots Passing TD (+300)
  • Patriots Rushing TD (+550)
  • Patriots Safety (+2000)
  • Patriots DEF/ST TD (+1600)
  • Falcons Field Goal (+350)
  • Falcons Passing TD (+350)
  • Falcons Rushing TD (+600)
  • Falcons Safety (+2000)
  • Falcons DEF/ST TD (+1600)

Super Bowls rarely start with a safety, special teams or defensive score, so while those are fun cursory bets, they’re not where the smart money lies. Instead, given the odds here, it might be best to bet on either the Patriots or Falcons scoring on the ground to get Super Bowl 51 going.

Considering LeGarrette Blount scored 18 times on the ground during the regular season, he and the Pats are a pretty solid bet to make here. That being said, all of these bets offer decent upside and are worth considering.

First TD Scored

You can start with the obvious – who will score the first touchdown in Super Bowl 51.

Bovada has Falcons stud wide receiver Julio Jones leading the way there (+700), while he’s fairly neck and neck with the likes of LeGarrette Blount (+700), Devonta Freeman (+750), Julian Edelman (+900), Chris Hogan (+900) and Mohamed Sanu (+900).

Those are your best bets ahead of the +1000 odds range, but if you’re looking for a bit of a sleeper to get the first score of Super Bowl LI, consider Taylor Gabriel (+1600), James White (+2200) and Danny Amendola (+2200).

The Falcons have scored a touchdown on their first drive in their last eight games, so if they get the ball first, they’re a solid bet to hang one on the Pats. If they do, though, they may need to get tricky and use someone like slot man Gabriel to make it happen. On the flip side, if the Pats score first, they also may have to get sneaky and use secondary options like Amendola or White.

First TD by Team

It could be nice to break that bet up by team, just so you’re giving yourself an out if the wrong team scores first. You can tack that on as two separate bets, or just cover yourself by betting on the first touchdown scored and then betting on the opposite team for their first score.

Things break up a little differently once we separate this prop bet by teams:

First TD Scorer – Patriots

  • Julian Edelman (+450)
  • LeGarrette Blount (+450)
  • Chris Hogan (+600)
  • Dion Lewis (+600)
  • Martellus Bennett (+600)
  • James White (+1000)
  • Malcolm Mitchell (+1000)
  • Danny Amendola (+1200)
  • Tom Brady (+1400)
  • Other Patriots Player (+500)
  • No Patriots Score (+2000)

The top options are fairly self explanatory, as Blount scored 18 times as a runner during the regular season and is a go-to option near the goal-line for the Pats. Edelman is a dangerous option near the red-zone, too, and also has the speed to break big plays. He also can be utilized in the return game. Needless to say, it’s a fair bet that either Edelman or Blount get New England’s first score in Super Bowl 51.

New England is stretched out just as good as the Falcons, however, so this is not an easy prop bet to take advantage of. Tom Brady scoring with his legs is probably the only bad bet on this list, other than the Patriots not scoring at all. That just doesn’t seem very logical at all. Betting on a different Patriots player than the ones listed here doesn’t seem like a great bet, either.

If we’re aiming high, Amendola might make good sense as the top play here when it comes to upside.

First TD Scorer – Falcons

  • Devonta Freeman (+400)
  • Julio Jones (+400)
  • Tevin Coleman (+600)
  • Mohamed Sanu (+600)
  • Taylor Gabriel (+700)
  • Austin Hooper (+1200)
  • Eric Weems (+1800)
  • Justin Hardy (+1800)
  • Levine Toilolo (+1800)
  • Other Falcons Player (+375)
  • No Falcons Touchdown (+2000)

Your best bet for Atlanta’s first touchdown scorer figures to be Devonta Freeman or Julio Jones. Both scored in the NFC title game and combined for a whopping 19 total touchdowns during the regular season. They’re the top options for Atlanta on the ground and through the air, so natural wisdom has them looking like the favorites.

As good as they sound as the first scorers for the Falcons, they still might not be the ones to get it done. Tevin Coleman, Mohamed Sanu and Taylor Gabriel are also all heavily involved in the offense. They’re also all insanely explosive and can take a small screen to the house.

Because of their explosive ability and superior betting odds, those three are the sleeper plays in this group. We’re not tempted much by Atlanta’s tight ends, while Justin Hardy has a small role and Eric Weems probably isn’t returning a punt/kick for a score in this game.

Atlanta not scoring at all or finding a different player to score not listed here also figure to be poor bets.

