Wipeout Slots

Wipeout Slots

When you're surfing, wiping out is the last thing that you want to do. So Barcrest must have channeled the hit Beach Boys song from 1963 when they created Wipeout slots.

Wipeout is supposed to be about fun and sun, so the key question is if it actually plays out this way on the reels. Additionally, does this 5 reel, 10 pay line game include any unique features that make it worth playing more than once?

You can see our take on the matter below and read about Wipeout's details, bonus feature, the land based version, and a comparison to other Barcrest slots.

You can also check out our free version of Wipeout slots below. We provide you with a free to play version so that you can try out the game, and see if you would like to play for real money or not.

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Wipeout does a good job of putting you in the beach mindset with the background, which includes a bleach blonde surfer riding a giant wave. The music certainly fits the theme too because it sounds like the type that you'd expect from a surf themed slot.

The symbols are pretty much what you'd expect, and they include the following:

  • Hippie van
  • Wild symbol
  • Sun wearing sunglasses
  • Generic letters
  • Surfer

The wild symbol substitutes for everything except the surfer to help form winning payouts. The wild is also the highest paying symbol, delivering you 250 coins when it appears five times on a pay line.

Animations aren't a big part of this slot, but you will at least get to see the surfer moving around on his board when appearing in a win. He also says stereotypical surfer phrases like totally stoked when appearing three or more times on the screen.

As for betting options, you must play all 10 of the pay lines. The bet per line can be adjusted from $0.02 to $10.00, making for a minimum wager of $0.20 and a max bet of $100.00 per spin.

You can also use an auto play feature to keep the reels spinning for 5 25 spins with your selected betting options.

Wipeout Slots Bonus

The surfer is both the bonus and scatter symbol in this game. If he appears at least three times on the reels, he'll trigger free spins and multiply your total stake as follows:

  • 5x for 3 symbols
  • 25x for 4 symbols
  • 250x for 5 symbols

When the bonus round is triggered, water will wash over the reels before the free spins start.

The most interesting element to these free spins is that they're theoretically unlimited and will only end when you run out of lives. You start the bonus round with 3 lives, and wipeout symbols remove one of your lives each time they appear.

However, you can also gain a life back by landing a surfer head on the reels. Just keep in mind that you can't have more than 3 lives at any point, so you'll only gain a life back if you're sitting at 1 to 2 lives.

Any time that you get either the wipeout or surfer head, you'll receive a 4x bonus on your triggering bet.

Assuming you can survive until 25 spins, you'll receive an automatic 20x your triggering stake bonus. Survive for 50 spins and you'll collect the grand prize of 200x your total stake.

The bonus round continues until you've either lost all of your lives or have reached the 50 spins max prize.

Comparison to Wipeout Slot Machine

The original land based slot machine is virtually the same game as the online Wipeout, except for one notable difference. You can take advantage of a unique gamble feature in the land based version of Wipeout. If you gamble your winnings following a win, you'll be taken to a second screen, where you see a wheel with a spinning arrow.

What makes this gamble feature so unique is the degree of control you have over your how much you're risking.

For example, you can adjust the pie to where you stand an 80% chance of winning, marked in blue. In this instance, you'd be risking $10 to win a $2 profit. Or you can adjust the wheel to the more traditional 50 / 50 chance, in which case you'd be risking $10 to win a $10 profit.

Assuming you want to get really risky, you can even tilt the wheel to where you only have a 10% chance of winning; but you'd also be able to win a really big payout.

It's hard to say that this one gamble feature constitutes you rushing to the nearest casino to play the Wipeout slot machine. However, this gamble option is among the more unique ones that we've seen in the slots world.

Comparisons to other Barcrest Slots

Wipeout is the only surfing game that Barcrest has made, so we decided to compare it to a few different slots made by the same company. That said, here's a look at how Wipeout stacks up to some of Barcrest's other games.

Captain Jackpot's Cash Ahoy
Captain Jackpot's Cash Ahoy

We added this game to the comparisons because it's the next closest thing to a beach slot that Barcrest has.

The graphics are actually really comparable to Wipeout; however, the limited amount of music makes Cash Ahoy feel a little awkward sometimes.

But Captain Jackpot's Cash Ahoy easily makes up for this with three different bonus features. One is a simple pick me option that happens on the reels, while the Mystery and Captain's bonus both take you to second screens.

In the Mystery bonus, the captain keeps kicking a treasure chest while gold, or credits, is delivered into your bankroll. Eventually, one of the kicks will close the treasure chest and end the bonus feature.

The Captain's round takes you onto the deck of his pirate ship, where bronze, silver and gold treasure buckets spin around. The hope is that the arrow points to a 200x multiplier when the spin is completed.

Again, the graphics and gameplay between Captain Jackpot's Cash Ahoy and Wipeout are pretty similar. But Cash Ahoy takes the edge with its multiple bonus rounds.

Rainbow Riches
Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is a leprechaun themed slot that takes you to the end of the rainbow in search of gold. Obviously this game won't earn any points for an original theme, but it does have redeemable qualities.

Specifically, you can unlock three different bonus rounds when playing Rainbow Riches. The Road to Riches bonus is particularly nice because this takes you to a detailed path, where the goal is reach the end and collect a 200x multiplier.

The Pots of Gold bonus is also pretty fun since gold / silver / bronze pots spin around a leprechaun before your prize is revealed. The Wishing Well bonus is just a standard pick me bonus that you perform on the reels.

As for graphics and animations, Rainbow Riches is probably a tad worse than Wipeout in these departments. However, we'd have to say that the bonuses really make Rainbow Riches stand out.

Thai Flower
Thai Flower

This slot is pretty basic, although the symbol graphics are decent as are the animations you see during winning payouts.

You'll be able to collect free spins by getting landing 3 lotus flowers, which reveal the only three symbols that'll be in play during your free spins. And this is nice because these limited symbols come clustered together to help you form more winning payouts.

Unfortunately, Thai Flower doesn't have much else to offer, and we'd say that Wipeout slots is a bit more enjoyable overall.


Wipeout does a good job of capturing what casino gaming is all about, fun. The bright, sunny theme puts you in the mood for an entertaining experience, while this game has a few extra frills that will keep you playing for a little while.

And while the graphics and music aren't A pluses in our book, they definitely match the beach theme and add something to the game.

On the downside, Wipeout doesn't have a true second screen bonus round. We do like the 3 lives concept that the free spins have, but it'd be nice to see a second screen round mixed in too.

We'd also have to say that the number of unique symbols offered in this game are a bit on the low side. We only count five unique symbols, not including the generic letters.

Overall, the positives of this game outweigh the negatives and make Wipeout worth trying for a little while. But we don't see this being a slot that will keep you hooked for very long.

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