Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

There have been times in history when betting on the horses was the most glamorous type of wagering. And while the horse races may have lost some of their luster among modern gamers millions of people still enjoy a trip to the local racetrack or making a special trip to visit one of the major parks.

The Internet makes it easy for everyone to bet on the horses, though. You can now bet on races held around the world through many different betting sites. Horse race betting has never been more accessible, easy, and convenient than it is today. If you have been itching to put your handicapping skills to the test we have found several sites where you are welcome to start.

Although some horse racing sites are dedicated to only one park the best sites give you access to all the major track events around the world. You can place exactly the same kinds of bets that you normally place at the track. You also get to follow the statistics through a convenient dashboard. No longer do you need to buy all the daily racing sheets and compile your own data. And as an added advantage the best online horse racing sites extend promotional offers, bonuses, and occasional live racing to their members.

With so much to offer the casual and dedicated race horse bettor we have put together a list of online betting sites that are safe, easy to use, reputable, fair, and accessible. We put our team to work to find the best horse racing sites you can use online.

Rank Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#122bet22bet100% up to €122Go site Casino
#2Spin PalaceSpin Palace100% up to €200Go site Casino
#3888sport888sport100% up to €100Go site Casino
#4BetwayBetway100% up to €30Go site Casino

Why These Sites?

We are all experienced gamblers here at and through the years our experience has taught us that you cannot always trust what you see on the Internet. We have played the games and used the betting dashboards so when we make a recommendation we know what we're talking about. The online gambling industry has changed a lot since the first online sites went live. One of the most common complaints we and other players had in the early days was that you could never be sure if you were being treated fairly. And some gambling sites did a really poor job of paying their players.

We have learned from those and many other lessons. Today we look for sites with:

  • Good reputations, lots of player activity
  • Clearly written guidelines
  • Multiple banking options
  • Well established licensing
  • Auditing relationships
  • A rich selection of betting options

In the horse racing marketplace we want to be able to bet on horses at the most tracks around the world, use standard bets, and see results posted in real time or very close to that.

We rank our recommended sites according to their ability to pay winners, the variety of their racing choices, the quality of their betting options, and the market competitiveness or fairness of their pricing. And we also look at the online experience because no matter how good the betting options and payouts if you cannot use the site easily your sense of frustration will eventually lead you to look elsewhere. We'd prefer to recommend sites with a low frustration factor.

The sites we have selected for you above earned high marks from our team in all categories. We have used these sites ourselves and found them to be reliable, consistent, and safe places for betting online. We of course reserve the right to revise our recommendations at any time. We're always looking out for something better to try when the right opportunity comes along.

Here is a little more information about what we look for in online horse racing sites.

A Reputation for Safety

Every player wonders, the first time they use an online gambling site, what might have gone wrong there with players in the past. Even reputable sites earn player complaints, which are often due to misunderstandings. Our number one concern is whether your money and private information is safe with the gambling site you choose. After that, we look at how they resolve any issues players report to them. And naturally we also want to be paid in a timely and elegant fashion. Some gambling sites make you jump through a lot of hoops to get your money. Aside from the usual limits you can expect at most online gambling sites, we expect a simple, straight forward explanation of how bettors get their money.

Fair Prices

As you become more comfortable and experienced at playing the horses you start to pay closer attention to the odds.Not every racing site offers the same payout on every race. Why is that? Because the odds are determined by who is betting on which horses. Once you have done your handicapping for a race you want to place a bet that has a chance to win the highest payout. Experienced gamblers know to compare the competition.

Why are odds so important? If you are making consistently good choices you want to receive the maximum payback on your bets. You are going to lose some of the time; that's a given. Hence, to get ahead in gambling the safest bet with the highest odds is the bet you want to make. The horse racing site you choose should offer comparable or great odds compared to the rest of the market.

Access to Many Racetracks

Playing the horses online does not just save you on travel expenses; playing the horses online gives you access to many more races. When you live with a busy schedule but enjoy the horses, you'll find it is much easier to cater to your passion on a random basis when you use a horse racing site that covers all the major tracks around the world.

