The Walking Dead Spoilers: 5 Characters the Show Can’t Kill Off Yet

by Kevin Roberts
on February 7, 2017

Every show on television has them; the characters so loved, so well played and so crucial to the story that they’re borderline untouchable. On a show like The Walking Dead, it feels like there isn’t truly a character that fits that billing, of course.

We’ve seen the demise of some great ones, as Abraham and Glenn died in episode one of The Walking Dead Season 7 and we saw interesting characters like Hershel, The Governor, Shane and many other goes before them.

More are surely to come.

This is a post-apocalyptic world, people. There are people looking out for themselves and their own communities. If there aren’t twisted, sadistic murderers who will kill you just for your goods or the thrill of killing, then there are frightened individuals who will kill simply so you won’t kill them first.

Oh, and there are still zombies. The undead have taken a backseat in recent years, yet they’re always there and are an ever-constant threat.

There are endless ways for any character to meet their end in The Walking Dead and with an “All Out War” being promised in the back half of season seven, there is sure to be more death to come.

That doesn’t mean it has to be a massive character, but some characters will have to go at some point. Even though that’s the case, we feel pretty good about five popular characters that simply can’t be killed off just yet, at least not until next season:

Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has admitted in the past that and probably not the show. TWD is signed on for at least one more season, though, and most expect it to run at least 10 seasons. Needless to say, if/when Rick Grimes finally dies, it probably won’t come for a while.

We don’t love that Kirkman delivered the mother of all spoilers, but there is a bigger picture there. As much as The Walking Dead is about Rick Grimes and his plight to lead his group to safety, it’s more about his plight and perhaps the legacy he leaves behind with Carl. Rick Grimes’ purpose really isn’t to live forever, but to stick around long enough to ensure his group collectively survives and his son has all of the tools he needs to last in this new world for as long as possible.

Because of that, we understand why Rick Grimes will die at some point. It just can’t (and won’t) come anytime soon. For the show’s purpose, Andrew Lincoln is forever it’s main driving force. If the show is ever going to kill Rick Grimes off, it can’t happen until very late in the series – probably in the season or even series finale.

The reality is there just isn’t a character as profound as Rick Grimes to carry the torch yet. Maybe the story will shift and The Walking Dead will be more about Negan, King Ezekiel, Carl or some of the others – and one of that group will rise up and take on a bigger role than Rick Grimes ever had.

We don’t really want that world, but it may be the one we’re left living in. Luckily, we’re not there yet. If we’re following remotely close to The Walking Dead comic, then Rick Grimes won’t be dying in season seven and is still highly unlikely to die in season eight, either.

Grimes is going to last a long while and still needs to lead his group past Negan, among other things. He’s safe for season seven and probably at least season eight, as well.


Negan is another massive character that won’t be dying in The Walking Dead season 7. He just got here, after all. We only learned of Negan at the back end of season six and he just killed some of our favorite survivors and started mentally torturing them in the first half of season 7.

Not only has and said he’ll be back for season 8, but Negan .

Gasp, horror and whatever. Yeah, we spoiled it for you, but the title of this blog had the world “spoiler” in it, so what can we tell ya?

The point is Jeffrey Dean Morgan has breathed serious life into a vicious character that not only is devilishly delightful, but we barely know yet. He’s a sick dude and he’s not afraid to bash brains in, but what more do we know? Not only do we want to know more about this layered, complicated individual, but the way The Walking Dead has been run demands it.

The Walking Dead is more about character development than probably any show this side of Lost so it would feel like a great gaffe if Negan showed up, flexed his muscle and got killed off before we ever dove into his psyche.

Beyond that, he’s just too much fun. His army is massive and he’s a smart guy, too, so roll everything together, and it would be too cheap and too fast to have Negan taken from us so soon. We get to see the group rise up in a battle that could take an entire new season to complete, and even then – per the comics at least – that doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of Negan.

We’d slightly approve of a Negan death at some point in season 8, but it can’t (and won’t) come in the second half of season 7.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl is a unique character concept, as he never existed in the comics. That can be taken two ways. He doesn’t have a comic book death and he can have his character and story molded and shaped as needed to fit the overall TWD story arc. Or he can be killed off in any fashion at any time, also to fulfill the main story.

