Tony Romo Trade Rumors: 6 Teams That Need to Trade For the Cowboys Quarterback

by Kevin Roberts
on October 25, 2016

The great debate has been ongoing in Dallas; should the Cowboys ride rookie quarterback Dak Prescott or turn back to veteran passer, Tony Romo?

It’s a valid case, as Prescott has looked fantastic en route to a hot 5-1 start, and there is no guarantee a 36-year old Romo can get back and play at a high level – much less stay healthy.

There is a strong argument supporting sticking with Prescott, who seems to be the present under center, as well as the team’s future.

If the Cowboys believe that, now could be the time to cut ties with Romo, who could be traded for some type of asset for a team struggling at the quarterback position.

That divorce is bound to happen one way or another. In fact, the only thing stopping it at this point is a Dak Prescott injury or a severe drop in play. With the NFL trade deadline coming up in early November, Dallas needs to act fast and decide whether or not they want to see Romo under center again in 2016, or if now is the perfect time to say goodbye.

If the latter ends up being the case, there are undoubtedly several teams that should be willing to roll the dice on an aging Romo. Let’s take a look at the six best landing spots, should those Tony Romo trade rumors ever come to fruition:

Buffalo Bills

Tyrod Taylor hasn’t been bad and the Bills just signed him to a big contract, but it’s arguable they could use a little more consistency under center. Romo is without a doubt the superior passing talent and he could be what the Bills need to take the next step offensively.

At 4-3, Buffalo isn’t in such an amazing spot that they wouldn’t at least consider upgrading their offense. It’s never easy to trade for a quarterback and get him ready in the middle of the year, but this could be a spot where it works out for both sides.

A Tony Romo trade to the Bills makes even more sense for next year, especially if Tyrod Taylor flames out and the Bills don’t meet expectations. That could mean a lot of heads roll, but if the Bills can get someone like Romo, perhaps management will consider the quarterback position solved.

With Romo in place with the speedy Sammy Watkins, the versatile LeSean McCoy and a balanced defense, the Bills would undoubtedly be preseason Super Bowl contenders next year.

New York Jets

It’s tough to imagine the Cowboys doing Tony Romo like this, as he’s currently on a playoff contender and the 2-5 Jets are anything but. They certainly are hurting at quarterback, though, as Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a turnover machine, Geno Smith just tore his ACL and both Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg are too raw to trust in.

New York’s 2016 run is probably already over, but perhaps they look to make a move on Romo for 2017. As they stand, Gang Green does have a lot of talent on offense and a steady passer could maximize it. Bringing in Romo could take care of the offense and then allow head coach Todd Bowles to focus on getting the defense back to an elite level.

Adding Tony Romo doesn’t help the Jets much in 2016, but his presence could give them serious title aspirations next year.

Houston Texans

The Texans are a team that needs to seriously consider all of their options right now. Brock Osweiler is quickly looking like a failed experiment and Bill O’Brien is wasting a potential contender by not employing a competent passer under center.

In comes the Tony Romo chatter, as the veteran passer could provide the Texans with the best arm the franchise has ever enjoyed. Lamar Miller gives Houston a strong running game, DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller round out a potent passing attack and a J.J. Watt return later in the year could get Houston’s defense back up to snuff.

Even if the Texans don’t make a play for Tony Romo just yet, those rumors could spark in 2017. After all, how amazing would it be for Romo to stick in Texas and then face the Cowboys in the Super Bowl? Pretty amazing, indeed.

Denver Broncos

Denver is more of a flier, as they’re 5-2 and really don’t need to make a change. In fact, the Broncos have their eye more on the future, as Trevor Siemian is ultimately just holding Paxton Lynch’s future job.

That being said, Siemian isn’t likely to get Denver back to the Super Bowl, and neither is Lynch. If John Elway feels like repeating in 2016, he in hopes the veteran can get his offense over the hump.

Denver making a trade doesn’t make sense considering where they’re at and how they’ve approached the quarterback position, but you can’t exactly rule it out for a team with legit Super Bowl hopes.

Chicago Bears

Brian Hoyer (arm) is probably done for the year, the Bears are going nowhere and they seem to be looking for any way out from under their deal with Jay Cutler. This doesn’t look like a move they’d actually pull off in 2016, but if John Fox and co. want to win in 2017, perhaps they get those Tony Romo trade rumors going again.

Chicago isn’t the ideal situation for Romo, but Fox knows how to build winners and the team does have some solid offensive talent. Romo could potentially thrive with the Bears and lift their offense up enough to make up for a (to this point) lackluster defense.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are one more Tony Romo trade destination we need to consider, as rookie passer Jared Goff is still not ready and Case Keenum is a loss waiting to happen.

Head coach Jeff Fisher has done an underrated job with the Rams, who have a good defense and a stud running back. All they’re really missing is competency and consistency under center.

It’s tough to know where they stand on Goff, but bringing in Romo in a trade wouldn’t stunt the development of a guy they’re publicly not willing to play yet. They could swing a trade for Romo and rent him in a year where they’re 3-4 and still within striking distance in the crowded NFC West.

As they stand, the Rams aren’t going anywhere. If they make a play for Romo, however, they’d have to suddenly be taken seriously.

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