Top Android Casinos in 2018

Android Casinos

Two-billion. That's the number of . To call two billion impressive would be a tremendous understatement.

Since the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1 in the US) was introduced in 2008, smartphone users boldly moved into one of two categories, the Android devotees or the iPhone disciples, and it's rare to see a crossover.

In the US, the two are evenly matched, but globally, Android claims approximately . With so many phones out there, you have to figure that mobile gambling is going to factor in and, not surprising, it's been steadily increasing, as players don't want to be tied to their computer. After all, how many times do you see someone pick up his or her phone in a store, a restaurant, or standing in line? We now live in a world of constant stimulation.

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#2GutsGuts100% up to €300Go site Casino
#3Jackpot CityJackpot City100% up to €1,600Go site Casino
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The Google Play Store

Nearly three-million apps are estimated to be available in the Google Play store, but you won't find i-Casino versions amongst them. For years, Google has abided by a strict policy disallowing any content or services that provide casino or sports betting, and lotteries or games of skill for cash.

Now, that's not to say that if you search for slots or video poker in Google Play that you won't see some titles pop up, but they're not regular casino games where you bet money to, hopefully, win some. A site like allows you to play games and does offer some tournament prizes but not to any great extent.

There's a Change Coming in the Google Play Store

As of August 2017, and is going to review applications from casino providers to provide gambling apps for Android devices through the store in the following countries.

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • France

The developers need to submit documents proving that all regions targeted are licensed for legalized gambling.

The application process should eventually be extended to other areas, but the UK, Ireland, and France are the only ones specifically noted at this time.

The Android Casino App

We just established that you currently wouldn't find casino apps in the Google Play store, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there.

Case and point is, an online casino that developed its service with mobile play in mind first. It's an intended deviation from building the full site as the priority, as the team was well aware of the increase in mobile use so carefully planned to meet that need.

If you go to the Leo Vegas site, you'll see a link for the Android app but accessing it takes a direct route by going to with no stops at the Google Play store along with the way.

The individual apps aren't entirely uncommon. Even has a dedicated Android app without needing to go through Google Play approval. Finding access may be a bit trickier as you do need the direct link, but you'll most likely see more and more i-Casinos taking the roundabout route until the new Google Play consent procedure is offered across the board.

Android Mobile Casino Access - No App Required

We've looked at a lot of i-Casinos and have pulled them up on our trusty Galaxy smartphone and have never needed to use an app yet. Pulling up the same website address will get you a mini version of the full casino that's available on Mac or PC.

Some providers put great emphasis on their mobile service, and others offer just the basics so, if you're considering registering a player account and intend to use it on your Android device, we advise pulling it up first on your tablet or smartphone. You can't go according to the full site menu as some games, or even entire categories of games, may not be available in mobile format.

The Android Casino Experience

Not all phones are alike, and not all sites are the same, so your experience will vary, but here are some considerations to keep in mind when looking for the right mobile casino to use with your Android device.

Do they have an app or are you using your browser?

Not all casinos have a dedicated app, but most provide a quality mobile experience nonetheless. We know some people simply prefer apps, though, so you may want to check out Mr. Green Casino, Jackpot City Casino, or Betsson, the first Swedish casino to release an Android application. As a reminder, you can't currently find them in the Google Play store. You need to access them directly from the websites.

Is your WiFi connection strong?

It wouldn't matter if the casino had the fastest loading site around. If you don't have a good connection, you're not going to have the best experience. Keep in mind that software requirements are substantial as you've got all kinds of graphic presentations, audio files, and if you're playing video slots, especially, there will be streaming clips, so a strong signal is necessary.

What games are you looking to access?

Android casino play, for the most part, should offer the majority of titles and tables. But, again, it depends on the provider. Some i-Casinos have about 80-90% of their catalog available on tablets and smartphones, and others may come in at 50% or less. Typically, the live casino is the first thing to go, but there is live dealer action out there with mobility. Again, go through the website on your smartphone to review the options per category. You can reach it by just typing the site address into your browser, and you'll automatically be redirected to the mobile version.

Are there special bonuses for mobile casino play?

Yes, depending on the site. Some will allow for the regular bonus programs to transfer over and others have mobile-only offers.

Bovada, a service that caters to US players, has a $10 reward for wagering $250 or more in the mobile casino.

Of course, there's a rollover that still applies, and this one is set at 20 times. Slotocash has an entire section devoted to mobile promotions.

How does Android play differ legally from regular online casino betting?

Overall, there is no difference. Betting via a mobile device is subject to the same restrictions. If you leave the UK and go into an area where online gambling is prohibited, your device should be blocked. In the US, where online betting is now allowed in Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada, simply crossing over state lines changes the scenario. New Jersey, with its proximity to New York and Pennsylvania, is seeing an coming into the area just to place bets on their phones.

Is there a difference between iPhone and Android casino access?

The biggest distinction between the two platforms is that Apple will allow apps for real money gambling in all regions where it's legal, like the United Kingdom. The current stance is that the Google Play store prohibits casino or betting related apps across the board. i-Casinos can still have a corresponding app, but it's not hosted or accessible through the Google Play store. It is downloaded directly from the casino's main website.

You should be seeing changes soon though as Google Play is starting to take applications from casinos in the UK, Ireland, and France in August of 2017 so, approved vendors will have their products in the store.

The Pros and Cons of Android Casinos


  • No app is required as sites convert to mobile formatting
  • Access to favorite games no matter where you are (within legal boundaries)
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be initiated
  • Some sites offer mobile-only bonus awards
  • Newer technology has increased loading time despite graphic-heavy sites
  • Jackpot progressives (like Mega Moolah) have been played and won on mobile devices creating an instant millionaire via smartphone
  • No downloads are required - Android users can pull sites up using their preferred browser


  • Android users who prefer apps have limited options
  • Google Play doesn't currently carry gambling related apps (there are some, but they are individually available for download directly from the casinos)
  • Not all games are available in mobile format
  • Some users experience issues when they try to switch view from portrait to landscape
  • Access to the casinos still depend on the user's physical location
  • A slow wifi connection could impact the service
  • Apps typically require a 4.1 or newer version of Android, so not all devices will be compatible


Aside from the specific games that do or don't transfer over for mobile play, there are virtually no limitations to Android casino access. Today's websites are designed to easily convert to the smaller screen, so no app is needed.

For those hardcore app users that wouldn't dream of using browser access, though, there are a handful of i-Casinos that put forward their own. You just have to locate them individually as the Google Play store doesn't currently carry any of them, but you should start seeing them very soon, especially if you reside in Ireland, France, or the United Kingdom.

You need to consider the same gambling guidelines for mobile casinos as the full website versions, and we also recommend that you look through the Android casino first to make sure your favorite games can be pulled up on your smartphone or tablet.

If a site is only providing a limited library, you can be sure that a competitor is putting forth something more substantial.