Bier Haus Slots

Bier Haus Slots

American casino machine manufacturer WMS Industries launched the Bier Haus video slot machine title in 2006.

An online version of the game was added to the company's Party Jackpot online slot machine division in 2013. Unless otherwise stated, the online version of Bier Haus plays exactly the same as its land-based brethren.

The company began as a pinball designer and producer in 1943, before shifting its focus to arcade games in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1996, WMS Industries moved into the video slot machine market, where it has maintained a strong foothold ever since.

Provided below is an extensive review of the slots game and also a version of the game that you can play for free

Bier Haus
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An Introduction to Bier Haus

Bier Haus is marked by a distinctive regional theme, in this case, the famed beer halls of Germany. As you may have suspected, the words Bier Haus translate directly to beer house in English, and for the German people, these neighborhood drinking establishments form the foundation of both local communities and the national culture.

Routinely ranked as one of the heaviest beer consuming countries per capita on the planet, Germany's commitment to brewing world-class beer has deep historical roots. In fact, Germans even instituted a law known as the Reinheitsgebot or purity decree in the 15th century. Often translated to "German Beer Purity Law" in English, the Reinheitsgebot mandated that brewers use only four ingredients to create German beer: water, barley, hops, and yeast.

Germany even holds an annual festival devoted to sampling the nation's finest beers, known as Oktoberfest. This 16-day party has been held every year since 1810, making it the world's largest and longest running Volksfest, or beer festival.

Examples of German beers, the theme for this slot game

Alt Tag: Examples of German beers, the theme for this slot game.

The title screen for the game is illustrated with a surprising amount of detail, depicting the interior of a traditional Munich beer hall. The words Bier Haus are written across the center of the title screen in gold Old English script, while a red banner flies beneath the title. Steins of frothy beer clink together above the title while the game's main characters smile invitingly from either side.

Bier Haus features both an extremely tipsy German man decked out in full Oktoberfest garb, and a buxom blonde serving girl wearing a revealing waitress uniform. Both characters play a prominent role in the game, as you'll learn later in this page.

When you begin playing Bier Haus, the background screen furthers the overall theme, putting the player in the beer hall itself. You'll see brick walls and wooden ceilings, along with a gilded table where you'd be sitting and tossing a few brews back.

As for the reel symbols, Bier Haus includes the WMS Industries standard card suit symbols, so you'll be spinning the blue spade, the red heart, the purple club, and the pink diamond for the game's lower line pays.

The themed symbols spice things up considerably, featuring the grinning German man, the Bavarian castle, the keg of bier, the blue and gold stein, the green accordion, the acorn and leaves, the three frothy mugs, and the German serving girl. The German serving girl symbol comes in two varieties, one with a green and brown background, and one with a gold and purple background (more on this distinction will be included below).

Features and Mechanics of Bier Haus

Bier Haus is a standard five reel, 40 pay line video slot machine game.

With four symbol spaces on each reel, you'll put 20 symbols in play on every spin.

The minimum coin denomination for Bier Haus is just $0.01, and because you can toggle the amount of activated pay lines by increments of four in the land based version, the minimum cost per spin drops to just $0.04 for penny slot players.

Of course, you should always try to play with the maximum number of pay lines activated in order to enjoy any video slot game, so with that in mind, the minimum cost to cover per spin stands at $0.40.

The online version of the game is a fixed pay line title, so you'll always begin with a minimum cost to cover per spin of $0.40, and all 40 pay lines will always be activated.

On both versions of the game, the maximum coin denomination raises to $1.00, so high rollers can up the ante to a maximum cost to cover of $40.00 per spin.

Bier Haus is a standard WMS Industries slot title, so the company's basic gameplay design is included. You'll be playing with wild symbols, scatter symbols, and a free spins bonus round. Unfortunately, the game is missing the multiplier element, and it's not connected to any larger progressive jackpots. A list of basic game specifications for Bier Haus can be found below:

  • Wilds: Yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Multiplier: No
  • Bonus Game: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Return to Player: 92.01% for land-based; 96% for online
Pay Table

The pay table during the Bier Haus base game falls on the lower end of the industry spectrum. At the minimum coin denomination of $0.01, the highest base game payout of 500 credits occurs when you land five of the grinning German man symbols. Four of a kind in grinning German man symbols pays out 100 credits, and three of a kind returns 20 credits.

Landing five of a kind in Bavarian castle symbols pays out 150 credits, and five of the kegs of bier symbols brings back 125 credits. For landing five of a kind in either the blue and gold stein, the green accordion, or the acorn and leaves symbols, you'll receive a 100 credit reward. And five of a kind in any of the card suit symbols is good for a 75 credit payout.

Online Gamble Feature

During the online version of the game, you can also elect to use the Gamble feature, which allows players to risk their previous line pay on a simple guessing game. By clicking the Gamble button after landing any winning combination, you can risk the payout on a double or nothing contest. Your job is to guess the color of a playing card that's turned face down. Choose red or black correctly, and you'll double your money.

Wilds & Scatters

The wild symbol during the Bier Haus base game is the three frothy mugs symbol, which can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbols to create winning combinations.

You'll find two scatter symbols during the Bier Haus base game, with both represented by the German serving girl. These scatter symbols can generate winning combinations from anywhere on the reels.

Also, as mentioned above, two versions of the German serving girl scatter symbol will appear, one with a green and brown background, and one with a gold and purple background. The green and brown background scatter symbol will be called the regular scatter symbol going forward while the gold and purple background will be signified by gold scatter symbol.

This distinction comes into play during the free spins bonus round.

The Bier Haus Bonus Round

Whenever you land five or more of either type of the German serving girl scatter symbol during the base game, you'll trigger the Bier Haus free spins bonus round.

By landing the minimum amount of five German serving girl scatter symbols, again either in regular or gold, you'll receive an allotment of five free spins. For each additional German serving, girl scatter symbol on the reels during a triggering spin, the game will grant you an additional five free spins. This means that with a lucky spin that fills every reel space in the game with a German serving girl scatter symbol, you can win up to 80 free spins.

That result is rare of course, but players regularly earn 10, 15, and 20 free spins during the bonus round.

The importance of the different colored German serving girl scatter symbols comes into play on a triggering spin. For each of the gold scatter symbols you land on a triggering spin, that reel space will be occupied by a locked wild symbol, represented by the three frothy mugs symbol, for the duration of your free spins bonus round.


Consider a base game spin in which you land five of the regular German serving girl scatter symbols and three more of the gold variety. This would result in 20 free spins total, and three reel spaces would transform into locked wilds.

Locked wild symbols are a treat for slot fans, as they remain in place for each free spin, generating winning combinations over and over again. With the right alignment of locked wilds on the screen and a few fortunate spins which land the lucrative grinning German man symbol, you can create huge winning combinations on multiple occasions during a single free spins bonus round.

Finally, you can even retrigger the free spins bonus round by landing five or more of any German serving girl scatter symbol on any free spin. This retrigger component is capped at 80 free spins.


Bier Haus doesn't offer anything special in terms of game play features, and the game's pay table is quite low. Compared to WMS Industries' more modernized video slot offerings, Bier Haus is a bit on the basic side for most players.

But for proud Germans, day drinkers, or older folks fondly remembering the drunken debauchery of their youth, the game's distinctive theme can be quite appealing. And for penny slot players, the chance to grab 80 free spins at just $0.40 per spin offers a decent risk and reward ratio.

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