Red White and Blue Slots

Red White and Blue Slots

Red White and Blue Slots is a classic 3-reel game from IGT. In an age when progressive jackpots rule, the Red, White, and Blue slot machine remains one of the most popular gaming machines in the world. In a day when showy licensed slots are seen everywhere, this basic gaming machine still attracts gamblers in virtually every casino.

When a plain-Jane gaming machine is so popular, you have to ask yourself what the fuss is about. Slots row is a meritocracy. If a gaming machine doesn't entertain its users, it won't stay in casinos very long. It's obvious: this gaming machine has a higher expected return than the EGMs with all the bell-and-whistles.

Find out everything you need to know about the Red White and Blue slots and also a free to play version below.

Red White and Blue
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High Roller Slots

Red White & Blue Slot Machines are popular with high rollers, too. These are not just for the penny players. Whether it's Caesars Palace, Wynn Las Vegas, or one of the Downtown Las Vegas casinos which caters to VIPs, you'll see high-stakes slot machine gamblers standing in front of these machines.

Here's the secret.

This is a classic 3-reel with a fixed jackpot of 10,000 coins. In case you're new to betting on the slots, that means you only have to wager 3 coins to get a chance at a 10000x payout. Most Las Vegas video slots require gamblers to pay 30 or 40 or 50 coins to activate a payline worth 10,000x the initial bet.

Reel Symbols

Players do not gamble on this machine for the pretty graphics. All you get are red 7 symbols, blue 7s, white 7s, red bars, white bars, blue bars, and so on. This game also has a double-bar and triple-bar in each color.

Put them together and you get a stripped-down slot machine which would be recognizable to the original gamblers who bet on Liberty Bell slot machines. With only 1 payline and 3 reels, you would think the number of winning combinations would not be that large. Mixed reel symbols make a lot wins possible, though. Read on and you'll see how many combinations are possible.

The Payouts

Mixed 777 Payouts

When you get a combination of one red seven, one white seven, and one blue seven, it triggers the highest fixed jackpot on the game. The red, white, and blue triple-7 is worth 10,000x the initial bet.

The 2-coin payout on this machine is worth 4800 coins. The 1-coin payout is worth 2400 coins. Always make the max bet on this gaming machine, because it has a graduated payout for the max coin bet. If not, the maximum payout would be 7200 coins.

Red 777

Players who get three red 7s receive the second-biggest payout on the machine. Three red sevens is worth 5,000 coins or 5000x on the 3-coin bet. When the bet is only two coins, the jackpot is worth 2400x the bet. When you gamble only 1 coin, the payout is worth 1200x the bet (or sometimes 1199).

Getting three red sevens is still a nice fixed jackpot. This would be the top payout on many flat-top slot machines.

White 777

Gamblers who receive three white 7s trigger the third-biggest payout. This is worth 600 coins for the 3-coin bet, 400 coins for the 2-coin bet, and 200 coins for the 1-coin bet.

Notice that the payout has a drastic jump at this point. Red White and Blue Slots has a high volatility, because it has two huge jackpots combined with 13 other less impressive winning combinations. While 600x the initial bet is still a decent amount for a 3-coin wager, it pales in comparison to what else is offered on this game.

Blue 777

When you collect three blue sevens on the payline, this triggers the 4th-best payout. The 3-coin wager activates a 450 coin jackpot. The 2-coin payout is 300 coins, while the 1-coin payout is worth 150 coins.

Any 777s

Gamblers hate to see symbols almost make a winning combination. The 7 symbols on Red White & Blue do not need to match to offer a nice payout. Any three sevens pay 240 coins for a 3-coin wager. Three sevens of any color pay 160 on the 2-coin wager and 80 coins on the 1-coin bet.

Bar Symbols

The bar symbol payouts are the lower payouts on this slot machine. Anyone who's spent any time on a brick-and-mortar slots row has seen bar symbols on a slot machine. Many times these actually say the word "Bar" on the icon. They've also seen a two-bar and a three-bar symbol, which stacks thinner bars on top of each other.

That's what the next set of winning symbols are. Here are the 3-coin payouts for each combination.

If you get a 1-bar, 2-bar, and 3-bar symbol together, the payout is 150 coins. Three triple-bars are worth 120 coins. Three double-bars are worth 75 coins. Any one white, one blue, and one red together is worth 60 coins.

Lesser Payouts

Three single-bars are worth 30 coins. Three red symbols are worth 6 coins. Three white symbols are also worth 6 coins. Three blue symbols are also worth 6 coins. A combination of "blank" pays out 3 coins for the 3-coin bet.

That means 15 different payouts, including 2 huge jackpots and several nice mid-sized payouts. This might seem like a bunch of payouts, but keep in mind there is only one payline on this machine. Also, think of all the reel symbols--more than the average slot machine. A lot of different combinations can appear that have no payout.

Mobile Slot Machines

IGT is also a leader in the mobile slots category. Anywhere you find IGT online slots, you can expect to find a mobile casino version of the game. Most online casinos have a mobile sister site these days. Operators which pay to license IGT software are likely to have invested in a mobile version of their site.

If for some reason your favorite online casino does not have a mobile app for your device, Google Play (formerly Android Marketplace) has mobile apps which are similar. Some of these are free play only, which can be frustrating. The following is an example.

Red White and Blue Mobile Slot

"Red White Blue Mobile Slot" from TopBug is a free play gaming app. The TopBug mobile software app designer produces their version of Red White and Blue Slots which is quite similar to the IGT slot machines. The only problem is it's a "Teen" gaming app. That necessarily means it's free.

Is a Near-Miss against the Law?

Players of this slot machine no doubt have seen the "near miss" reel placement. This is where a reel is halfway to the next placement, but doesn't quite fill in the payline. This can be a frustrating occurrence, and some writers claim it is illegal for a slot machine to have these placements.

Michael Shackleford, the Wizard of Odds, has written that it is not illegal. These are planned, in fact. According to Shackleford, these reel symbols are programmed into the machine's random number generator. They are meant to provide a close approximation of a winning jackpot--but no win.

This is legal. It is considered a part of the entertainment value of the machine, as well as motivation to keep playing. It also provides for many more reel combinations, allowing Red, White, and Blue Slots to work in the first place. Without them, the payout table would have to be lowered.


The Red White and Blue slot machine from IGT is one of the best slot machines in any casino. In fact, it's one of the best gaming machines ever created. Experienced gamblers play it. High rollers play it. New players would be wise to pay attention to those gamblers' decisions.

Another way you can tell how successful this gaming machine has been is the number of similar machines found in casinos. Other slot machine designers have their own knock-off of Red, White, and Blue Slots. These tend to have a top fixed jackpot of 8000 or even 6000 coins. The rest of the pay schedule is inferior, too.

This can be confusing, and I warn players to make sure their game has the IGT logo. If not, you could be playing an inferior product with a worse payout schedule. That isn't IGT's fault, though.

We give Red, White, and Blue Slots high marks.

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