Admiral Nelson Slot Machine

Admiral Nelson Slots

Admiral Nelson slots are online slot machine games produced by Amatic Industries.

Admiral Nelson is a five reel slot that allows bets on up to ten pay lines. Players can wager up to thirty credits per line, for a total wagering range of between one and three hundred credits. Admiral Nelson slots share many features in common with the bulk of Amatic's slot game library. That's because Amatic relies on a simple basic design for their slot games. To that end, each credit is fixed at a value of $0.10. That means bettors can spend anywhere from ten cents and thirty bucks per spin on Amatic's Admiral Nelson.

Admiral Nelson
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Basics of the Game

Admiral Nelson's top prize is worth 100,000 credits, or $10,000. You win this payout by lining up five Admiral Nelson symbols. After winning, you have the option of placing a "double or nothing" bet. Predict the color of the next playing card out of the deck, and you've just won $20,000. The next-largest payout is worth 20,000 credits, for a total payout of $2,000, for lining up five of the game's Cannon scatter symbol on an active line.

About the game's scatter symbol – you can double all your scatter symbol winnings if any Admiral Nelson symbol appears on the field at the same time as a scatter. Each Admiral Nelson symbols doubles your total, so you could win as much as ten times your triggering wager with this "scatter plus" symbol setup. The Admiral Nelson symbol itself is the game's wild symbol, which substitute for all other symbols except for the cannon symbol and the Ship symbol. This is a bit confusing the first few times you play, so pay attention to the pay table before you drop your first wager.

  • Simple design and rules make the game easy to play.
  • Attractive graphics and animations are easy on the eyes.
  • The inclusion of a free spins round is a rare feature for Amatic Industries.
  • The lack of a bonus game reduces replay value.
  • The lack of player ability to select credit size makes the game less attractive in general.
  • The sound effects are more annoying than any other Amatic game we've reviewed.
Game Symbols

This game's symbols are well-designed to fit the game's overall theme. Below is a guide to each symbol, its value in the game, and any notes on special features or other items of interest about the symbol.

  • Playing Cards – The lowest-value symbols on the board.
  • Lady Pirate – One of the game's three highest-value symbols.
  • Admiral Nelson – The game's wild symbol; also doubles all scatter symbol payouts.
  • Anchor – A low-value symbol.
  • Cannon – Serves as the game's most valuable symbol, as well as the scatter.
  • Compass – Another low-value symbol.
  • Galleon – Triggers the release of ten bonus spins in certain combinations.

Admiral Nelson Bonus Spins

The biggest knock on Admiral Nelson slots is their lack of a bonus game. Amatic is pretty good about producing games with high replay value, even if the theme isn't all that well developed. That's certainly the case here, since Admiral Nelson doesn't have much of a plot. The lack of a bonus game makes this title even less interesting to most modern video slot fans.

Instead of a bonus round, the game allows you to trigger the release of ten free spins any time you spin three bonus symbols anywhere on the reels at any time. During these free spins, which are never worth more than or fewer than ten, your likelihood of winning big payouts increases, since during this round, the Bonus and Wild symbols substitute for any regular symbols. During these rounds, scatter symbols double all line wins.

More about Admiral Nelson

Considered the quintessential British hero of the 18th century, Horatio Nelson's full title is a tongue-twister. He was known as 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronté. Admiral Nelson was a Royal Navy officer noted for his leadership, understanding of naval strategy, and his sometimes-bizarre tactics.

A portrait of the British hero Horatio Nelson

Admiral Nelson is a hero to the British people to this day for his ability to pull off the most unlikely decisive naval victories. He was the hero of the Napoleonic Wars, and is considered the savior of Britain for that reason. Though Admiral Nelson was horrifically wounded many times in combat, including the loss of one of his eyes and his entire right arm, he lived to a ripe old age (for a soldier) and died in combat at the age of Battle of Trafalgar.

Why is Nelson so beloved? Admiral Nelson is said to have "led from the front," meaning he fought alongside (not behind) his men. He gave his life for his country. He's known for his drive and determination, his brilliant strategic principles, and for being a fair and dedicated leader. Controversy surrounding his treatment of captive prisoners aside, Admiral Nelson is a beloved figure. You're just as likely to find an Admiral Nelson's pub in England as you are to find one named something like The Dog and Bull.

Despite his hero status, the reality of Nelson's life are lost to most modern Britons. He was born a tiny and sickly child, and it is only because he was born into privilege that he survived into adulthood. Nelson was a tiny man, under 5'4'' tall, of very slight build, and was sick more days in his life than he was well. He had every recurring disease you could get from travelling abroad by ship – malaria, dysentery, and other tropical diseases contracted while fighting in Madras, Calcutta, and Ceylon. It is in fact in spite of his small stature and poor constitution that Admiral Nelson is still roundly remembered as one of the UK's greatest military officers and heroes.


You probably won't be all that into Admiral Nelson slots unless you're a history buff or a British slot machine fan. But even in those cases, it isn't as though Amatic Industries has produced an immersive game experience, complex plot, or beautiful audio and video effects. In fact, the opposite is true. Rather than creating a game dedicated to the legacy of a British naval hero, Amatic had produced a diversion with a couple of images of vaguely British things and very few bonuses or extra features to attract players. If we were British slots fans, we'd be offended.

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