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Cash Grab Slots

Cash Grab is an online slots game developed by Amaya Gaming. The first aspect that stands out about Cash Grab is that it's a classic slot, meaning it only has 3 reels and one pay line.

In an era where many slot machines have five reels and numerous pay lines, all for the sake of ramping up players' entertainment, it must be asked if Cash Grab slots can compete with modern gaming offerings.

You can judge for yourself after reading about the special features in Cash Grab and if the retro design gives it an advantage over more modern looking slot machines.

To learn more about Cash Grab slots and how the game came about, and also play a free version of the game, you can continue reading below:

Cash Grab
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If you've ever played any of the retro slot machines found in Las Vegas or other casino hubs around the world, you'll notice that Cash Grab is very similar to these.

Although this slot only has 3 reels and a single pay line, you can choose whether to bet one or two coins. In fact, you actually have to choose because the game won't let you spin until you've at least clicked the Bet One option.

You can also change the coin size to $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $1.00, $2.00, and $5.00. This makes the minimum bet worth $0.01 and the maximum wager worth $10.00 when you bet two full sized coins.

Once you've selected your betting options, you can use the Same Spin button to quickly make the same wager again and again.

One thing we should note before moving on is that there's really no incentive to bet two coins in this game.

Many 3 reel slots at least give you more value from the jackpot to provide some incentive to wager more coins. However, the Cash Grab jackpot merely increases from 800 coins to a proportionate 1,600 coins.

It's the same thing on down to the lower payouts, meaning you have absolutely no reason to bet two coins per spin from a strategic standpoint. This is especially the case if you're a low roller who wants to preserve your bankroll as long as possible.

The paytable from the Cash Grab slot game

Preserving your bankroll should be fairly easy with this game because it seems to have a high hit frequency. We regularly hit a lot of the ruby and diamond payouts, which are worth 10 and 25 coins respectively.

Other symbols include a silver coin, purple gems, cash, and Lou, who's the main character in this game.

Given that Lou is on a TV and we occasionally hear an audience, it seems that he's on a game show and trying to grab as many precious gems and dollar bills as possible, although the theme isn't immediately made clear.

Special Features

You can probably guess just by looking at Cash Grab that it doesn't have a bonus round.

And this is exactly the case because you won't win any free spins or be taken to a second screen bonus game. But that's not to say Cash Grab is totally void of special features.

Lou is both the wild symbol and a multiplier. He substitutes for any symbol except the Any 1 coin to help you form winning combinations.

As for the scatter effect, Lou multiplies wins 2x when he appears once in a winning combo and 4x when he appears twice. For example, if you landed one cash symbol and two Lou's in the center pay line, your 80 coin payout would now be 320 coins.

Whenever Lou is featured in a win, he spins around in a circle, then stops and has cash hanging out of his clothes while the audience laughs. This is really the only worthwhile animation in this slot.

Unfortunately, you won't see the animation much because Lou doesn't show up in winning combinations very often. We figure this is because he's the multiplier and having him in too many wins would lower the payout frequency.

Lou is also the top paying symbol in Cash Grab. As we mentioned before, you earn 800 coins for getting three Lou's on a one coin bet and 1,600 coins for this combination on a two coin wager.

Pros and Cons of Cash Grab Slots

The Cons

The first negative aspect that we see with Cash Grab is the background. We like that this is a classic 3 reel machine with some personality, but the screen looks really cluttered.

This all stems from the fact that cash is literally sticking out of every crevice of the screen. It's particularly annoying at the top of the screen, where cash is pouring out of the logo and covering up part of the reels.

It really seems like Amaya could have presented the theme without creating an annoying distraction at the top of the reels.

Sound effects are also pretty bad in this game. It sounds like a garbage disposal is running every time you spin the reels, which really starts to wear on your ears after a while.

You also hear something of a 90s club jingle whenever you hit a winning combination.

Yet another con is that the reels spin for too long before coming to a stop.

We count four full seconds from the time you push spin until all three reels completely stop.

This might be okay if there were six reels; however, this is just a basic 3 reel slot. So it's not like we need to wait several seconds for added suspense.

One more problem is that the return to player is only 93%. Considering that there are not huge multipliers or jackpots available in Cash Grab, there's no reason for RTP to be this low.

The Pros

As for the positive aspects, Cash Grab slots does a good job of offering a few features when compared to other 3 reel slots. The fact that Lou serves as a wild and scatter symbol adds more entertainment to this game.

Another bonus is simply that this slot tries to create a theme. So many other 3 reel slots have completely generic themes and symbols that don't add any extra value to playing.

You can also look forward to a lot of payouts while you're playing.

This is especially nice if you hate feeding money into 5 reel slots, only to see it quickly disappear as you're forced to bet 20 to 50 pay lines and deal with low payout frequency.

Comparison to Wager Gaming's Cash Grab

The theme of cash and gems is quite common in the slots world. In fact, Wager Gaming created a similar slot with the exact same name.

Wager Gaming's Cash Grab also features 3 reels and just one pay line. And its wild symbol doubles as a 2x and 4x multiplier, just like Amaya's Cash Grab slot.

However, the key difference is that the Wager Gaming version is much more basic and classic in its approach. The theme is entirely about money, and the symbols consist of coins, 7s, BARs, and cherries.

The symbols and theme are certainly classics that did very well in Vegas casinos for decades. But these days, such slots are relics when considering that players demand more from their gaming experience.

So if you're going to choose a Cash Grab version, definitely make it Amaya's slot machine.


The question of whether or not you play Cash Grab slots really comes down to what type of player you are. If you like simplicity with a little twist, such as the game show theme here, then Cash Grab isn't a bad game.

However, some of the obvious turnoffs include the cluttered screen, sound effects, and the fact that Lou doesn't appear very often in combinations.

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