Betty Boop Slots

Betty Boop Slots

Created during the Jazz Age and Depression Era, Betty Boop has become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in history. Bally's decided to capitalize on this instant recognition by creating three slots games based on the Jazz Age flapper in Betty Boop Love Meter, Betty Boop Fortune Teller, and Betty Boop Firehouse.

Which of these three land based slot machines is better? Are any of them worth your time?

Find out as we discuss these three slots in detail, then do a comparison to see which slot machine or machines you're most likely to enjoy.

Here you will also find our free to play version of the game that you can play before you decide you want to play for real money.

Betty Boop
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Betty Bopp Love Meter

Game Overview

Betty Boop was a very flirty, seductive character, so it's little wonder why Bally's entitled the first slot of this series Betty Boop Love Meter.

The first thing that you'll notice about this game is the unique cabinet, with nine spaces above the screen that are fashioned into a meter. Each space represents one of nine different bonus features / jackpots that you can unlock, which we'll discuss later.

The game play screen is divided into two sections, with the reels located in the bottom screen and a top screen that shows Betty dancing along with her dog, Pudgy. This area also displays credits that you win along with additional information during bonus rounds.

Aside from the love meter, this is a pretty basic slot with 5 reels and 40 pay lines.

Some of the different symbols that you'll see include generic letters, roses, boxes of chocolate, hearts with arrows through them, heart shaped rings, and wild hearts. If three of Betty's purses come up on the reels, you select one of the purses onscreen and earn a bonus payout.

On many Betty Boop Love Meter machines, you must play all 40 pay lines plus an additional 10 credit bet. So if you're only wagering one cent per coin, you'd be betting $0.50 per turn. You can turn the coin size all the way up to $5.00 if you feel like being a high roller.

One very encouraging aspect is that Bally's claims this slot has a 45.4% hit frequency, meaning you'll win about half the time while playing. At least one of the bonus rounds will come up one out of 36 times, which, if you're casually spinning the reels, will result in a bonus every 3 to 4 minutes on average.

Bonus Rounds

The real fun begins when you get three Love Meter symbols anywhere on the reels because this starts the love meter. Flashing lights will go up and down the meter and stop on one of the spaces.

Below you can see what each bonus round / jackpot offers:

  • Playful Pudgy Jackpot

    A small prize that will award you $50 or higher on a $5 coin size bet.

  • 10 Friendly Free Games

    10 free spins and you can retrigger more free spins when Plus One symbols land on the reels.

  • Light Up Betty's Life

    You choose 6 out of 24 light bulbs; each one will give you a different prize.

  • 5 Free Spins at 5x

    5 free spins with a 5x multiplier on your triggering bet.

  • Unlock Betty's Heart

    Select one of three lockets; 2 of them give you another selection while one awards you a prize.

  • 1 Free Spin with 3 Wild Reels

    A free spin with wilds on reels 1, 3, and 5, giving you more chances at big payouts.

  • 15 Naughty Free Games

    15 free spins with a 1x multiplier; this multiplier gets bigger if you land Plus One symbols on the reels.

  • How Hot Are You?

    This is an interactive bonus round where you put your hands on the iDECK to measure your hotness rating. You'll get one of nine results, including Loveable, Romantic, Sexy, Wild, Smokin', Naughty, Burning, Passionate, and Irresistible. Loveable is at the lower end and awards you the smallest prize. Irresistible is the best result, giving you up to 4000x your triggering bet or the progressive jackpot if you're betting $5.

  • Beautiful Betty Jackpot

    This progressive jackpot is much larger than the Playful Pudgy jackpot, awarding you at least $1,000 on a $5 coin size bet.

Betty Boop Fortune Teller


Based on a segment from the old cartoon, Betty Boop Fortune Teller is the second game in this series.

You'll again see the dual screen here, with slots reels spinning in the bottom screen and Betty, this time dressed as a fortune teller, dancing at the top. The love meter from the first game is missing from the cabinet's top, though, making this appear more like a normal slot machine.