Having access to all those tracks also gives you an opportunity to experience different types of horse racing. You will only be disappointed in our list of horse racing types if you are looking for chariot races. All kidding aside, you also have access to all the major horse racing events with the best sites.

For example, if you were looking for a place to bet on the Kentucky Derby - you could visit any of the top sites that we recommend and be able to see what they offer for that specific race.

Bonuses and Promotions

Whether a site offers a signup bonus or regular promotions for its horse racing bettors is not a major consideration for us but if two sites seem to have equally good qualifications and one offers more robust and frequent bonuses then why not recommend that site? Our philosophy is that bonuses and promotions are the icing on the cake. The lack of a promotion this week should not kill the deal for you unless you are choosing between two otherwise equally good sites.

Depositing and Withdrawing

When you choose the horse betting site you want to use you must set up an account and begin funding it. There have never been more funding options available to sports bettors than there are today, and that is great news even for players who live in restricted markets. For example, a US player may have a MasterCard or Visa but cannot process transactions with an online gambling site because the banks don't process those kinds of transactions. The online gambling market has found many ways to help players with money participate in their offerings.

In addition to accepting the major credit cards, the best sports betting sites accept deposits from third party payment processors like Skrill, Person to Person, American Express, Direct Cash, Neteller, and QuickCash to name just a few. Some of these networks operate in many countries; some of them are country specific.

Not to worry, though, as there are still other deposit options to look for. You may be able to use pre-paid debit cards, for example, or make deposits directly with digital currencies like BitCoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin. You may also be able to mail a money order.

Payment options tend to be fewer in number for legal reasons. Still, most online betting sites offer several payment options. You will have to compare them on each site to decide which method works best for you. Most if not all sites still offer payment via cheque but bank wires are also common options. A growing number of sites offer BitCoin, Ethereum, or LiteCoin withdrawal options, too.

Before you commit to using a horse racing site check its deposit and withdrawal options and the terms and conditions so that you understand the limits placed on both types of transactions. You may have to make special arrangements through customer service. They may also have other options not advertised on their sites, such as an e-voucher system where you purchase a voucher from a third party and then use that to make your deposit.

Thumbs Up

Be patient, learn the rules for each betting site, and stay within the limits and you should have a good gambling experience.

How Sports Betting Promotions Work

You may be keen to learn more about how sports betting promotions work. If you are hoping they are as generous as promotions for playing the slots, you will be disappointed. That is because sports betting works differently from slots and casino games.

What you are looking for in most cases is some sort of point system where you earn points against each bet you place. These are sometimes called "Rollover Points" and the bonus offer you accept comes with a requirement for a certain number of points. Say, for example, you accept a $20 bonus with a 7X Rollover Point requirement. And say you earn 5 points for every $10 you wager. You are required to make $280 in wagers to fulfill your requirement. That figure is reached by multiplying your bonus ($20) by the (7X) requirement and then dividing the result by (.5) because 5 points for $10 is a 50% credit.

If you are just making $10 bets you'll have to make 28 wagers to fulfill the requirement.

You may also be offered free bets and cash back bonuses. The cash back promotions are popular with players because they are a percentage rebate on every bet you place within a given time frame and it does not matter if you win or lose.

Be sure you understand how the bonus promotions work before you sign up and make your first deposit. Some sites place a time limit on promotions starting from when you sign up, not from when you make your first deposit.

For more information on this topic, check out our sports betting promotions page.


Betting on the horses is fun and rewarding for many gamblers. There is something to be said for the experience of spending an afternoon at the racetrack with a date or a friend. But when you cannot attend the races in person you can still enjoy the experience of handicapping and betting on the races from the comfort of your own home.

The great advantage of online betting for horse races is obviously the access to many different racetracks' events. There is just no substitute for the flexibility and variety you will find when playing the horses online. Good luck and remember to gamble safely and responsibly.

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