Anytime Touchdown Scorer

  • Julio Jones (-150)
  • LeGarrette Blount (-150)
  • Devonta Freeman (-125)
  • Julian Edelman (-125)
  • Tevin Coleman (+130)
  • Martellus Bennett (+150)
  • Mohamed Sanu (+160)
  • Taylor Gabriel (+175)
  • Chris Hogan (+175)
  • Malcolm Mitchell (+175)
  • Danny Amendola (+300)
  • James White (+300)
  • Austin Hooper (+325)
  • Justin Hardy (+450)
  • Matt Ryan (+550)
  • Levine Toilolo (+600)

The beauty with this bet is two-fold. You can stack it with the previous bets (for team or overall) and if the guy you bet on scores, you could end up winning three times the money off of the first touchdown of the game.

That’s going to be pretty difficult to nail down, but betting on the “anytime” scorer also helps hedge your bet. Even if you miss on the other touchdown prop bets, you still have the entire game to cash in on whatever player(s) you bet on scoring in Super Bowl 51.

This might be one of the best bets to play – especially if you attack options with really playable odds. Guys like Julio Jones and the like with -125 odds or worse are pretty good bets to score on Super Bowl Sunday, but they’re also not going to offer much of a return on your initial investment.

To make that clearer, you’d need to bet $100 on Julio Jones scoring just to get $66.67 back on Super Bowl betting sites like Bovada. That’s fine and all, but the payoff just isn’t substantial.

That’s why it might make sense to throw a dart or two at guys with more playable odds. Options like Taylor Gabriel, Chris Hogan and Mohamed Sanu all stand out as very solid bets to score, while they also all offer a decent payout. Hogan and Gabriel (both with +175 odds to score) would return $175 for every $100 you bet.

The riskiest plays that make good sense are probably Amendola and White (both at +300). They both could easily go scoreless, but they’re also fairly involved in the offense. White can score as a runner or receiver, while Amendola can be a terror in the slot and actually scored in the last Super Bowl New England played in. Both of these players carry very playable Super Bowl prop bet odds and could bring back $300 for every $100 you put down.

There is a lot to bet on when it comes to scoring in Super Bowl 51, and it doesn’t just have to do with who is getting the job done. If you want less specifics and desire to keep it more about the numbers, consider these bets:

Total Touchdowns (8.5)

  • Over (+250)
  • Under (-325)

This is the starting bet for a game with a projected Total of 59.5. If you think this game will hit on the Over, this wouldn’t be the worst bet to chase. Nine total touchdowns is a bit insane, though, as the touchdowns alone (if you bet on the Over) would equate to 63 total points. That does hit the Over if you’re going that route, but if you start adding in field goals the scoring feels like it’d be getting out of control.

We very well could be headed for uncharted Super Bowl scoring territory, but it might make sense to take an alternative Total Touchdown prop bet. Bovada offers several, with bets available for 5.5 (Over is -260, Under is +200), 6.5 (Over is -140, Under is +110) and 7.5 (Over is +160, Under is -200).

You are also able to bet on first half and first quarter touchdowns, and you can split the touchdowns up by team. The list goes on at Bovada, as you can bet on the total touchdowns scored for the game, who will score the longest touchdowns (-115 for either side), how long the first touchdown will be, who will score the shortest touchdown (-115 for either side) and the list goes on.

For field goal lovers, there is also a litany of field goal prop bets. Check out all of Bovada’s touchdown scoring prop bets.


Beyond all of the individual performance and scoring prop bets, you can also make a lot of different Super Bowl prop bets based on how the game itself will go. One really interesting bet is whether or not the Super Bowl will go to overtime.

We have yet to see a Super Bowl go into an extra period, so it makes sense that the odds are very much against this:

  • Yes (+600)
  • No (-1000)

There’s no upside with betting against this, but a mild cursory bet for an OT game could be fun. If it happens, even a $100 bet would land you $600.

Remember, there are countless scoring prop bets you can look up and act on, so be sure to check out all of the options at your favorite Super Bowl betting sites. There’s even more to discuss beyond the scoring of the game, though.

Super Bowl MVP

The next big Super Bowl prop bet is who will win the Super Bowl MVP award. History tells us it will be a quarterback (won 27 of 50 Super Bowl MVPs) or at least an offensive player (40 of 50 Super Bowl MVP winners have been from the offensive side of the football).

The Super Bowl MVP will also almost certainly come from the winning side, as throughout history we’ve only see a losing team produce a MVP winner one time.

