Thai Flower Slots

Thai Flower Slots

When we heard the name Thai Flower, it immediately conjured up images of Thailand and all its natural beauty. On the other hand, we also knew that Barcrest designed Thai Flower, and they're known for some very simplistic games.

So does this 5 reel, 10 pay line slot come anywhere close to capturing the beauty of Thailand? More importantly, does it offer the kind of slots features that you'll love?

You can find the answer to both of these questions in our review and learn more about Thai Flower's betting options, graphics, and comparisons to other Barcrest games.

Also provided for you is a free version of the game, which you can play below before you decide whether or not you would like to play this slot machine for real money.

Thai Flower
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Overview of the Game

The background of this slot is pretty simple, with a couple of Thai decorations above the reels along with the game's name. We wouldn't exactly say that this gives you the feeling that you're in Thailand, nor is it very appealing from a graphical sense.

The symbols are a little better, though, since they include somewhat realistic depictions of a pretty Thai woman, boat in the water, elephant, temple and a golden jewelry container. The detail in these symbols won't blow you away, but they're not bad for an older slots game.

The woman is the highest paying symbol, delivering 1,000 coins when she appears five times in a pay line. The boat and jewelry holder are both the second highest paying symbols, giving you 250 coins when they show up five times in a pay line.

The lotus flower is wild and will substitute for any other symbol to help form a winning combination.

We wouldn't say that this game is loaded with extra frills and animations.

However, you do get to see a few decent animations during wins like the woman waving her pink umbrella, the boat scene changing from day to night, the jewelry container opening to reveal jewels, and the elephant raising its trunk.

You also hear a serene Asian jingle whenever you spin the reels, followed by likewise sound effects for winning combinations.

Betting Options

Moving to betting options, you must play all 10 pay lines, but you can at least adjust each pay line bet from $0.01 to $50.00. This makes for a minimum bet of $0.10 per spin and a maximum bet of $500.00.

Thai Flower also offers an auto spin feature that allows you to keep the reels spinning from between 10 and 50 spins.

Return to Player Percentage

Return to player for Thai Flower is 95.00%, which is average for an online slot. Keep in mind that it will feel like you're winning quite a bit, though, because this game has pretty high win frequency.

Thai Flower Bonus

Keeping with everything we've discussed so far, the bonus round in Thai Flower is nothing too detailed. You earn 12 free spins whenever you get three or more lotus flowers on reels 1, 3, and 5.

When you trigger the bonus round, a screen will come up over the reels and show three lotus buds. These buds will then bloom into flowers and reveal what symbols you'll be playing the bonus round with.

The three symbols shown are the only ones that will appear on the reels, so it's definitely nice to get the highest paying symbols like the woman, boat and jewelry holder.

Regardless of what you get, this round is always nice because the symbols are clustered together and form lots of wins.

One more thing worth noting about these free spins is that you don't actually spin the reels; the game does it for you. Perhaps you don't care about this, but some players might like to perform the spins on their own.

The only other feature outside the bounds of the main game is a gamble option following wins. If you choose to gamble your winnings, you'll be taken to a second screen where you can either pick the color of a card or the suit.

Choosing the color, red / black, doubles your winnings and is far less risky. Picking which of the four suits the card will be is riskier, but pays 4x your win.


As mentioned before, Barcrest is known for designing some rather simple games. So where does Thai Flower fit into this spectrum since it too is pretty basic?

Below we've compared it to a few other popular slots that Barcrest has made over the years.

Crown Gems
Crown Gems

Even though Thai Flower might seem pretty simple, Crown Gems is far more basic.

This jewel themed game doesn't offer a wild symbol, scatter, bonus round, free spins or interesting animations. Contrast this to Thai Flower, which at least has a wild symbol and free spins.

The main thing worth mentioning about Crown Gem is that winning pay lines can start in middle reels, ex. Reels 2, 3, 4, which gives you far more chances to win.

If there's an advantage that Crown Gem has over Thai Flower, it's a higher hit frequency, mainly because this game offers no sort of bonus payout or multiplier.

We're not saying that Crown Gems is a terribly designed game or anything, but it's very rudimentary even when compared to Thai Flower.

Crown Jewels
Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels is a more detailed sequel to Crown Gems that includes cascading reels.

If you've played other slots like this, then you know that these games see winning combinations disappear, making way for more symbols to fall from the top. The big advantage of this is that you can form more wins during the same turn.

Crown Jewels also gives you a 1x multiplier every time a new winning pay line falls into place. You can keep winning and boosting your multiplier up to 10x.

We think that the cascading reels offer something that Thai Flower doesn't, but the latter also allows you to get free spins. So we don't really consider either game better than the other, and this will all be up to the individual.

Land Based Thai Flower
Land Based Thai Flower

We won't spend much time here because this isn't really so much of a comparison as just noting that Barcrest also made a land based slot machine for Thai Flower.

However, we can't really find anything different between the online and land based versions. This is kind of rare because the land based slot usually at least has better graphics, a different bonus round and / or new symbols.

Wild Knights
Wild Knights

At first glance, Wild Knights slots looks pretty similar to Thai Flower, with its average graphics, 5 reels and 10 pay lines. However, the big difference is that Wild Knights contains a lot more features than Thai Flower.

For one, you'll see Jousting Reels, where, after a loss, entire reels switch places to give you a potential winning payout. Your chances of winning with the Jousting Reels only increase when you consider that this game has expanding wilds that cover entire reels.

Wild Knights also offers unlimited free spins, which only end if a dragon appears in reel 5. Finally, the Knight Times bonus round brings up a wheel that you spin to earn multipliers and free spins.

From a graphics / animations perspective, Thai Flower and Wild Knights are about equal. However, the multiple special features in Wild Knights definitely put it over the top.


Thai Flower offers a couple of favorable aspects, including free spins and some decent animations. You also seem to win at a pretty high frequency, which is nice if you're dealing with a small bankroll.

Unfortunately, this game doesn't really put you into the mindset that you're in Thailand or offer any outstanding features that distinguish it from the many other land based and online slots available.

So if you're looking for more than just a simple slots experience, we suggest that you try Wild Knights and other games that offer more features.

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