That could easily happen and probably will at some point, but Daryl is very necessary to the group’s revolt. The Walking Dead show runners could be saving his death for a truly dark and special season 7 finale, but he seems too important to the group and to the show, itself.

TV shows want to keep people interested, engaged and talking about their product, but they rarely want to flat out enrage them. Killing off Daryl Dixon – who is a serious fan favorite – would be a huge mistake. If anything, Daryl should survive as long as Rick Grimes and perhaps they die together and fulfill their brotherly bond.

Who knows? Regardless, we think he’s crucial to the group’s rise in season seven and with the war likely bleeding into season eight, it’s fair to assume they’ll need Daryl to help finish the job next season, too.

The main reason Daryl won’t die in The Walking Dead just yet, of course, is his story isn’t resolved. The Walking Dead continue to be very systematic (even if they don’t think they are) in how they kill their characters off. Every character that has died either was completely necessary to the story, gave way to a very similar character or had fulfilled their character arc.

You look at Rick and Negan, and you’d have to agree they still have a ton of story to tell. Rick still has a son and daughter to raise, he has a love interest in Michonne and he has a group to rally. Negan has a group to lead, as well, plus he’s the key antagonist right now and has built up a pretty strong front line ahead of him.

Daryl’s story doesn’t feel complete yet, either. He has an ongoing feud with Dwight, he doesn’t like Negan and he has to be feeling guilty for being at least partially responsible for Glenn being killed. It would be a shame to see Daryl killed off before he can at least strike up some kind of vengeance for all that has happened to him and the group.

King Ezekiel

Much like Negan, it just feels way too soon to kill off King Ezekiel. Right now he’s crucial because he’s a fresh character, we don’t know anything about him, he’s a unique leader of a new community and he will probably be rather key in the rise up against Negan and The Saviors.

We haven’t really learned much about him yet, so until we do, he’s probably safer than even Rick Grimes. King Ezekiel has a ton of storyline to go and the show could easily end up making him one of the key characters for seasons to come.

This is key, not only for the war to come, but for after the war, as well. The Walking Dead is used to having just one key leader (Rick) and now that will change. We’re sure to be introduced to other communities, too, and King Ezekiel’s key attributes: his ability to fight, communicate and lead could all be on full display.

Carl Grimes

Last, but certainly not least, is Rick’s son, Carl. Carl Grimes has really come a long way, from an innocent kid who almost died due to a gunshot to the belly, to someone who had to put down his own mother, to someone who hated, feared and ultimately respected his father and now to a maturing teen who has lost an eye and wants to stand up to the evils of the world.

There is a lot to digest there when it comes to Carl, who garners mixed reviews based on Chandler Riggs’ performance. The bottom line, though, is we probably aren’t supposed to feel totally at ease with Carl’s character. He’s a teenager who isn’t the person he’s supposed to be yet and yet he’s been through arguably more than anyone in the entire show.

Of anyone on this list, it’s easily Carl that feels he has a ton of story to tell. He’s fighting to survive for his father and Alexandria, he has his own love interest (Enid) and he wants revenge against Negan for the deaths of his friends.

More than that, Carl could be the future of this show, whether it’s just a projected future for when the show ultimately ends, or an actual future as the lead character when Rick Grimes ultimately gets killed off. Many are speculating that could be the direction the comics and show ultimately head in, that a story that long seemed to be about Rick Grimes is more about the group .

That all remains to be seen, but what we do know is Carl is still young and has a lot of story to tell. There are unresolved issues across the board here and while the show could shock us all and kill him, I don’t think the second half of season seven is where he dies just yet.

Which of The Walking Dead Characters Will Die?

Our top five The Walking Dead characters that won’t die naturally give way to who will die in the second half of season seven. We actually went over this in great detail here.

It’s anyone’s guess, but we continue to circle back to Rosita. Sasha, Father Gabriel, Tara, Heath, Carol and even Morgan all could be at risk, too, especially with this group preparing for battle. Rosita seems less cool and collected than everyone else, though, and she already seems marked for death after trying to kill Negan.

Our first pick is Rosita, but as the show has shown before, chaos trumps order. All we know is Carl, Rick, Negan, Daryl and King Ezekiel should be safe and we’re fine with the boring predictability of that. As for the rest, we can’t wait to find out.

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 12th. Get your popcorn ready.
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