Game of Life Slots

Game of Life Slots

The Game of Life is usually just called Life. It's a board game with deep roots, going all the way back to an original game by Milton Bradley in 1860. The modern game was developed in 1960, and was designed to highlight "the American dream" of home ownership, 2.5 kids, a college education, and a suburban home.

The older folks in our audience might remember Art Linkletter pushing this game hard on his syndicated TV and radio appearances. The Game of Life is one of the most popular and best-selling board games in American history, spawning dozens of spinoffs and still selling hundreds of thousands of games per year.

WMS Gaming released their Game of Life slots a few years ago, as part of a larger series of games based on licensed board games, video games, and other concepts.

Game of Life
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Game Overview

This is a five reel and seventeen pay line and-based slot game that's actually four different base games in one. The four games aren't all that different – three of them are the same game with different graphics, and the one game that uses different graphics uses the identical Bluebird-produced software. The result is a four-game selection that really just feels like one game warmed over four different ways.

That's not to say that WMS Gaming's Game of Life is a bad slot – it's not, it's just a little flawed. The game looks beautiful, with a bright LCD display that uses lots of spinning and flashing and animations to distract you from the fact that you're playing a dressed-up series of pick'em bonuses and winning based on the random spin of a virtual wheel.

It is not an expensive game – rather than paying to active lines, you're selecting your overall wager for each spin, which simplifies betting and makes calculating your winnings on the fly a lot easier. Bets begin at $0.40 and go all the way up to $4 per spin. It's an affordable game that relieves you of the need to worry about placing a max bet, since every spin is a max bet. Yes, the tier system encourages larger wagers, but a 3,000 credit prize at $0.40 per credit is still a great jackpot, especially with the frequency that some of Game of Life's average payouts appear at.

In short, you may not particularly enjoy the Game of Life aspect of these slots by WMS Gaming, but you will find a fun slot that hands out a lot of bonus rounds, free spins, and regular small wins to keep your bankroll sturdier over time.

Game Symbols

Here's a guide to all of the symbols used in WMS Gaming's Game of Life slot, including details on their payouts and their connection to the slot's bonus features:

Game of Life Community Car Symbol

Community Car

The familiar car used in the game, in an array of colors. This is the basic symbol for the game, and it pays a variety of low-end jackpots.

Game of Life Peg Symbol


These pink and blue pieces indicate the members of a family. They're iconic, in the board game, though they only produce low jackpots when they appear in combinations.

Game of Life Spinning Wheel Symbol

Spinning Wheel

This is the game's scatter symbol, and if three or more appear, it leads to one of the game's Big Event bonuses. Five Spinning Wheel symbols on a line leads to the game's biggest jackpot, worth 10,000 credits. That's a payout of between $4,000 and $40,000 for a single spin. Fewer than three of these symbols is still valuable, as you'll win a free spin for one and two free spins for two. The frequency of this symbol will be your best companion during a session on WMS Gaming's Game of Life slots.

Game of Life Logo Symbol

Game of Life Logo

You'll enter into one of the game's three Community Gaming Bonuses by spinning three, four, or five of these symbols on a line. You'll also win five free spins, and if you do land five of these symbols, you'll get an instant credit prize of 1,000 credits as a Windfall Bonus. We discuss all of these features in detail below.

Bonus Rounds and Special Features

This game includes three distinct forms of bonus games and special features.

Game of Life Community Free Spin Bonus

Free Spin Bonus

Randomly-triggered, this bonus pays out ten free spins, no more and no less. It occurs more frequently than any other bonus on this list.

Game of Life Community Big Event Bonus

Big Event Bonus

A series of bonuses triggered by scatter symbols that are meant to represent some of the ups and downs of life shown in the board game. Basically, all of these bonuses give you a little bump regardless of how good or bad they sound. You might break a leg, you might get married – either way, the result is the same. When you have a Big Event bonus, you'll win a free spin, and the community car piece will move forward. Your likelihood of triggering a Community Gaming Bonus, as described below, goes way up during Big Event Bonuses.

Game of Life Community Windfall Bonus

Windfall Bonus

A 1,000-credit prize paid out as a "windfall," something like a distant relative dying or a bank error in your favor. You win this by landing five Game of Life logos, while you play out the free spins you earned after playing your Community Gaming Bonus. Basically, landing five Game of Life logos is a big deal, potentially more lucrative than the game's 10,000 credit top prize. That might depend on your cost per-spin, since a one-time $40,000 prize is tough to beat.

Game of Life Community Community Gaming Bonuses

Community Gaming Bonuses

As discussed earlier, you trigger this bonus by landing Game of Life logos on any line. Three of these games exist: Speedy Spins, Pay Day, and Career Day. Each of these games is a random pick'em or just giveaway prize, so no skill is needed. On Speedy Spins, the spinning wheel determines an instant credit prize. On Pay Day, the community car parallel parks into a free spin and credit prize. In Career Day, you pick from a list of careers to watch a presentation on, and win a larger credit prize.


We don't recommend this game to people who are legitimate fans of the real Milton Bradley board game. It does a decent job of replicating the experience, except that there's no competition since there are no other players, and the spinning wheel and bonus rounds don't really replicate the constant presence of bonuses and other freebies available in the game. If the gimmick of the original game is that it mirrors the random ups and downs of life, this game fails as a replica because it doesn't seem very random at times.

As a slot game, it fares better. WMS Gaming is not one of our favorite game designers, so we're surprised to see an adaptable, low-cost, high-bonus game that seems to be pretty fair in terms of player return. It doesn't have a lot of replay value, unless you count the different graphics formats as "fun," but if you like chasing bonus rounds and jackpots without worrying about pay lines or spending an arm and a leg, you should check out the Game of Life online slots by WMS Gaming.

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