For the most part, Betty Boop Fortune Teller is very similar to the love meter game, only with better graphics and a lot more of Betty talking during the game. One huge change is the inclusion of Bally's U Spin technology, which comes into play when you trigger the Fortune Wheel.

You use your fingers to spin the Fortune Wheel, and it cycles through various tarot cards to deliver your bonus round. The iDECK is back too, this time reading your palms during a certain bonus round.

Bonus Rounds

When you spin the Fortune Wheel, you have the possibility of turning up one of six different bonus rounds. Here's a closer look at each one:

  • U Choose Free Games

    This is actually two bonus rounds rolled into one since you pick either Pudgy's Magical Multiplier or Signs of the Zodiac. With Pudgy's Multiplier, you'll get a multiplier worth 1x 10x your free games. With Signs of the Zodiac, you earn 12 free spins and a 1x multiplier on the wins.

  • Palm Reading

    Let Betty read your palms to see what size of credits and multipliers are in your future.

  • Betty's Treasure Chest

    You select one of three treasure chest to earn a prize.

  • Betty's Healing Crystals

    Choose from among 24 crystal balls to match three of them and win a payout.

  • Tarot Card Reading

    Pick tarot cards to earn credits and multipliers while hopefully advancing to the next level. You can advance up to 5 levels in this bonus round.

Betty Boop Firehouse


Launched in 2015, this is the latest slot in the Betty Boop series.

Betty Boop Firehouse features a wide area progressive jackpot that starts at $400,000 and can sometimes reach $1 million or higher. You'll also notice that this version features 5 reels and 300 pay lines.

As far as the main game goes, this is a step back from the previous two versions since you see a lot of generic symbols like 7s, BARs, bells and dollar signs. It's almost puzzling why Bally's chose to make a large part of this game just like an old, classic slot.

However, you will find something interesting during the main game in the form of Mystery Stacked Reels, which help you form clusters of symbols. Betty's 5 Alarm Scatter is another unique symbol that multiplies winning pay line combinations.

Bonus Rounds

Betty Boop Firehouse features two bonus rounds:

  • Pudgy's Wild Rescue Free Games
  • Betty's Blazing Tower

During Pudgy's bonus game, you receive between 8 20 free spins and select a cat for Pudgy to rescue. Depending upon the cat that you rescue, you will either receive Wild Reels, Extra Wilds, a Symbol Wild, or a Wild Reel Multiplier during free spins.

As for Betty's Blazing Tower, this incorporates a tower like structure on the cabinet, just like Betty Boop Love Meter does.

To unlock the Blazing Tower feature, you need to get heart bonus symbols on reels 2 and 3 along with a Betty's Blazing Tower symbol on reel 5. This gives you 5 free spins on a special set of reels that only feature 7s.

Whenever you match a set of 7s, you unlock the same colored ladder on the tower and get 2 more free spins. The goal is to work your way up the ladder and closer towards the highest possible payout of 60,000 credits.

Comparison of the 3 Betty Boop Slots

For an original game, Betty Boop Love Meter really set the bar for this series with its interesting meter concept and nine different bonus rounds. This is one case where the original in a series is worth playing just as much as the later games.

Our favorite Betty Boop slot is the fortune teller version.

This is simply because it features really good graphics and some very interesting bonus opportunities. Being able to have your palms read and spinning the tarot cards yourself provides a fun interactive element that few slots can beat.

Betty Boop Firehouse unfortunately feels like another sequel that was pushed out based on the popularity of the other two games. While we like the Blazing Tower and Pudgy's Wild Rescue rounds, the rest of the game feels just like any other slot once you've played the first two games.

On the other hand, jackpot hunters will love playing for the wide area progressive payout.


Despite being one of the most recognizable cartoon characters of all time, Betty Boop doesn't seem as relevant these days. Nevertheless, Bally's has done a good job of making her feel relevant through three very good slots games.

The tower cabinets in Love Meter and Firehouse make these machines easy to spot in casinos. And the U Spin technology that's been incorporated into the Fortune Teller game gives it an interesting angle as well.

Overall, we can easily see why the Betty Boop slots series has become a success, especially when looking at the first two games.

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