Best Sites for High Stakes Gamblers in 2019

High Stakes Gambling

High stakes gambling with online casinos is different from the legendary high stakes gambling you hear about with land based casinos. The online casinos don't have much if anything to offer to the occasional millionaires who want to make wagers in the $50,000 category and up. Online high stakes gambling is relative to how much you, the player, are willing to risk versus how much the casino is willing to allow you to risk. Remember it isn't just your risk because the casino has to cover that wager.

The high stakes online gambler is looking for opportunities to wager hundreds of dollars per hand in a card game or a spin on a slot game. And we can further group these players into the occasional high stakes gambler who normally makes smaller wagers but wants to see what it feels like to risk a lot of money on one throw of the dice or one play of the cards versus the wealthier player who has a bankroll capable of sustaining regular high stakes play.

When you are ready to make high stakes wagers you need to look for several signs that the online casino of your choice is ready to accept those bets. We recommend the following online gambling sites for high stakes wagers:

RankHigh-stakes Casino Site OnlineSign Up BonusCasinoSportsPokerGet Started
#122bet22bet100% up to €122Check MarkCheck MarkX-MarkGo site Casino
#2PlayAmo CasinoPlayAmo Casino100% up to €1,500Check MarkX-MarkX-MarkGo site Casino
#3Jackpot CityJackpot City100% up to €1,600Check MarkX-MarkX-MarkGo site Casino
#4Spin PalaceSpin Palace100% up to €1,000Check MarkX-MarkX-MarkGo site Casino
#5BetwayBetway100% up to €1,000Check MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkGo site Casino

About These Sites

Our criteria for recommending high stakes gambling sites are straight forward.

1First, the sites must have a history of accepting high stakes wagers.
2Second, they must have a good reputation among online players.
3Third, they must accept large deposits via at least one payment method because otherwise it would be impractical for players to build up their bankrolls.

The winning combination of high limits, large deposits, and good reputation is further enhanced by the site's user interface and gaming options. We prefer casinos that offer both desktop and mobile gaming experiences, and if the desktop experience is available in both instant play (in the browser) or via download then that is all the better.

Naturally you should consult these sites' latest terms and conditions to be sure that they have not made last minute changes. We review these sites periodically to ensure that the information we provide is as accurate and timely as possible but you should always check with the only real authority about any issue or question: the gambling site itself.

Large Online Deposits

You need a large balance in your player account if you want to be a high stakes gambler. There are three ways to get there: roll up a small balance, accumulate a lot of deposits over time, or make large deposits. Serious high stakes players prefer to make large deposits. In past years a mix of banking rules from many countries made this a tedious process. Although you may prefer to move money from your bank to the casino as directly as possible there are now alternatives that make it easier to move larger sums of money.

The best casinos work with players to overcome as many obstacles as possible. As each casino has its own deposit methods you will have to contact them directly to find out what they recommend for your specific needs. Players from different countries have different options available to them.

One requirement you won't get around is verifying who you are.

You'll have to do this at some point in the journey. The banks, the payment processors, and the casinos all do this because the laws that government them require it for your own protection.

Although wire transfers and bank transfers remain popular with players, the movement toward using digital currencies like Bitcoin is growing. In some ways Bitcoin is faster and more secure than using a bank account.

Increasing Betting Limits and Table Maximums

Every casino sets a betting limit on its games, whether it be the "max bet" button on a slot machine game or a table limit on a non-slot game. These limits serve two purposes.


They help players regulate their gambling. You can get lost in the moment and throw caution to the winds. It is in the casinos' own best interests not to take all of a player's money in one throw of the dice because ruinous gambling anecdotes would be bad for business. While many people do gamble down to their last penny, betting limits help spread the cost of such losses over time, making the gambling experience more entertaining.


The casinos are limiting their own risks. Unlikely as it is to happen, if 100 players bet the maximum on a wager at, say, roulette, and all win, the casino stands to take a substantial loss on that spin of the wheel. Depending on whose statistics you are using, casinos lose on average about 30% to 48% of the time. Those losses are usually described as "return to player" and that is how the gambling economy works: money is passed back and forth between the casino and the players. The casinos use betting limits to ensure they don't incur momentary losses they cannot cover.

But there are options for high stakes gamblers who want to risk more than the normal limits. Some casinos offer a few high limit games and some slot machine games accept wagers up to as much as $1000 per spin. Online casinos may have unadvertised opportunities for playing higher stakes games, too. How players bet on every spin of the slots and every throw, deal, or spin in a table game is recorded and analyzed. If a player is consistently betting the maximum a casino may offer that player an opportunity to play for higher stakes. These VIP programs come with additional perks.

Players who want to jump into high stakes gambling can also contact the casino customer support team directly and ask if the casino offers high stakes games and how to get into the VIP program if it exists. These special programs often provide additional bonuses and rewards ordinary casino members don't receive. The more you gamble the more attention the casino pays to you.

Classic high stakes gamblers who patronize land based Las Vegas casinos may be comped hotel rooms, tickets to major shows and sporting events, and even airfare.

Do Gambling Strategies Differ for High Stakes Gambling?

If you use a conservative strategy when gambling with a $50 limit, what type of strategy should you use when you are playing with a $5,000 limit? Regardless of what your bankroll is, all good gambling strategies include some form of money management principles. It's never wise to bet your entire bankroll on one throw of the dice because there will be more dice throws in the future.

An effective high stakes strategy uses the same kind of money management principles as a low stakes strategy.

If you limit your wagers to 1% of your bank roll or the game limit (whichever is lower) when playing a low stakes game you can play the same way in a high stakes game. Poker players naturally may make multiple wagers per hand but like other gamblers they should just scale up their betting strategies.

As with all levels of gambling, it is best to gamble no more than you can afford to lose and to take some money off the table (or out of the game) when you get ahead.

Importance of Responsible Gambling

We recognize that while most gamblers enjoy the entertainment value of playing games of risk there is a small percentage of players who have difficulty managing their funds or stopping when they should. We encourage all players to practice responsible gambling. There are several benefits that every gambler receives when playing responsibly.

It is a fact of life that when you gamble you lose money. When you begin to feel like you have to win it all back that is a good time to take a break, relax, and do something else. For most of us that means taking a break for dinner or playing only once or twice a week. For people who become too engrossed in the gambling experience it is a good idea to get away from it for a few weeks or months. Remember that life has so much to offer you. Be sure to experience everything worthwhile.

Most gambling sites have a page explaining their position on responsible gambling and how they can help you, such as through self-exclusion.

For more information about gambling addiction and how you can play responsibly, visit our gambling addiction page.


There is no doubt that playing a high stakes game adds excitement to the gambling experience. It's a huge rush just anticipating the outcome of the game and a great thrill when you do win big. But the reasons for limiting high stakes play are sound and well considered. We want you to enjoy gambling for as long as possible and realistically high stakes gambling is not for everyone. If you take the plunge then plan ahead and exercise good judgment and discipline.