Candy Bars Slot Machine

Candy Bars Slot Machine

The Candy Bars slot machine by IGT was released to the public in late 2013. With its theme of everyone's favorite snack, it has become a favorite game for many all over the world. This game brings out the kid in everyone, while also potentially winning you some money.

The game will give you a hankering for some sweets but is also fun to play. The symbols in the game have character and help lift anyone's spirit.

Candy Bars
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Basic Game Information

This game is different from many of IGT's other games as it only has four reels of play. The reels are patterned with a blue background, which helps make the symbols easy to see. This game also offers fifty pay lines which gives the player many chances to win.

The game is easy to play and tons of fun. To start, a player must decide how much they want to bet and how many pay lines they want to wager on. Once your wager is decided, all you have to do is spin. The game is set up like most other slot machines with the spin button at the bottom of the reels.

The Candy Bars slot offers progressive jackpots for the player which are found at the top right of the screen. In order to win a progressive jackpot you must fill up any one of the canisters. If you're lucky enough you can win more than one progressive jackpot at once. Just remember that even if you get multiple progressive jackpots only the highest payout will be paid.

This game also has an auto spin feature. You simply choose how many spins you want and the game will automatically spin for you. This is great for anyone playing online that needs to get up to go to the kitchen or the bathroom since it allows you to keep playing while you're away. To quit this function, just press Stop

The online version is pretty much the same as the land based casino game. Visually, Candy Bars resembles many slots in that the spin button is located at the bottom of the reels, along with the place holders for Coin Value, the Total Bet and the Balance. However because of the online format you can make changes that are not available to people when sitting at a console in a casino. Online you can click the toolbox icon, where you can adjust the graphic quality from low to high based on your device's graphics capability.


This game is visually appealing to everyone who plays. The game doesn't have a large variety of symbols, which is beneficial to players who tend to get lost when there's too many. This makes the game much more entertaining and easy to play, which is what makes this game a great one. Here's a list of all the symbols featured in the Candy Bars slot machine.

  • Red 7 with blue Background
  • Blue 7 with red background
  • Purple hard candy
  • Peppermint candy
  • Green Gumdrop
  • Chocolate Bar

All of these symbols have a different payout depending on their combinations and based on the pay lines played.

Candy Bars Pay Table

The standard pay table is much like any other slot machine, but the difference is the progressive jackpots that Candy Bars offers its players.

  • Three Green Gumdrops

    This combination will pay out 5X the coin value

  • Three Peppermint Candies

    This combination will pay out 5X the coin value

  • Three Purple Hard Candies

    This combination will pay out 5X the coin value

  • Any Three 7's mixed

    This combination will pay out 5X the coin value

  • Four Green Gumdrops

    This combination will pay out 10X the coin value

  • Four Peppermint Candies

    This combination will pay out 10X the coin value

  • Four Purple Hard Candies

    This combination will pay out 10X the coin value

  • Any Four 7's mixed

    This combination will pay out 10X the coin value

  • Three Blue 7's

    This combination will pay out 10X the coin value

  • Three Red 7's

    This combination will pay out 15X the coin value

  • Four Blue 7's

    This combination will pay out 50X the coin value

  • Four Red 7's

    This combination will pay out 100X the coin value

Progressive Jackpot

This extra chance at winning big is a great addition to the game. This game has three different types of progressive jackpots available to the player. They are represented by three different sized candy jars: snack size, king size, and giant size. To win any of these jackpots you have to get a whole reel filled with chocolate bars.

To win the snack size, one of the four reels must be filled with the chocolate bar symbol. The king size requires the player to have two full reels of chocolate bars. The giant size is the hardest to win with its requirement of three full reels of chocolate bars.

The chocolate bars must appear in reels 2, 3, or 4 for them to be counted toward a jackpot and they must be the only symbol in that entire column. These give the player something to keep playing for and can lend even more fun to the game.

Blackout Pay Table

This game also has an extra payout if the player gets a full screen of one symbol. This is an amazing addition to the game that you don't see in most other slot games on the market. The blackout wins multiply the player's coin value and are paid in addition to the pay line win amounts. So you really you get paid twice for each win.

