Using Multiple Sports Betting Sites

In the beginning days of sports betting, your only options to bet were the closest casino or a sketchy back-room bookie you always worried would break your legs. The point we are trying to make here is that you didn't have any options. You most likely had one place to bet, and that was it. Sports betting in the old days was a "take it or leave it" kind of business. If you didn't like the lines or the perks they were offering, tough luck. Your only other option was not to bet at all.

As sports betting began to merge with the internet, this all changed. You now have hundreds of different sports betting sites that you can choose from. You can now make all of your bets from the comfort of your own home and enjoy the conveniences that are just not available with brick-and-mortar locations.

What you may not be aware of is that it can be strategically smart for you to join and use multiple sports betting sites at the same time. There are many advantages to having these options and taking advantage of them. In this guide, we're going to walk you through the advantages of using multiple sports betting sites and how you can utilize these to grow your bottom line. If you aren't using multiple sites already, you're leaving free money on the table.

Line Shopping

The biggest reason that you should be joining multiple sports betting sites at once is for line shopping. Line shopping is hands-down the most important thing that you can do to increase your profit when betting on sports. What is line shopping? Line shopping is the act of checking multiple sportsbooks to find the best odds or line on a game or match you are looking to bet.

Because sportsbook sites operate independently, it's very common that you're going to see differing lines for the exact same bet. This means that by going to a different sportsbook, you could get more points or get paid better for the exact same bet.

For example, let's say that you wanted to bet $100 on the Cowboys for an upcoming game. You go to your sportsbook site, and you see that the odds are (+200) for a moneyline bet. If you make this bet, you'll get $200 in profit if you are right and the Cowboys win. Is this the smartest bet you can make? Well, even though you may be right, there might be a better bet out there.

Site A vs Site BMoneyline
Site A
Site B

Let's say that Sportsbook 2 has been taking a lot of bets against the Cowboys and is trying to entice action on the Cowboys to balance things out. To do this, they offer the exact same moneyline bet at (+225). This means that your same $100 bet would get you $225 in profit if the Cowboys win. How do we put this lightly? You would be a MANIAC if you didn't choose to place this bet with Sportsbook 2 and set yourself up to win the additional $25. Literally, you'd be giving yourself a potential free $25 just by taking the time to look and bet somewhere else.

Site A vs Site BPoint Spread
Site A
+3 points
Site B
+3.5 points

The same thing goes for point spreads. If you are betting the spread and one sportsbook is giving you +3 points and another is going to give you +3.5, you HAVE to take the free half point. Let's say it is a football game and the game ends with the other team winning by a field goal. If you bet $100 at the sportsbook offering you +3, you would push and make a $0 profit. But if you made the bet at the second sportsbook, you would win this bet.

If you aren't taking advantage of these differences in payouts or point spreads, you're doing yourself a grave injustice. Sports betting is a game of small margins. You're not going to be out there winning 80% or 90% of your bets, no matter how smart and sharp you are. You need to be taking advantage of every little angle you can to try to get the most edge possible.

The only way that you can take full advantage of line shopping is by having accounts on multiple different sportsbooks. You need to be ready to place your bets wherever they offer you the most upside. Remember, you don't have to place all of your bets at the same sportsbook. It's very common for serious sports bettors to have some bets at one sportsbook and some at a few different ones to try to get the best lines and payout odds possible.

Bonuses and Rewards

If you've ever used coupons or been around someone who does, you know that they tend to shop at multiple stores to get everything they need. They might buy their meat at one grocery store because it's on sale there, and then buy their coffee at another store because it's buy one get one free. This approach ends up saving them money and ultimately putting more money back in their pocket (unless it takes them forever to go to all the different stores, but that's another discussion.)

The point we're trying to get to is that you should adopt this way of thinking when you are looking at using sportsbooks. The sportsbook industry online is extremely competitive. With a ton of different companies offering betting action, there is a lot of competition to try to win your business. This comes in the form of the sites offering promos, bonuses, VIP status, and tons of other freebies just for betting your action with them. Sometimes these bonuses are for opening accounts, sometimes they are for continued action, and sometimes they are for special occasions or are sport-specific.