Consider that criteria when you try to figure out who has the best shot. Here are the latest Super Bowl 51 MVP odds, per Bovada:

  • Tom Brady (+130)
  • Matt Ryan (+210)
  • Julio Jones (+900)
  • Devonta Freeman (+1600)
  • LeGarrette Blount (+1600)
  • Julian Edelman (+2000)
  • Chris Hogan (+2500)
  • Vic Beasley (+2500)
  • Dion Lewis (+2500)
  • Mohamed Sanu (+3300)
  • Tevin Coleman (+3300)
  • Martellus Bennett (+6600)
  • Taylor Gabriel (+6600)
  • Malcolm Butler (+10000)
  • Stephen Gostkowski (+10000)
  • Matt Bryant (+10000)
  • Logan Ryan (+10000)
  • James White (+10000)
  • Devin McCourty (+10000)
  • Malcolm Mitchell (+10000)
  • Danny Amendola (+10000)
  • Deion Jones (+10000)
  • Dont’a Hightower (+15000)
  • Austin Hooper (+20000)
  • Dwight Freeney (+2000)
  • Patrick Chung (+20000)
  • Eric Weems (+20000)
  • Keanu Neal (+20000)
  • Rob Ninkovich (+20000)
  • Levine Toilolo (+20000)
  • Chris Long (+20000)
  • Field (+4000)

If we’re being honest with ourselves, this year’s Super Bowl MVP almost certainly comes down to the quarterbacks. Matt Ryan and Tom Brady both enjoyed amazing seasons and are at the top of their games right now. In a Super Bowl with a crazy 59.5 Total projection, we’re very possibly getting a shootout and it’s not crazy to think neither side has a bad game.

If that ends up happening, either Brady or Ryan (whoever wins) is going to be the game’s MVP.

The only other option could be Julio Jones if the Falcons win, should he dominate anything close to how he dominated in the NFC title game.

The harsh reality is running backs need truly dominant performances to win the award, and/or the passing game has to have an inferior impact. That just doesn’t seem likely.

We can safely rule out kickers and tight ends, as they simply never win. Wide receivers are always in play, but it’d take a truly special performance for any receiver to outshine Brady or Ryan.

Other than the two quarterbacks, the only other logical deep bet here is on the defensive side of the football. In the off chance the Patriots shut down the league’s top-ranked offense, that’s going to be quite the performance and it may be because some epic defensive efforts. Maybe Chris Long gets three sacks and a forced fumble, Malcolm Butler has a crucial pick-six or Vic Beasley gets four sacks and returns a fumble for a score.

Those kinds of big time efforts could shift what many view as an offensive driven game, and if something like that happens, we could see a defensive player rise up and win the Super Bowl MVP for the third time in the last five Super Bowls.

Ultimately, though, the Patriots are favored to win and Atlanta’s defense isn’t overly imposing. The odds don’t offer a huge payout, but this is probably Tom Brady’s Super Bowl MVP to lose.

A fun Super Bowl MVP bet to tack on is who the winner will mention first during their speech:

  • Teammates (+150)
  • God (+250)
  • None of the Above (+275)
  • Family (+275)
  • Coach (+1600)
  • Owner (+1600)
  • Donald Trump (+5000)

No matter who wins the Super Bowl 51 MVP award, there is no way they’re avoiding all of these options and it’s highly unlikely they’d mention Trump at all – let alone first. God is a very possible pick here, but odds support the team/teammates the most here.

Crazy Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets

Okay, so all of the logical player/game type prop bets are taken care of. Now we get to the fun stuff, where you can place money down on things that either have nothing to do with the game at all or are very loosely tied to the game.

There’s a ton of weird Super Bowl prop bets to consider, so we’ve boiled it down to our favorite picks:

Players Kneeling

Colin Kaepernick started a weird trend of player’s kneeling during the National Anthem during the preseason. On the league’s biggest stage, will we see any players following suit before Super Bowl 51?

  • Yes (+400)
  • No (-700)

You can go back and forth about the reasoning behind it, but especially due to these odds, we love the likelihood of this happening.

It would be silly for anyone to take some dramatic stand minutes before they play the biggest game of their life, but give the fact that this has been going on all year and how a lot of people are trying to defy Donald Trump and the government, we’d bet we see at least one player taking a stand by not standing at all.

Will Any Player Other Than Brady/Ryan Throw a Pass?

This is a fun one, as either side may feel they need to get a little tricky to pull this game out. We’ve actually seen Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman throw the ball in the playoffs before, too, so we wouldn’t completely shrug this one off.