  • All Blue 7's

    This black out will net the player 12,500 X the coin value

  • All Red 7's

    This blackout will net the player 25,000X the coin value

  • Any mix of 7's

    This blackout will net the player 5,000X the coin value

  • Green Gumdrops

    This blackout will net the player 5,000X the coin value

  • Peppermint Candies

    This blackout will net the player 5,000X the coin value

  • Purple Hard Candies

    This blackout will net the player 5,000X the coin value

Wild Symbol

This game only has one wild symbol which is represented by a gumball. When the gumball shows up the player can use it to complete any combination to win double the regular payout amount. If you get lucky and have two of the gumballs show up at the same time you will win four times the amount of the regular payout for the combination.

Pay Lines

This can be the most confusing part of playing any slot machine. With the Candy Bars slot machine, it's even more confusing than usual since there are so many options available. This game comes with a whopping fifty pay lines a player can win, which is hard to follow if you don't know what you're looking for.

The easiest thing for most people to do is decide how much you want to bet overall and then just play all fifty pay lines. If you do this then the machine just evenly distributes your wager over the fifty pay lines available so you have an increased amount of chances at winning but with minimal payout.

So, what is a pay line anyway?

A pay line is a line on which players payouts are paid per winning combinations. This is the most important part of any slot game. If you have winning combinations that are not on one of your chosen pay lines you will not win on that spin.

Most people think that the only winning combinations come in the forms of straight lines when playing slots, which used to be true, but it's just not the case nowadays. This was the way in the past because the games were not computerized and didn't have the ability to calculate more than one pay line.

With games becoming computerized it has allowed companies the opportunity to increase a player's chance at winning by adding to the pay line amounts available. These days pay lines can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or they can zig zag all over the place.

Games can have anywhere from 1 to 100 different pay lines. This can be confusing for a player who has never really played before and may overwhelm them the higher the number gets. Below you will see examples of different pay lines that you might see on any given machine, and since Candy Bars slots has fifty available these will be some you will see when playing.

Pay Line Table

As you can see there are many ways to be a winner, but is there a way to just choose a few and win big every time? No, there really isn't, and the only way to heighten your chance of winning is to always play every line available so you don't miss out on any winning combination.

A rule of thumb when choosing how many pay lines to play and which ones to play is if you chose to play multiple pay lines play them all. However, if you want to pick and choose which ones you are going to play you should study the lines and choose the ones that don't overlap that way you don't get confused on if you won or not.


The Candy Bars slot is a fun and entertaining game to play either at a casino or online. With its flashy appearance and sweet tooth indulging theme this game will appeal the kid in everyone.

The symbols are cute and simple so it's easy for the player to remember what is what and know right away if they receive a winning combination. The game is simple and straight forward; with its four reel set up it's less overwhelming than some others on the market.

The Candy Bars slot machine gives the player multiple opportunities to receive generous payouts with the fifty pay lines it offers. Although to some this might be a scary element to try and decipher with the information provided about pay lines, it should be easy enough to pick the best options for you.

To add a little challenge to your game play the game offers a chance to win a progressive jackpot. Since this game offers three chances to win a jackpot it can give the player a goal to strive for. Not only does this game have the progressive jackpot option, it also offers the player huge payouts for black out wins.

The blackout wins are where the money's at and if you're lucky enough to get one it will pay you at the minimum 5,000X times your coin value plus the pay line amounts. Not too shabby for a game based on candy.

Like all slot games this is one you can use to not only have fun and win money but also help you build your comp points with your player's club membership. Who doesn't want to double their payout by just playing a fun game? This game at least gives you a reason to sit and take the time it takes to rack up those points for that comp you've been waiting for.

Let the Candy Bars slot machine take you back to your childhood and be the less fattening way to quench your cravings for candy. It'll be a fun, exciting, and a possibly profitable escape from the stressful table games at the casino. It can also be your escape from the real world if you're playing the online or mobile applications. As always, have fun and play responsibly.

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