Fort Knox Slots

Fort Knox Slots

Fort Knox is a US Army post in northern Kentucky just south of Louisville.

At a total area of 170 square miles, Fort Knox isn't the biggest military base in the world. It isn't home to any really valuable human targets – within its walls are the Army HR department, the Army Cadet Command, and a low-level bureaucratic group, the Army Accessions Command. But human beings aren't what Fort Knox is famous for. The thing that gets people's imagination going about this site is the fact that its home to the United States Bullion Depository. We explain more about that later.

International Game Technology, better known as IGT, released a Fort Knox slot in 2013. This is a thirty payline five reel slot that accepts wagers of a penny per credit and allows wagers of up to twenty credits per line. That means a max bet will cost you 600 credits per spin, or $6 each time you pull the lever. The main attraction of this game is the five-tiered progressive jackpot system.

Fort Knox
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About IGT's Fort Knox Slot Game

If you're expecting a straightforward slot game with a Fort Knox theme, you're way off. That's because this is one of IGT's new style of multi-play land-based slots. It works like this.

You start the game by choosing a penny slot theme – different games offer different slots, but you'll have dozens to choose from, like Frog Prince, Enchanted Unicorn, World Wrestling Entertainment, or any number of IGT slot titles. The way these games are set up, operators can pick and choose titles for you to pick from. Essentially, this is a mixed game bank slot, with a progressive jackpot system that uses a Fort Knox theme, but that depends on existing software for the traditional slot portion of the game.

The Fort Knox Slot Machine In A Casino

The only difference between playing a standard version of, for example, Frog Prince, and this Fort Knox IGT game, is that you'll randomly win a chance to pick from sealed bank vault doors. Each door reveals a different point amount. As you accumulate points, you'll move up the progressive tier, from Copper, to Silver, to Gold, and finally to Platinum. Each of these jackpots is worth a bit more money, depending on how many machines are in the progressive network of the game you're playing.

The top prize, the Fort Knox Mystery Bonus, is truly random, and appears behind a bank vault door at any time, and at any tier. It's worth the most of any of these bonuses, and has been reported as paying out seven figures multiple times.

More On Fort Knox

Today, Fort Knox is home to enough soldiers to appear as a census-designated place on the map, with a population of some 13,000 people. What more do we know about this mysterious and well-protected Army base?

The site was first used by military forces during the Civil War. Fortifications were built in 1861, including the construction of nearby Fort Duffield. The site chosen was Muldraugh Hill, a strategic point that overlooks the confluence of two big rivers as well as the Louisville and Nashville railroads. Both Union and Confederate forces controlled the area during the course of the war.

The end of the Civil War saw the end of the need for a permanent base in the area. Small towns sprang up on the grounds of the present-day fort. That all changed in the fall of 1903, as military maneuvers began in the area, preparing troops for a possible invasion of Europe. By 1918, a permanent installment of field artillery units trained at the site year-round. The government bought the now-defunct village of Stithton (which sat on the exact site of the modern Bullion Depository) and started building the permanent fort in July of 1918.

The fort was named for Henry Knox, chief of artillery for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He also served as America's first-ever Secretary of War. Between the years of 1925 and 1928, the government attempted to cover-up the fact of the base's existence, by renaming the area "Camp Henry Knox National Forest."

Fort Knox Building With US Flag

For the next 60 years, Fort Knox was the home of the U.S. Army Armor Center and the U.S. Army Armor School. This meant it was the top training site for the use of tanks, artillery, and other machines of war. Because of this legacy, the site is still home to the General George S. Patton Museum.

The US Bullion Depository

The US Bullion Depository is a giant room full of gold. In fact, some 3% of all gold ever mined is stored in this room. All told, $175 billion worth of gold bars are locked up at Fort Knox, alongside other valuable items, including the treasuries of several small countries.

We provided details of Fort Knox earlier on this page. You could think of it as the ultimate safety deposit box, an ultra-secure vault that's long been the target of comic book, TV, and movie villains. The United States Department of the Treasury has maintained the Bullion Depository on the post since 1937 – though the Army is nearby, they have no say over what goes on at the Depository.


From James Bond movies to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it seems like every hero and villain has been involved in some plot to rip off the gold at Fort Knox. While it would have been fun to see that game released by IGT, the concept they produced instead is pretty interesting.

Allowing players to take their pick from a number of popular IGT penny slots, with an overlay of progressive and random jackpots, creates a whole new way to play slots. Obviously, you're better off playing machines with higher jackpot amounts, which means this game is best enjoyed at large casinos and gambling halls, where the progressive linked networks are as large as possible.

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