Grease Slots

Grease Slots

In 1978, Paramount's Grease took box offices by storm, becoming the highest grossing musical of all time. Given the widespread success of this film, Bally's attempted to recreate this movie magic through Grease slots.

So is their slot anywhere near as iconic as the movie? Or does Grease slots fall short of living up to the film?

Find out in this review as we cover Grease's details, bonus round, and compare this original to different land based and online Grease slots.

Also, find a free playable version of the game below that you can try out before you decide whether or not you want to play for real money.

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Game Overview

This is a lifelike depiction of the movie, and you're greeted by an introduction screen with Danny played by John Travolta, Sandy played by Olivia Newton John, and some of the other main characters.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this game is that you get to hear hit songs from the movie like "You're the One that I want." While the songs are playing, you'll also see the actual actors singing in a heart shaped box above the reels.

Speaking of the reels, this game features an odd 10 reel, 50 pay line set up.

The reels and pay lines are divided in half, with Game 1 on the left side and Game 2 on the right side. This creates some interesting action because you might not win anything on Game 1, but hit a large payout on Game 2 during the same spin.

Keep in mind that you have to activate the second screen to use both. And it's to your benefit to do so because you can only win the wide area progressive jackpot, currently worth over $700k, by getting 5 Grease symbols across both reels at the same time.

Other symbols consist of generic letters, Danny, Sandy, and pictures of memorable movie scenes like Danny and Sandy dancing.

Just the main game alone is pretty interesting when you consider the 10 reels split into two different games. But, as we'll discuss below, the bonus games are what really make this slot special.

Grease Bonus

When you land 3 or more Rydell High yearbook symbols on the reels, you're instructed to look at the tower screen. Using Bally's patented U Spin technology, you flip through the yearbook to reveal one of the bonus rounds, which you can read about below:

  • Dance Off Free Games

    You're instructed to look down at the iDeck, where you choose footprints that will either dance to a 5x multiplier, free spins or a stacked wild reel. You then spin the reels like normal and collect your bonus credits.

  • How Cool are You?

    You pick one of the cars from the iDeck, making the car drive through one of the onscreen prizes.

  • T Bird Mystery Wilds

    The T Birds, floating above the screen dressed as angels, will randomly turn certain reels into wilds during your spins.

  • Too Pure to be Pink

    You select three out of the eight wigs that are shown to reveal credit prizes. On another screen, you pick from various items like lipstick, a fan, wine bottle and shoe to collect more payouts.

  • The One I want! Free Spins

    Basic free spins that give you a chance to earn extra credits.

  • Your Pick

    You choose one of three buttons, including Pink Lady, Rydell High or T Bird, and then select one of the characters to reveal your bonus prize. So if you choose Sonny from the T Birds, for example, you'd see a brief movie scene involving Sonny and then be shown your payout.

Bally's Grease: Pink Ladies Slots

As the name implies, Bally's sequel to Grease is all about the Pink Ladies gang.

Not surprisingly, the reels are pink along with plenty of girly symbols like mirrors, heels, perfume and handbags. You'll of course see all the Pink Ladies too, including Marty, Jan, Rizzo and Frenchy.

If you land 3 Frenchy sunglasses on the reels, you'll be taken to Frenchy's Heartbreaker Bonus, where you select three out of the nine hearts to reveal credits and multipliers.

When you get the Pink Rules bonus, you are instructed to look up to the tower screen and re spin the reels for bigger prizes. The starting point will be the result from your triggering spin.

The Hand Jive bonus sees you spin records, which equates to spinning new reels in the tower screen for prizes. Pairs of lips act as wild symbols and help you form winning combinations.

In terms of all slots games, Grease Pink Ladies and its multiple bonus rounds make up a high quality game. And, just like the original slot, you also get to see scenes from the movie.

But when compared to the first Grease slots, Pink Ladies feels like a spinoff that doesn't totally live up to the original.

Daub Games' Grease Online

One fun thing about this online slot is that you're greeted with the same introduction as the movie, where a cartoon version of Danny squirts gel or grease into his hair and combs it in.

From here, you're taken to the reels, which, true to the film, have a definite 50s vibe. Many of the symbols are adorned in pop comic style, while hearts surround the pay line markers and classic cars outline the betting actions.

