Lucky Stars Slot Machine

Lucky Stars Slot Machine

The Lucky Stars slot machine was created by 1x2 Gaming and includes a unique 5-reel structure and 9 pay lines.

As you may have guessed by the title, this slot has an astrological theme, and you will see all 12 signs of the zodiac while playing the game.

But, you don't need an interest in astrology or to believe in horoscopes to find this game amusing.

This review covers:

  • Atmosphere
  • Sound effects
  • Animations
  • Graphics
  • Pay table
  • Betting options
  • Game rules
  • Win frequency
Lucky Stars
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Lucky Stars Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

The game's background features a dark blue border around the reels and a multi-color galaxy behind the reels. The background image spins and changes, which you most likely won't even notice.

If you look, you will see muted constellations zoom towards the screen in the border area.

Lucky Stars is written across the top in neon lights, and the pay lines run up and down both sides. There is also a neon border around the reels.

The game's subtle, yet mesmerizing background does a fantastic job of simulating the night sky without being distracting from the game.

Music and Sound Effects

The game's dreamy background music is reminiscent of a baby's lullaby featuring strings and a marimba. It also includes faint swooshing sound, which could symbolize stars shooting across the sky.

Other than the music, the game will make sounds for the reels spinning, winning payouts, and during the bonus round.


In addition to the animated background, the symbols themselves animate between spins. When they're involved in a winning payout, stars will appear and flash behind them, and they will jump or spin around.

Lucky Stars Pay Table and Graphics

The Lucky Stars slot has 12 zodiac symbols in addition to multiplier, wild, and bonus symbols.

This game is a little different than traditional 5-reel slots. The zodiac and wild symbols will appear in the first 4 reels, and reel number 5 is where the bonus symbol appears, in addition to 1x, 2x, 3x, and 4x multipliers.

Zodiac symbols include:

  • The two Pisces fish
  • Aries the ram
  • Taurus the bull
  • Cancer the crab
  • The bow and arrow of Sagittarius
  • The Gemini twins
  • Virgo the women
  • The scales of Libra
  • Scorpio the scorpion
  • Capricorn the goat
  • Leo the lion
  • The wave of Aquarius.

Unlike most slots, the symbols in Lucky Stars will all pay the same amount of credits. The multipliers are what determine the final payout.

In addition to the multipliers on reel number 5, there are random 2x and 3x multipliers that will appear attached to the zodiac symbols on the first 4 reels.

If you get more than one multiplier across a pay line, you will combine them to define your final pay out.

Here's an example: if you receive both a 2x and a 3x multiplier in the same payline, you multiply the numbers together, and your final multiplier will be 6x. The highest possible multiplier will land you 324x your original prize (3x, 3x, 3x, 3x, 4x).

Symbol Graphics

The symbols in the game are clear depictions of the 12 zodiac signs, and it's easy to determine which symbol corresponds to each sign.

They're adorable little cartoon characters, but not in a way that this game wouldn't be interesting for adults.

We like that each of them has their own animation and jump out to attract your attention to the winning pay line.

Lucky Stars Slot Bonus Features

The bonus round triggers when the solar eclipse symbol appears in reel number 5.

The reels will dim, while bonus appears in the middle of the screen and beneath it reads "The Stars Align." You are then taken to a different screen for the bonus round.

The background remains the same image for this round, but it stands out with more saturated colors.

In the bonus round, all 12 symbols appear in front of the spinning galaxy around a circular radar. An arrow spins around, pointing to each symbol, and to play you click one of the symbols.

Once you pick your choice in the bonus round, an electrified animation appears across the screen, and you are awarded a random prize. The prize will be the coin value x number of coins x lines played x bonus win.

The next bonus round you come across will automatically have highlighted the symbol you chose in the previous bonus. This is confusing, because we aren't sure if this has a meaning, or if it's to tell you which symbol you last chose. From what we can tell, it has no significance.

We were glad to see the bonus not only consist of more than a free spins round, but that it's also a new screen.

Betting Options

The game will default to playing all 9 pay lines, with 1 coin per line, and 0.10 for the coin size.

You can bet a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $0.50, with up to 5 coins on each line, and the max wager worth $22.50.

The game has an autobet option; you can automate the game to spin 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or any custom amount of spins up to 250. This is great, because you won't need to keep clicking the "spin" button after every turn.

Other Options

You have the ability to adjust a few select settings within the game:

  • Make the game full screen

    found at the top right corner

  • Adjust volume

    found at the bottom left corner under betting options

  • Adjust game clarity between high, medium, and low

    found at the bottom left corner under betting options

The music can get repetitive, so the volume adjustment is nice. After you play for awhile, you may need to turn it down or mute it altogether.

The game could do without the clarity adjustment option. The game will only change slightly from one setting to another, and there is no reason anyone would want to play the game at the low quality setting.

In the right corner, you will find a button for "feature preview," where you can watch a short demo of how the bonus round plays out.

Win Frequency

Lucky Stars seems to have an average pay out for a slot of its kind.

We experienced several consecutive spins yielding no payout, but then there would be a bunch of wins in a row.

We found the wild medallion pops up often, and the bonus spins round occurs at a normal rate when playing for an extended period of time.

Within the first 100 spins, we activated the bonus round 4 times, but we only hit the bonus round 1 time in the following 100 spins.

Return to Player RTP

RTP for Lucky Stars is 96.26%, which isn't bad for an online slot.

Game Rules

Lucky Stars is like most other online slots. If you're familiar with this type of game, you should have no problem learning the rules. Here are a few more items to keep in mind:

  • Except for the bonus round, most wins are matched from left to right, starting with the leftmost reel.
  • Only the highest value win on a line pays when two or more wins appear in the same line.
  • You can choose how many pay lines to play by selecting the numbers on either side of the play space.
  • Multipliers are multiplied together to create the total multiplier for that win line.
  • If more than one bonus round is active at one time, the prizes increase so that you win the same amount as if they had played them separately.

We also want to point out that some of the game's instructions can be confusing.

If you click on the tab to read pay table options, you will find a screen describing earth, wind, fire, and air symbols that offer additional playing options.

We did not find any of these during our time playing, and from what we can tell, they do not exist. The game launched 6 months ago, and it's unlikely there is another version of it, but 1x2 Gaming could be making updates.


If you're looking for a fun game with a unique structure, Lucky Stars slot is the one for you.

The game's creative structure may take some time to get used to, but it's not difficult to follow once you get the hang of it. We did get confused by reading a set of directions that do not seem to apply to the game now, but the games design is so well that we were able to look past that.

We like that 1x2 Gaming designed the bonus game to be different than the base game, and the atmosphere created by the game was perfect for the theme.

We highly suggest checking this one out.

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