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Top Gun Slot Machine

In 1986, Top Gun took the American box office by storm. Shot on a budget of $15 million and starring up-and-coming talent such as Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, it went on to gross $356.8 million and increase Navy recruitment by 500 percent.

Given the success of the movie, it was only natural that an avalanche of licensed products would soon follow. Top Gun video games were created for a number of systems, and consumers were also able to purchase everything from t-shirts to flight suits.

Slots manufacturers are always on the lookout for popular franchises to convert into casino games, so it came as no surprise when the film was adapted into a Top Gun slot machine. Nostalgic fans were quick to play the game, but those unfamiliar with the movie were also drawn to the action-packed imagery and opportunity for a major payout.

Top Gun
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Top Gun Slot From WMS

The most popular slot machine adaptation of the movie was released by WMS, which is now a subsidiary of Scientific Games. It enjoyed a great deal of success for several years, although you'll be hard-pressed to find the machines in modern-day Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Most versions of the game were designed as penny or nickel slots, and payline configurations ranged from 15 to 25. The progressive jackpot started at $500,000, while the standalone version offered a maximum payout of 10,000 credits. Maximum wagers ranged from 60 to 200 credits at corporate-owned casino, while Native American jurisdictions offered a 250-credit limit.

Available in multiple languages, the game console features Anthony Edwards and Kelly McGillis on the front. You won't see Tom Cruise (aka "Maverick") in the game, however, as WMS was unable to meet his asking price for the rights to license his image.

Game Symbols
  • Iceman – Maverick's nemesis in the Top Gun flight school. Played by Val Kilmer.
  • Charlie – Maverick's instructor and love interest. Played by Kelly McGillis.
  • Goose – The co-pilot and best friend of Maverick. Played by Anthony Edwards.
  • Fighter Plane – An F-14, as used by the American pilots in the movie. Acts as the scatter symbol, with three of them initiating the bonus round.
  • American Flag – A symbol of patriotism.
  • Motorcycle – The chosen means of transportation for Maverick.
  • Wild – Substitutes for most symbols in the game.
  • Progressive – Get five of these on the first payline while betting the maximum amount to win the progressive jackpot.
  • Wings of Gold – The insignia presented to trained Navy pilots.
  • Top Gun Bonus – Collect these symbols to rank up to a higher level.
  • Crosshairs – The display used to target and destroy enemy aircraft.
  • Fly By – Getting one of these on the fifth reel activates the Fly By Bonus.
Bonus Rounds
  • Fly By Bonus – A jet flies across the screen and turns random symbols wild. The most common bonus in the base game.
  • Aerial Dogfight Bonus – Engage in aerial combat with enemy planes, gaining credits and multipliers along the way. Outmaneuver the MiGs to avoid getting shot down. If you get the "engage the enemy" icon, you can choose to fight Russian forces in order to win additional credits. A hit on the enemy pays 25x the initial wager, and up to six jets can be blown out of the sky. "Bonus Extender" icons can also be collected, allowing the player to increase the length of the bonus round.

Playtech Top Gun Slot

If you're a fan of "Take My Breath Away," the Academy Award-winning song by Berlin, you'll be delighted by this game. That's because the song's distinctive melody plays during each spin of the reels on this Playtech release, and other sections of the game allow you to hear a more complete version of the composition.

The designers of the game teamed with Paramount for the 30th anniversary of the film, and this slot features authentic footage and characters (minus Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell). There are 243 ways to trigger a way, and all that's required is to get three or more adjacent matching symbols from left to right.

The autoplay feature allows players to avoid the tedium of individual spins, and you can choose to automatically rotate the reels 10, 25, 50, or 99 times before stopping. If you use this option, each spin is made with an identical wager.

If you're especially impatient, there's also the turbo mode. This increases the speed of the reels, allowing players to increase their average number of spins within a certain period of time.