Some of the different symbols that you'll see include the following:

  • Danny
  • Sandy
  • The Pink Ladies
  • The T Birds
  • A Pink Ladies icon
  • Rydell High icon
  • Grease icon
  • Danny & Sandy in love

You'll also come across two bonus rounds in this game, including the Frosty Palace bonus and Click Me Feature.

The Frosty Palace round comes up when you land three Grease icons anywhere on the reels. This takes you to a Frosty Palace menu, where you order a drink, free spins, main course, multiplier between 4x and 10x, and desert, cash bonus.

The Click Me feature is activated when you get 3 or more Rydell High icons on the reels. You pick from the symbols to reveal prizes, and you get to keep choosing until you see a Collect Me sign.

One more feature of this game is the multi-level progressive jackpot. Going from lowest to highest, the levels include the Rydell High jackpot, T Birds jackpot, Pink Ladies jackpot and Grease Lightening jackpot.

Any spin of any value gives you a chance at the jackpot game, which looks like a 4 x 5 grid scratch card, 20 squares. You click the squares and try to match four jackpot symbols and earn that specific prize.

We think that Daub's online version of Grease is a nice ode to the movie. It may not resonate with Grease fans who want to see real life depictions like in Bally's slot, but it's pretty decent in terms of the online slots industry.

Daub's Grease: Pink Ladies & T Birds Slots

This online slot sees you choose to either join the Pink Ladies or T Birds gang.

Your choice will determine some of the different payouts and bonuses that you'll play for. You'll also see different symbols, with T Birds or Pink Ladies showing up on the reels depending on your choice.

Much like the first two games, symbols are depicted by the real life characters from the movie. One annoying thing, though, is that you see either Danny or Sandy doing the same singing / dancing move behind the reels every time you spin.

If you get the lightening wild and thunder wild symbols together when playing as a T Bird, you watch a scene where Danny races another gang member. At the end of the race, you earn a random number of credits.

If you get wild symbols on reels 1 and 5 when playing as a Pink Lady, you trigger the other bonus where you make three choices to win credits.

You can switch between the two sides at any time with the button in the right hand corner, which almost makes this feel like two different games in one.

We think that this is a pretty interesting game, especially the element where you switch between the Pink Ladies and T Birds. The two different bonus games also add a nice touch that make Grease Pink Ladies & T Birds worth trying.

However, the one downside is redundancy, namely in hearing You're the One that I want the whole time along with seeing Danny / Sandy perform the same 3 second scene over and over.

Daub's Grease: Danny and Sandy Slots

This online slot takes players outside Rydell High and, just like Pink Ladies & T Birds, features real characters from the movie.

Almost half of the symbols involve Danny and Sandy in different scenes with a heart frame around them. You'll also see pom poms, a Rydell High hat, T Birds logo, Pink Ladies logo and the Rydell High yearbook.

Like the other games, Danny and Sandy slots features several bonus games, including the Dance Bonus!, Frosty Palace Bonus, Drive In free spins and Beach free spins.

The Dance Bonus! Is triggered by three dance symbols in reels 2, 3 and / or 4, and you pick three of the seven dancers to reveal prizes.

The Frosty Palace bonus is triggered when you land 3 Frosty Palace icons in reels 2, 3 and / or 4. This game sees you choose a song from the Cash Value column for your credit prize and another song from the Multiplier column to multiply your credits by 10x to 120x.

Drive In and Beach free spins are just as they sound: free games that give you an opportunity to earn extra prizes.

Grease Danny and Sandy slots is yet another game on this list that's worth playing when compared to the online slots industry. However, we'd have to say that this is our least favorite Grease slot from the ones on this list.


Out of all the different Grease games that we've looked at, the original is definitely the best.

With its 10 reel set up, multiple bonus rounds, in game movie scenes, and a 5 level progressive jackpot, Bally's Grease slots has just about everything you can ask for.

The only real drawback we can see is if you don't like the movie, or you've never seen it and could care less about the theme.

As for the other land based and online slots, these all have their own good qualities and are worth a try. However, none of them fully measure up to Bally's first Grease slot machine.

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