  • Yes (+170)
  • No (-250)

The odds aren’t terrible to bet on this happening, especially since Edelman was a former college quarterback and we’ve seen New England get cute with their play-calling before. It’s far less likely for the Falcons to do it, of course.

J.J. Watt and Gronk Name Drop

With this game in Houston, there’s a decent chance we could hear the analysts talk a lot about Houston teams – specifically the Texans. If that happens, there’s a decent chance J.J. Watt’s name comes up.

  • Over 1 (+150)
  • Under 1 (-200)

Watt not being mentioned at all feels like a stretch since the Super Bowl is being played at his stadium, so we’d shoot for the Over here if we made this bet.

You can make a similar bet with Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski. Considering he won’t be playing due to injury and he’s such a huge part of their offense, it’s an almost certainty we’ll hear his name dropped at least once. Here’s how you can bet:

  • Over 3 (-120)
  • Under 3 (-120)

The downside is the bet isn’t very lucrative. The Patriots are in the Super Bowl for the entire game and there are a plethora of reasons to bring Gronk or Gronkowski into the conversation here. We hate the payoff, but this feels like an easy bet with the Over.

Houston, We Have a Problem

This is a fun (and weird) Super Bowl prop bet, where Vegas is suggesting the analysts may say “Houston, we have a problem” at some point during the Super Bowl 51 broadcast.

  • Yes (+250)
  • No (-400)

It’s a catchy and iconic phrase, so this really isn’t as silly of a bet as it sounds. Truth be told, we could hear this in any game, but since this game is being played in Houston, it’d almost be a shock if we didn’t hear it.

The reasoning behind it could be layered, too. Perhaps there is an officiating gaffe, maybe a power issue like we saw a few Super Bowls ago, maybe a fan runs out onto the stadium or maybe the game just gets out of hand. One way or another, the odds are good and the phrase is catchy, so if we’re betting here we’d aim high and pick “yes”.

Deflategate Mentions

There is absolutely no way we get through the entire Super Bowl without Deflategate being brought up several times. Here’s the betting action as far as how many times we’ll hear it on Super Bowl Sunday:

  • Over 1.5 (-130)
  • Under 1.5 (-110)

It is rather surprising that the odds are so bad for the Under, as it feels next to impossible for the analysts to go the entire game without bringing this up 10+ times. This bet stinks in terms of payout potential, but we’ll take the over all day.

Cross Sports Prop Bets

This is a fresh prop bet that gives us plenty of opportunities to combine Super Bowl 51 betting with other sports events going on. There are several to pick from, but a great one is pitting the Patriots (total points scored) against Oklahoma City Thunder star point guard Russell Westbrook (total points scored):

  • Patriots score more (EVEN)
  • Westbrook scores more (-140)

This is a really tough bet, as Westbrook is more of a triple-double machine than a guy who is a lock to score 40+ points every night out. That being said, he’s a one-man wrecking crew for the Thunder and there is no guarantee the Pats even top 30 points. Considering Westbrook averages that many points per game, he’s the easy play with this particular prop bet.

Flea-Flicker Attempt

This could be a fun one, just because we saw Tom Brady and the Pats pull this play off in the AFC title game and both offenses are both creative and explosive. A simple Yes or No bet can get the job done here, as to whether we’ll see this play in Super Bowl 51:

  • Yes (+350)
  • No -600)

While we did see Brady and co. pull this play off two weeks ago (for a touchdown, mind you), it’s not overly likely they do it again. We wouldn’t be shocked if neither side tried this play in Super Bowl 51.

Will Belichick, Kraft or Brady Shake Roger Goodell’s Hand?

This is another fun one, but of course it requires the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. If they do, though, this bet asks if one of those three Patriots icons will shake the hated NFL Commish’s hand:

  • Yes (+375)
  • No (-650)

Even though all three probably have legit disdain for Goodell, I wouldn’t be shocked to see them all embrace him. They’re going to love sticking it to him one way or another, plus they could be too happy after winning to care. It’s possible one or two stiff Goodell by avoiding him, but the odds feel good that at least one will shake his hand.

Arthur Blank and Robert Kraft Sightings

A fun thing to do during the Super Bowl is engage is “sighting” prop bets, where all you’re doing is hoping a big name pops up on the screen enough times for you to win cash. Two of them are the owners of the Falcons and Patriots – Arthur Blank and Robert Kraft.

