Constellation Slot Machine

Constellation Slots

Stargazers everywhere will flock to this video slot game designed by 777igt. This game brings to life the ever illusive constellations that we've all at one time or another tried to find in the night sky. Many people love the thought of sitting under a beautiful night sky and trying to find the different constellations we've been told our whole lives are up in the sky.

We tend to have a hard time really seeing anything other than the Big and Little Dippers. This game provides us a way of finding these symbols and a way to enjoy their beauty with much greater detail and design.

Anyone who's ever been able to identify one of these miraculous constellations in the sky know how exciting it can be and this game brings this excitement with it. The game has features that keep the excitement factor high and leaves you wanting to play again.

Constellation slots as gives you the relaxation of watching the stars and takes away the hassle of trying to find the constellations yourself. Let's dissect the game and find out just how all the features work together to bring you a great game.

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Constellation Slot Machine Overview

Atmosphere / Background

The beauty of this game knows no bounds, from the background to the symbols, everything is well designed and theme related. The game is sitting above what looks like a Greek reflection pond surrounded by stone pillars from the same era.

From the minute the game starts you see the most popular of the constellations displayed around the reel playing space. The most prominent of the four that make the background their home is the Lion representing Leo. He's a work of art, majestically watching the goings on of the pixies and other constellations as they appear on the screen.

The background behind the reels is a beautiful purplish blue night sky complete with a shooting star that appears to be flying across the reels different times throughout the game play.

The reels are framed in by a green vine with blooming morning glories found randomly around the vine. The symbols on the reels appear in their own framed in square.

All of these features work well together to build one of the most beautifully crafted games we've ever come across.

Music and Sound Effects

One of the biggest downfalls for this game is the soundtrack. Yes the soundtrack is mystical and goes well with the theme of the game but it's more of a hindrance to the game in our opinion.

Having music that's theme related is only one important part of selecting a soundtrack for the game. 777igt should've gotten some extra opinions on this one. The music is so overpowering on this game you'll want to mute it as soon as it kicks on. Some may enjoy the track but we found it to be incredibly nerve racking and it didn't last long before we couldn't take it any longer.


This game, like many other of the 777igt games, has a limited amount of animations. Each of the symbols has their own designated animation that's triggered when the symbol is a part of a winning combination. Other than that the animations lay in the background and in the bonus game.

In the background of the game you find many different animations going on. Some of the constellations that are represented around the reels seem to be floating in the air, plus you have butterflies that flutter back and forth across the title. Don't forget the shooting star that appears every once in a while, so keep your eyes open so you don't miss it.

The bonus game has a little more animation involved but nothing over the top or exciting. All in all constellations is a game that doesn't need animations that show up in the actual game and even with the minimal animations the game is still fun and exciting to play.

Constellation Pay Table and Graphics

Symbols and payouts for Constellation are as follows:

Moonlit Grotto

The Moonlit Grotto is the symbol we all want to see on the reels. This symbol awards you the Mega Jackpot if you get 5 of them on the reels at the same time. This symbol is the only chance you have to win the Mega Jackpot.

Shooting Stars

This symbol is another symbol you hope to see on the reels. This symbol triggers a Minor Jackpot win for you if you get 5 of them on the reels at the same time.

Girl Kneeling

The girl kneeling is your last jackpot win option. This symbol triggers the Mini Jackpot win if you get 5 of them on the reels at the same time.

Setting Crescent Moon

The crescent moon is the wild for this game. It subs for all symbols except the scatter, bonus, free spin, or those linked to jackpot wins. If you get 5 of these symbols you receive a payout for 150 times your original wager.

Blue Zodiac

The blue zodiac is the scatter symbol for the game. This symbol adds a multiplier to you original wager. It pays 5 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 100 times for a combination of 5.

Green Zodiac

This symbol looks similar to the scatter symbol but when it appears on the reels the word free blinks across the bottom. This symbol is the free spins symbol. This symbol triggers free spins when you get three or more on the reels during a single spin. You get 5 free spins for a combination of 3, 10 for a combination of 4, and 15 for a combination of 5.

4 Zodiac Symbols

These four symbols are the bonus symbol for this game. When you get three or more on the reels you trigger the bonus game.


This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a combination of 4, and 200 times for a combination of 5.


This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a combination of 4, and 150 times for a combination of 5.


The blue sports car pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 120 times for a combination of 5.

Orange A

The orange A stands for the Ace in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 100 times for a combination of 5.

Red K

The red K stands for the king in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 25 times for a combination of 4, and 80 times for a combination of 5.

Green Q

The green Q stands for the queen in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 25 times for a combination of 4, and 60 times for a combination of 5.

Blue J

The blue J stands for the jack in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 20 times for a combination of 4, and 50 times for a combination of 5.

Purple 10

The purple 10 stands for the 10 in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 20 times for a combination of 4, and 50 times for a combination of 5.

Symbol Graphics

The symbols used in Constellations are well designed and represent the real life constellations beautifully. The artwork used to create the mystical zodiac symbols is detail oriented and ethereal.

