Cool Diamond II Slots

Cool Diamond II Slots

Cool Diamonds II slots are online slot games produced by Amatic Industries.

Amatic Industries is a new name in the online game design industry, though they've been producing land-based games for nearly two decades. Amatic launched their first line of online slots in 2011, and now have a library of nearly 200 games to their credit. You may not have heard of Amatic before, unless you've visited the casinos of Europe.

Up to now, Amatic has been a regional player in the game design industry, but thanks to their expansion online and into new markets across Europe, they're becoming a bigger name.

If you have an interest in playing this game, you can try out the free version that we provide below, and if you decide you enjoy the game, we provide you with a recommendation of where you can play for real money.

Cool Diamonds II
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Game Theme & Other Basics

The theme of Cool Diamonds II is wealth. Specifically, diamonds, precious metals, and big wads of cash. Slot designers have made a mint on games built around a wealth theme for decades – it's not a surprising theme at all. If anything, it's a little disappointing. Building a game around a generic theme like this doesn't leave much room for developing plot or lending the game any additional replay value. Games like this can succeed if they offer huge jackpots, a progressive prize, a bunch of cool side games, or some other stand-out feature. Unfortunately, Amatic didn't design Cool Diamonds II with anything useful.

Cool Diamonds II has a free spins bonus feature based on a scatter symbol. It also has a wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols (except the scatter symbol) to form winning combos. Since it's an Amatic slot, it also includes a gamble feature that gives you a shot at doubling your winnings (or losing them entirely). The game doesn't include any special features or bonuses beyond that, nothing to really keep players coming back for more.

Nothing except for the (relatively) high payouts. Amatic slots aren't known for handing out big fixed prizes, but Cool Diamonds II has some decent jackpots available. The largest jackpot is 7.5 million credits, or $75,000. The next-highest payout is worth 1.5 million credits, or $15,000. While these totals are nowhere near the amounts handed out by major game producer's progressive titles, they are (in anyone's opinion) big wins.

Game Symbols

Cool Diamonds II uses eight different symbols, each leading to a different prize or in-game action:

  • Treasure Chest

    The game's most valuable symbol. If you spin five of these on an active line, your payout is 7.5 million credits.

  • Gold Bars

    The game's second-most valuable symbol. If you spin five of these on an active pay line, your payout is 1.5 million credits.

  • Solo Diamond

    This is the game's scatter symbol, which triggers the free spins bonus if it appears in combinations of three, four, or five anywhere on the screen. During free spins, the scatter symbol becomes a wild symbol, meaning the free spins can't be re-triggered.

  • Diamond Ring

    The game's last top-value symbol. Spinning five of them on an active line results in a payout of 900,000 credits.

  • Topaz

    One of the game's minor symbols. Five in a row on an active line leads to a payout of 150,000 credits.

  • Precious Stones

    Another minor symbol, worth 150,000 credits.

  • Emerald

    Another minor symbol, worth 30,000 credits.

  • Ruby

    The game's final minor symbol, worth 30,000 credits.

Bonus Rounds and Special Features

The game's only bonus round is also its only special feature. If you spin three, four, or five of the scatter symbol (a brilliant solo diamond stone), you'll win five free spins. These spins can't be re-triggered; during those free spins, the wild symbol disappears and the scatter becomes a wild symbol.

The fact that these spins can't be re-triggered, and that there's no variation to the number of free spins (or even a game to play during the bonus) makes this special feature pretty un-special.

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Every diamond you see is billions of years old. The oldest diamonds have been carbon-dated to some three billion years ago.

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Cool Diamonds II is a sequel to one of Amatic's popular land-based slots, called Cool Diamonds. It doesn't seem like the best idea for an online slot, considering that there's no Cool Diamonds I available at online casinos. But the name of the game isn't our only issue. Amatic may not be known for producing slots with tons of bonus features and special symbols, but they should have tried a bit harder here.

Without a bonus round to speak of (besides the handing out of a set number of free spins), the game loses replay value. Since there's no plot to speak of, and few lines, and even fewer symbols, this game seems like an exercise in boredom. High payouts aside, we don't think Cool Diamonds II is one of Amatic's good releases.

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