Blank Sightings

  • Over 2 (EVEN)
  • Under 2 (-140)

Kraft Sightings

  • Over 2.5 (-110)
  • Under 2.5 (-130)

The play will be the Over for both. If you ever watch Patriots and Falcons games, you’ll notice both owners get shown a few times per game. The more intense this game is, the more we’re likely to see both 2-3 times. Kraft is notorious for coming down from his suite to the sidelined at the end of games, too, so he feels like the easy bet here.

The Patriots are favored to win, however, so extra Robert Kraft sightings would make good sense, too. If you’re doing this bet, we suggest the Over for both sides.

Speaking of sightings – and good ones, at that – you can also bet on how many times the broadcast will show Tom Brady’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen:

  • Over 1.5 (+170)
  • Under 1.5 (-250)

The bet is on the Over here, as well. Bundchen is the wife of the best player in this game and he’ll probably win the Super Bowl MVP. Even if the Pats lose or if this game is intense, we’re looking at a lot of scenarios where the broadcast crew could find it interesting to check in on Gisele.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is going to be tied into Super Bowl 51 for a few reasons – because he’s the POTUS and because Tom Brady and the Pats are loosely connected to him. Because of that, we’ll want to consider some Donald Trump betting action this Sunday.

The first big Donald Trump bet is who he will pick to win Super Bowl 51. Due to his loose ties to Brady and the Pats, it makes sense he’d choose the favored Patriots. You can bet on that (-1000) or the Falcons (+550).

The Donald is pretty big into live Tweeting, so there is also a bet on how much he’ll tweet during the game:

  • Over 1.5 tweets (-200)
  • Under 1.5 tweets (+150)

Donald Trump seems to love putting his opinions out there, so if he’s watching the game, don’t be shocked if he’s pretty active on Twitter. We’d bet the Over here, but the payout isn’t great.

Depending on which Super Bowl betting site you go to, there could be other Donald Trump bets, but one other good one is how many times we’ll hear his name said on the broadcast:

  • Over 1.5 (+150)
  • Under 1.5 (-200)

The Over feels like the obvious play here. Not only does Trump have loose ties to the Pats, but he’s a very controversial President in almost every regard. It would be shocking if he’s not mentioned during the Super Bowl at least twice.

Liquid Color Splash

Coaches get doused with some type of liquid container almost every time they win a huge game – especially the Super Bowl. Odds are we see that happen at the end of Super Bowl 51 and before it happens, you can bet on what the color of the liquid will be:

  • Clear/Water (+300)
  • Yellow (+300)
  • Orange (+300)
  • Lime/Green (+350)
  • Blue (+500)
  • Red (+600)
  • Purple (+1200)

It’s tough to know what either side will have in their Gatorade buckets, but we can look back on history and note that we’ve seen Orange pop up the most and Blue has popped up once for the Pats specifically. Considering these two teams boast Red and Blue as their main colors, those are probably the two best bets here.

With New England as the favorite to win, our money would be on Blue.

Entertainment Prop Bets

Part of the fun of the Super Bowl (if you hadn’t noticed already) is that you don’t have to be a fan of either team – or even the NFL – to have fun with it. One great way – beyond all of these other Super Bowl prop bets – is betting on the entertainment aspects.

The two best ways are during the National Anthem and at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. There are a lot of bets to consider for both, but here are our two favorite Super Bowl entertainment prop bets:

Will Luke Bryan Mess Up?

Country star Luke Bryan gets the party going and will hit us all in the feels with the National Anthem, but will he screw up in any way?

  • Yes (+150)
  • No (-200)

Nobody wants to see someone embarrassed, particularly when they’re singing our nation’s anthem. Bryan is also a seasoned pro, so it’d be relatively shocking to see him commit a gaffe. Our bet lies on the “no” side.

Lady Gaga Hair Color

There are several fun Lady Gaga prop bets, but this one could be tough to call and we also get rewarded immediately when she comes out. Here are her hair color betting options:

  • Blonde (-300)
  • Any Other Color (+200)

Lady Gaga’s trademark look is her Blonde hair but this is the Super Bowl and we wouldn’t be shocked if she switched it up a bit. Maybe she adds color streaks, dyes it black or comes out with a really wacky color. One way or another, the odds favor you going against her regular Blonde color in this one.

From top to bottom, Super Bowl 51 is stacked with all kinds of worthwhile betting opportunities. On top of the fun chances to win cash, this figures to be a great game, and possibly one of the better Super Bowls we’ve seen in awhile. Regardless, we wish you luck going into any and all Super Bowl bets this weekend.

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