The poker symbols are well designed with the color and fonts used combining well with the rest of the symbols. All of the symbols represent the theme of the game and keep the relaxing out of this world feel of the game going.

Constellation Slot Extra Feature

To keep with all of their games 777igt loaded down Constellations with the special features. Some of these features may seem familiar if you have ever played a 777igt game before and some may be new. The special features are usually what gets people's attention and keeps them playing the game so having 3 jackpots alone is a draw, but they went ahead and added 4 more features to go along with the jackpots.

The jackpots come in three different sizes.

Mega jackpot

Gives the biggest pay out of the game. You must get five of the Moonlit Grotto symbols to trigger this big win. This jackpot can only be won if you meet these guidelines.

Minor jackpot

You have to get five of the shooting stars through the sky symbols. This jackpot won't have as big a payout as the Mega but it's still a good chunk of change.

Mini jackpot

This jackpot can be won when you get five of the kneeling girl symbols on the reels at the same time. Just like its name you win a smaller pay out if you win this jackpot, but who really cares as long as you win right?

The other special features available in the game might be a little more familiar to most players. You have a wild symbol that's represented by a setting crescent moon. It subs for all of the regular symbols in the game. Just like most other wild symbols it won't sub for the scatter, bonus, free spin, or any of the jackpot symbols.

Here's where the game can get a little confusing. It has two different features that are represented by virtually the same symbol with small differences. The scatter symbol is a blue zodiac that gives you a multiplied total bet when found on a winning pay line.

The second feature that uses the zodiac is the free spin symbol. This symbol looks exactly like the scatter except it's green in color and when it appears on the reels the word free blinks across it. When you get three or more of these symbols on the reels you're awarded free spins. The amount of spins you win is based on the number of symbols on the reels. The spins start automatically and continue until all of the free spins have completed.

777igt didn't leave anything out in this game so we can't forget the bonus game. Constellation has a bonus game that's triggered when you receive three or more of the bonus symbol anywhere on the reels. The symbol used to represent the bonus symbol is a group of four colorful zodiac symbols. When you trigger the bonus game you're taken to a different screen where you spin a wheel and get awarded a prize matched to the zodiac that you land on. You get two spins each time the game is triggered.

All these special features make it hard to walk away from the game without wanting to come back for more.

Betting Options

Constellation has 50 pay line options. These pay lines aren't fixed which allow you to change the amount of pay lines being played each spin. When you place your wager it's divided up to cover the selected amount of pay lines.

One thing that's different from most other games is that 777igt put a minimum limit on the pay lines. Yes you can choose how many you want to play but you can't go any higher than 50 or lower than 10. To some people this may seem like a problem but it really is just a way for 777igt to help their players maximize their time playing the game.

Pay lines are there to increase the number of ways you can win while paying a slot. You want to play all of the available lines at all times to secure your winning ability. The games do allow you to change the number of lines but we don't recommend using this feature.

We don't know about you but it's our luck the minute we take a line away it's where the biggest pay out of the game lands and there isn't anything we can do about. So if you have luck like ours make sure to do everything you can to counteract the luck and this game gives you that chance.

This game offers you the ability to change the value of your bet after each spin. The range of betting is set from .01 to $1 per spin.

These betting options allow for anyone interested in playing the game to come and take a relaxing trip to the stars. Even the most conservative gamblers should find this game to be just right for them.

Game Rules

Constellations game rules are in line with most other five reel slot machines. Below are the main rules:

  • Most wins are formed from right to left, beginning with the leftmost reel.
  • If two or more wins are formed in the same line, only the highest payout is awarded.
  • Any misuse or malfunction aborts the game and everything is reset to default.
  • The wild card cannot start free spins; you must get three or more scatter symbols to receive free spins.
  • Scatter symbols triggers free spins from anywhere on the reels.
  • Bonus game is triggered when three or more bonus symbols appear normal win line from left to right.
  • The wild subs for all symbols except the scatter and bonus symbols.
  • The wild and scatter symbols also have a payout amount when they appear on a win line.
  • Jackpots can only be won when the designated symbol is found on the reels 5 times.


Star gazers everywhere should give this slot a try. It brings the constellations to a new audience and helps you become familiar with how the connect the dots in the sky is supposed to look like. Even those who weren't ever into star watching might find this game a great experience.

The symbols for the game are beautiful and ethereal and add to the experience when playing. Our favorite of all the symbols is the Moonlit Grotto. It reminds us of something you'd read about in a book or see in a movie.

Together the bonus, scatter, wild, and free spin symbols just build on the already great game. Each of these special features adds chances for you to win more cash. Keep your eyes open and don't miss a single minute when you're playing this game.

The jackpots just keep adding to the excitement of the game. With this game you don't just get one jackpot; you get a chance at three different ones. All three have great pay outs that just keep accumulating the longer you play.

777igt hit it out of the park with this game. Let its relaxing feel and great special features give you the game experience of a life time. Plus you get to see what all the hype is about when it comes to the constellations. We know for sure that we won't ever see most of these constellations in real life so being able to see what they're supposed to be representing makes it so much more real.

For all those amateur astronomers out there this game was made with you in mind.

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