Week 6 NFL Picks: Spreads and Predictions For Every Game

by Kevin Roberts
on October 12, 2016

The NFL picture is starting to clear up after five weeks, as the Vikings stand in as the only unbeaten team and the Browns are going nowhere as the league’s only winless team. Just as we suspected, right?

That’s half true, as Cleveland was never expected to win many games in 2016 and the Vikings were thought to be legit playoff contenders. Minnesota’s defense has churned out elite production, however, while that Sam Bradford trade – for the moment – looks absolutely brilliant.

There have certainly been other surprises around the league, as the Jets and Panthers are in regrettable 1-4 holes and the Cowboys look like a dangerous team even with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant both missing games.

We’ll see what continues to stick in week six, where some very key matchups await:

Denver Broncos (-3.5) @ San Diego Chargers (+3.5) Total: 45.5

After slipping at home against the Falcons last week, the Broncos got their first taste of defeat in 2016 and probably didn’t like it. Trevor Siemian looks to return on a shot week to get Denver back on track, and will have to do so against an angry Bolts squad that dropped to 1-4. As upset as the Chargers have to be, they’ve been a classic “close, but not close enough” group this season. That figures to continue in what could be a tight AFC West battle on Thursday Night Football.

Pick: Broncos 23, Chargers 16

Carolina Panthers (n/a) @ New Orleans Saints (n/a) Total: n/a

Cam Newton (concussion) still isn’t officially starting this week, which is why the betting data isn’t updated. He should play, though, as the Panthers badly need him to get out of this nasty 1-4 hole.

Newton and co. should also be able to get back on track in this one, as the Saints have been just as dreadful and defensively remain one of the worst teams in the league. We can safely expect a shootout, but Carolina should temporarily save their season with a big road win.

Pick: Panthers 34, Saints 31

Cincinnati Bengals (+9.5) @ New England Patriots (-9.5) Total: 47

The Bengals are undoubtedly not where they want to be right now, as they head into Foxborough at just 2-3. Getting a road win against the Pats was going to be tough regardless, but with Tom Brady looking awesome in his return last week, the Bengals might not stand a chance. A +9.5 spread is a bit rich, but the Pats should still nab a comfortable win.

Pick: Patriots 30, Bengals 23

Baltimore Ravens (+3) @ New York Giants (-3) Total: 44

The Ravens and Giants face off this week, with neither team currently going in the right direction. New York is skidding hard with three straight losses, while the Ravens have dropped their last two. New York would normally get the edge at home, but they can’t run the ball and simply seems lost under rookie head coach Ben McAdoo.

Pick: Ravens 20, Giants 17

Philadelphia Eagles (-3) @ Washington Redskins (+3) Total: 45

Philly really blew it against Detroit last week, but they get to turn around and make it up in a big NFC East showdown in D.C. The Redskins have turned it on with three wins in a row following a rough 0-2 start, so we could learn a lot about them in this one. Conventional wisdom sides with the Eagles, but they’re young and just gave the Redskins a blueprint to beat them. Don’t be shocked if Kirk Cousins comes up big at home.

Pick: Redskins 24, Eagles 20

San Francisco 49ers (+8) @ Buffalo Bills (-8) Total: 44

Colin Kaepernick makes the “nobody cares” headlines as San Francisco’s new starter under center, but it shouldn’t make a difference with a tough matchup in Buffalo up ahead. The 49ers really can’t do anything right this year and with the Bills riding in hot with three consecutive wins, it’s tough to envision that magically changing on the road.

Pick: Bills 33, 49ers 16

Pittsburgh Steelers (-8.5) @ Miami Dolphins (+8.5) Total: 47

Pittsburgh has one blip on their entire 2016 schedule to this point, as they’ve otherwise been extremely dominant offensively. Miami seems totally lost on both sides of the ball, so it’s hard to believe how they could suddenly rise up and shock the Steelers.

Pick: Steelers 34, Dolphins 10

Jacksonville Jaguars (+3) @ Chicago Bears (-3) Total: 47

Brian Hoyer looks to get his fourth straight start in Chicago, as the Bears host a Jaguars team that has new life after beating the Colts in London two weeks ago. The preseason hype train has come and gone for the Jags, but if they’re serious about progress this year, they need to win this game. They have more talent on both sides of the ball, so there’s a decent chance they make it happen.

Pick: Jaguars 26, Bears 23

Los Angeles Rams (+3) @ Detroit Lions (-3) Total: 43.5

The Rams could be 4-1 right now if it weren’t for Case Keenum, who proved yet again last week that he is not worthy of an NFL starting quarterback gig. As long as he remains under center, it’s going to be awfully difficult to have much faith in the Rams, even with Todd Gurley and an elite defense leading the way.

Pick: Lions 20, Rams 10

Cleveland Browns (+7) @ Tennessee Titans (-7) Total: 43.5

Cleveland is a total mess at 0-5, as they can’t defend, can’t consistently run the ball and can’t even keep their third string quarterback healthy. They remain somewhat competitive, but a road tilt with a good Titans defense probably spells doom. On the flip side, Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee offense got it going last week and could go nuts this week.

Pick: Titans 26, Browns 7

Kansas City Chiefs (+1) @ Oakland Raiders (-1) Total: 47

Jamaal Charles returns to a bigger role this week, in what is a massive game for the Chiefs and Raiders. Oakland stands in at a strong 4-1, but a big road win here could tie these two AFC West foes up at 4-2 and depending on what happens with the Broncos, could even give us a 4-2 tie at the top of the division. That seems unlikely, but with Charles seeing a bigger role and stud pass rusher Justin Houston back from injury, the Chiefs look like a fun pick here.

Pick: Chiefs 27, Raiders 20

Dallas Cowboys (+4) @ Green Bay Packers (-4) Total: 47.5

Dallas has been a fun surprise at 4-1, but in week six they’ll run into a solid Packers team on the road. Green Bay’s offense has so far run hot and cold, but it’s their defense (#1 run defense in the league) that actually makes them imposing. If they can slow down red hot rookie rusher Ezekiel Elliott, they’d understandably have the leg up in a massive home game.

Pick: Packers 31, Cowboys 24

Atlanta Falcons (+6) @ Seattle Seahawks (-6) Total: 46

Atlanta is full of surprises, as they lost to the Buccaneers at home in week one and haven’t been defeated since. More importantly, they toppled a good Broncos team in Denver last week and look like the real deal. Things could get even tougher this week in Seattle, however, as Russell Wilson and co. are only just now getting healthy and this team just doesn’t drop home games very easily.

Pick: Seahawks 27, Falcons 24

Indianapolis Colts (+3) @ Houston Texans (-3) Total: 46.5

The AFC South has been an accident to look away from in 2016, but like it or not, this ends up being a huge showdown in Houston with first place on the line. Andrew Luck still provides serious upside in Indy’s offense, but the kicker could be Indy’s shaky pass protection and Houston’s running game. Both of those edges go to Houston, who should get back on track (and take the division back) with a big home win.

Pick: Texans 26, Colts 16

Arizona Cardinals (n/a) @ New York Jets (n/a) Total: n/a

The last game of the week gives the Cardinals and Jets both a chance to step up and save their season, but only one can come away with the win. This one doesn’t have the spread up yet due to Carson Palmer (concussion) not yet being declared this week’s starter under center, but as long as he’s active, the more talented Cardinals should be able to shred an abysmal Jets secondary. The bigger issue may be New York’s offense, which just sent Eric Decker to injured reserve and has only looked good in one game all year.

Pick: Cardinals 33, Jets 20

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