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White Orchid Slots

White Orchid is an unusual online slot game, even by IGT standards. It doesn't have a traditional theme, or, at least, not in the way that games like Texas Tea or Cluedo. You could say that White Orchid was designed to attract a different type of gambler – some reviewers have guessed that this slot is designed to attract women.

White Orchid is kind of like two games in one. The standard game has five reels and forty pay lines, and follows traditional slot rules. But the biggest jackpots and best bonuses only come when you trigger the special 1,024 Ways to Win system, by doubling each spin. By that system, you still play with five reels and forty pay lines, except that wins are counted in different ways, so that you spin more winning combos.

Below we provid you with information on the game and a free playable version so you can try it out before you decide to play for real money.

White Orchid
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White Orchid: The Basics

White Orchid's theme, if there is one, is a romance between two unnamed characters lost in a jungle paradise. The theme isn't the part of the game that's meant to interest you – instead, the game's use of soft pastel colors, gentle music, and realistic animations of humans is supposed to be visually interesting. The game itself is about average for IGT slots. According to material included in the info section of the slot by IGT, the average return to player is between 92.9% and 95.03%, depending on the game's settings, which can be changed by the operator.

White Orchid is an expensive game, especially if you want to trigger the 1,024 Ways system and bet a true maximum amount.

We can't imagine why you'd want to bet anything but max, especially on a slot with big paydays for maximum bet jackpots. On White Orchid slots by IGT, the cheapest max bet is $80 per spin, with a wager of $800 per spin at the high end. White Orchid may be designed for females, but it's also designed for high rollers, as even disabling the 1,024 Ways system only cuts those max bet amounts in half. $40 per spin is still very expensive by most gamblers' standards.

Game Symbols

This online slot has two sets of symbols – the traditional IGT playing card symbols, and a set of game-specific symbols. We cover each below, and talk about potential payouts and the way each symbol ties in to the game's bonus feature.

White Orchid Game Logo - The White Orchid Logo is wild and substitutes for all other symbols. The game logo symbol only appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. White Orchid allows you to stack up to four wilds on a single reel, which increases your payout chances exponentially.

  • White Orchid

    This is the game's scatter symbol, which triggers the White Falls bonus round.

  • The Man

    A standard symbol that leads to the game's lowest jackpot.

  • The Woman

    A standard symbol with a slightly-bigger jackpot.

  • The Frog

    A standard symbol with an average payout.

  • The Cheetah

    A standard symbol that leads to the game's third-biggest payout.

  • The Butterfly

    A standard symbol that leads to the game's second-biggest payout.

  • Playing cards 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace

    Standard symbols that lead to low payouts.

White Orchid Free Spins Round

White Orchid has just one bonus round, and all it does is award free spins. Normally, this would be a good thing – slots that hand out free spins aren't all that common these days. The trouble is, IGT is notoriously cheap when it comes to handing out free spins. The same is pretty much true with this game. Don't expect the dozens of free spins you'll win on other designer's online slots.

When three or more White Orchid symbols (not the game logo but the flower), you trigger the White Falls free spins round. The number of spins depends on the number of symbols of view.

  • Three white orchids will give you ten free spins.
  • Four will give you fifteen free spins.
  • Five will give you twenty free spins.

These awards are all eligible for retrigger and additional free spins when you spin two or more of the same symbol on the third reel. The game limits you to 130 free spins per round, regardless of retriggering.

More about White Orchid

Go read a few other reviews of IGT's White Orchid slots and you'll see the word "feminine" being thrown around. This is borderline offensive, especially after you play the game a few times. This is not one of IGT's best designs. For starters, the graphics are weak. Okay, so the Man and the Woman look pretty good, but even those designs are embarrassing. The Man looks like something off a romance novel book cover, and the Woman is way overdressed for an island romance.

Does this game serve the female market? It's hard to overlook the high cost-per-spin for maximum bets, which is doubly-high if you plan on taking advantage of the slot's beast feature, which is the 1,024 Ways scoring system. If you're going to produce a high-end game (with max bets starting at $80 per round), you may as well spend a little more time producing something easy on the eyes.

The only ways in which White Orchid appears to be made "for women" is in the use of some pale pinks, soft blues and greens, and a floral/tropical background. Also, the designers threw in a hunky animated guy with big biceps and pectoral muscles, you know, for women. If White Orchid really was designed with women gamblers in mind, then IGT's designers have a thing or two to learn about women.

We respect most of IGT's catalog. Though many of their online games, like White Orchid, leave a little something to be desired (in the case of this game, it's plot), it's hard to imagine them making a game this bad and aiming it at women. If anything, women are more discerning than men, and more likely to have a negative reaction to the poor graphics and boring gameplay of this particular online slot game.


Regardless how you feel about this game's gender politics, it's important to first judge it based only on its own merits. If you're into multi-ways games, White Orchid has an optional 1,024 Ways betting system. It was one of IGT's first multi-ways titles, in fact.

Though the game only offers one bonus round, it is easy to trigger and occurs frequently during play. If you can afford to be maximum, you should check out IGT's White Orchid online slot. If it's out of your range – you're not missing much of a story.

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