Game Symbols
  • Charlie – The sexy astrophysicist pays 1000 credits for five matches, 250 for four, and 100 for three.
  • Stinger & Jester – These veteran aviators pay 150 for five, 75 for four, and 25 for three.
  • Iceman & Goose – Both of these young naval officers pay 500 for five, 150 for four, and 50 for three.
  • Flight Jacket & Instructor's Clipboard – These iconic props from the film pay 100 for five, 50 for four, and 15 for three.
  • Ace & King – Playing cards that pay 50 for five, 25 for four, and 10 for three.
  • Queen & Jack – These playing card symbols pay 25 for five, 15 for four, and 5 for three.
  • F-14 – The Navy fighter plane symbol unlocks the Danger Zone free games and serves as the scatter.
  • Top Gun – The wild symbol of the game, it substitutes for all icons except the scatter. If five of these symbols turn up, the player receives 1500 credits.
Bonus Features
  • Danger Zone Free Games – In order to unlock this feature, you'll need to get the F-14 symbol on reels one, three, and five. This results in the player being awarded eight bonus spins. Keep an eye out for the fighter jet, as its appearance means enhanced dogfight wild symbols may be dropped onto the reels at any moment.
  • Dogfight Wilds – This feature sees the return of your wingman in his F-14. This time around, he's locking onto targets and blowing them out of the sky with his missiles. Once this happens, up to 15 Top Gun wild symbols can be revealed on the reels.

IGT Top Gun Slot

IGT was supposed to have developed a Top Gun slot at some point in the past, and a Google search turns up several sites claiming to offer reviews and information. These articles are misleading, however, as their information and screenshots are drawn from the slot machines discussed earlier in this article.

A pair of images from another Top Gun slot do exist, although they seem to be the only remaining evidence. IGT makes no mention of this Top Gun slot on their official website, and the same applies to YouTube and various online casinos utilizing IGT software. If the game ever existed, it has long since went the way of the dinosaurs.

One of the images mentioned above does include the paytable, though, so here's what you can expect:

  • MiG Aircraft – Pays 10,000 for five, 500 for four, 250 for three, and 30 for two.
  • F-14 Aircraft – Pays 50 for five, 10 for four, 2 for three, and 1 for two. Acts as the scatter symbol.
  • Aircraft Carrier – Pays 2500 for five, 300 for four, 150 for three, and 20 for two.
  • Helicopter – 300 for five, 50 for four, 25 for three, and 5 for two.
  • Motorcycle – Pays 200 for five, 30 for four, 20 for three, and 3 for two.
  • Flight Wings – Pays 100 for five, 25 for four, and 5 for three.
  • Crosshairs – Pays 75 for five, 15 for four, and 3 for three.
  • Radar – 50 for five, 15 for four, and 3 for three.
  • Blue Helmet – Pays 25 for five, 10 for four, and 2 for three.
  • White Helmet – 15 for five, 5 for four, and 2 for three.
  • Red Helmet – 10 for five, 6 for four, and 2 for three.
  • Top Gun – This wild symbol substitutes for all others with the exception of the F-14 scatter symbol.

Classic Quotes from Top Gun

Most enduring films wind up having a number of memorable lines, and Top Gun is no exception. The Jim Cash/Jack Epps script is filled with bluster and attitude, and people are still quoting it 30 years later. If you want to demonstrate your love for the blockbuster, try committing a few of the following lines to memory.

  • "I feel the need...the need for speed!" (Goose and Maverick)
  • "The Defense Department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid." (Goose)
  • "You can be my wingman any time." (Iceman)
  • "That was some of the best flying I've seen to date, right up to the part where you got killed." (Jester)
  • "You're not going to be happy unless you're going Mach 2 with your hair on fire." (Charlie)

It's been three decades since Top Gun was in theaters, but the movie continues to gain new fans thanks to the star-making performance of Tom Cruise and the tense aerial combat scenes. Several slot machine companies have attempted to capture that same magic by creating Top Gun casino games, although the film's leading man has yet to appear in any of them. Despite his absence, however, the slots manage to combine nostalgic thrills and music with the opportunity to win large sums of cash.

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