You need to be taking advantage of all of these promos as much as possible. Are we advising that you double-dip and take advantage of the different sites? You bet your booty we are. You should be bouncing around between the sites that you use to try to take advantage of everything that you can. See a sweet promo for the Super Bowl at a site other than the one you are on? Jump on over there and place a bet there. See a free bet for opening a new account somewhere else? Go for it.

The key to being able to take advantage of all of these promotions is being aware of them as they are going on. The best way to do this is to join multiple sites and get your email on their newsletter list. Most online sites will send you emails detailing all of their upcoming promotions, so you know exactly what to be ready for. When you see something that you like, look to make your bets there.

Remember, though, winning your bets should still be your number one priority. That means that line shopping should take precedent over bonus hunting. The only time that you should let a bonus affect where you place a bet is if the lines are exactly the same at all of the sportsbook sites that you checked. If you can get a better line or payout odds at a sportsbook, that is where you should be betting. Bonuses are great, but they are rarely going to be more valuable than winning a bet.

Keeping Things Organized, Tracked, and Balanced

When you were little and you kept all of your money in one piggy bank, it was pretty easy to keep track of your funds. The amount of money you had was exactly what was in the pig. If you took money out of the pig, you had less. If you added money to the pig, you had more. But what would have happened if you had five piggy banks that you used at the same time? How hard would it be to keep track of all of your money if you constantly had money coming in and going out of all five pigs?

When you're betting online with only one sportsbook, things are easy. You know right away whether you are up or down. If you started the account with $300 and there is now $350 in there, you are up. If there is less than $300, you are down. Unfortunately, using only one sportsbook is not wise, which you now understand thanks to this guide. You're going to have money moving all over the place and different bets going on at different times in different locations.

Person in Front of a Whiteboard

If you don't have a good plan in place to monitor your money, you're going to get lost quickly. When you lose track of your funds, you're going to be limited in the correct decisions that you can make. How will you know how much you should bet if you don't know the size of your bankroll? How will you know if you have enough money to cover all the bets you want to make?

What you need to do is keep a spreadsheet or a ledger of all of your bets and your overall balance. If you're good with Microsoft Excel or at least know the basics, that's your best bet. If you aren't, you can write this stuff down by hand if you have to. Just make sure that you double-check all of your math so as not to make a mistake. You could also look into a bet-tracking app to help you keep track of everything. Honestly, learning a little Microsoft Excel is probably the easiest way to accomplish this, though.

When you have all of your data and results tracked, you'll know exactly how much money you have and how you are doing on your bets. Additionally, you will have data that you can look at to see if you need to change anything with your bets. You'll be able to see where you're doing well and where you might be struggling. Identifying these strong points and leaks can really help you to adjust your betting strategy to the most optimal level possible.

The Final Word

The bottom line that you should be taking away from this guide is that you NEED to be - at a very minimum - checking lines at multiple sportsbooks. If you see better odds on a bet, you need to take those. Otherwise, you are leaving money on the table in an industry where the margins of winning are going to be tight. We recommend joining multiple sites just in case you see a bet that you need to get in quickly. We'd hate to see you sitting there twiddling your thumbs because there was an issue creating your account and you missed the game you were trying to bet.

Lastly, make sure you keep all of your data and different accounts organized and tracked from a centralized source. This can be handwritten, or through Excel or a betting app or website. Regardless of how you do it, realize that you need to do it. A disorganized bettor is dead in the water before they even get started making their bets.

While this all may seem like additional work, it's necessary for your survival and success in the industry. If sports betting were easy, everyone and their brother would be doing it for a living. Sometimes it takes some additional effort on your part to succeed at something. Being sharp and knowing how to pick winners is only part of the battle. Stop leaving free money on the table and take your betting to the next level, starting now.

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