Top Rated Sports Betting Sites for 2018

Online sports betting is booming in 2018. It's more popular than ever before, with millions of people all over the world recognizing that online betting sites are the fastest and most convenient option for placing their sports wagers. As a result, there are literally HUNDREDS of bookmakers and sportsbooks providing online betting services.

Our List of the Best Sports Betting Sites for May 2018

Rank Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#1BetwayBetway100% up to €30Go site Casino
#2888sport888sport100% up to €100Go site Casino
#310Bet10Bet50% up to €100Go site Casino

This means you have plenty of choice for where to bet. Choice is good, but it also makes it hard to pick the RIGHT place to bet. Which of these many bookmakers and sportsbooks can actually be trusted with your money? Which ones will treat you fairly, and give you the service you deserve?

The only way to answer these questions for yourself is to do some research into all the different betting sites available. That's going to take up a LOT of your time, but we have a better solution. We've ranked the best sports betting sites in a variety of categories, making it easy to pick the ones that suit you best.

We haven't just picked these sites at random. We've chosen them carefully based on extensive research and testing, so you can be sure that each one of them is genuinely high quality.

These sites are all credible and trustworthy, so there's no fear of getting ripped off. They all provide first-class service, too, and that means you're sure to have a positive experience. It's our honest opinion that these are the BEST sports betting sites at this moment in time. So, if you're looking for somewhere to bet RIGHT NOW, these are the sites to join.

If you'd like some more information before signing up, why not check out our reviews section? Here we list ALL the gambling sites that we recommend, and provide detailed reviews of exactly what they offer.

We should point out that the sites listed above are not the ONLY betting sites worth using. We've made them our top recommendations because we believe that they're suitable for all sports bettors. They're excellent "all-arounders", performing well in all the areas that really matter.

A lot of bettors have specific requirements from a betting site though. That's why we've also recommended the leading sites in a range of different categories. We can help you to find the best sites for your specific region, or for your preferred sport. There are categories based on other important criteria as well. We've ranked the best sites for live betting, for example, and the best sites for mobile betting.

You'll find details of all the categories we cover below. There's also a ton of other useful information and advice, including an explanation of how we decide which sites to recommend.

Best Betting Sites by Region

There are limited options for betting online in some parts of the world. The most notable example of this is in the United States. US gambling laws are strict and somewhat confusing, especially the ones relating to placing wagers on the web. This has resulted in many of the biggest online gambling operators choosing not to accept US customers.

Gambling legislation in the United States , and this can only be good news. In the meantime, however, US sports bettors have it tougher than most when it comes to betting online. They still have plenty of sites to choose from, but the pool of legitimate and quality sites is fairly small compared to bettors from other countries.

This is one reason why so many Americans are hesitant to bet online. Another reason is that the relevant laws are so confusing that they don't actually know if they're allowed too. In reality, though, there's absolutely NO reason to worry. There is no US law, state or federal, which explicitly forbids someone from signing up with a betting site. Online gambling legislation is directed at the companies that run these sites, not the people that use them.

The important thing when betting online from the US is to use those sites that are operating legally. This typically means signing up with a site that's based off-shore, in a region where online betting is legalized and fully regulated. How do you find these sites? Well, the easiest way is to simply check out our regional recommendations. We've listed the best sites for betting from the United States, and several other regions too.

Every site listed in our regional recommendations is 100% suitable for bettors living within each relevant region. Each one is operating legally, and subject to proper regulation. They all offer appropriate banking options that allow their customers to deposit and bet in their native currency.

Betting Sites by Sport

Most betting sites cover the vast majority of sports these days. However, it's fair to say that some sites are especially good for certain sports.

Take football, for example. There are a few sites that run many additional promotions for football, and offer a much wider range of betting options. So, if you bet mostly on football, it obviously makes sense to use one of these sites. The same applies to most other major sports too.

For this reason, we've put together lists of the top betting sites for each of the following sports.

If you're looking to bet on any sport that is NOT on the list above, we recommend sticking with the sites listed at the top of this page. Unless it's an extremely obscure sport, you're almost certain to find it covered.

In addition to ranking the best sites by sports, we've gone a step further. We've also picked the best sites for betting on specific events, leagues and tournaments. Here are some examples.

More Recommended Sports Betting Sites

Some of you will have very specific requirements from an online betting site. Some of you will have personal preferences that you want to see catered to. Our final batch of recommendations have been compiled with this in mind. We've put together lists of the best betting sites in each of the following categories.

This completes our list of recommendations. As you can tell, we've gone to a lot of effort to ensure that you can find a betting site that's suitable for you. If you can't find what you're looking for here, we're pretty sure that you never will!

Why should you trust our recommendations though? Well, as we've already mentioned, we choose them very carefully. We do our research, we carry out thorough testing, and then we rate sites based on our findings. Let's take a look at this process in more detail.

How We Rate and Rank Our Recommendations

We're fully committed to making sure that the recommendations we provide to our readers are both up to date and accurate. With so many online bookmakers and sportsbooks in operation, we must work very hard to determine which ones are genuinely better than the rest. Our task is further complicated by the fact that we recommend the top betting sites in so many different categories. We really dig into the details of all that each and every site has to offer.

All of this means that the process for choosing our recommendations is both time-consuming and complex. It's not something we can ever "finish", as we are constantly updating our lists. The best sites today will not necessarily be the best sites tomorrow for a variety of reasons. Online sports betting is evolving all the time, and not every site is capable of keeping up.

We won't bore you with the finer details of exactly how we go about compiling our lists of recommended sites. That would take a very long time, and it's probably not that interesting to read about. What we will tell you, however, is that we are VERY picky when it comes to choosing our recommendations in each category.

First and foremost, we only ever recommend sites that we KNOW can be trusted.

Each and every one of our recommendations has been thoroughly vetted to ensure that it is reputable and trustworthy. If we have even the slightest suspicion that a site might be shady, it's simply not going to make any of our lists. There's no way we'd send our readers to a site that might rip them off in some way.

Of course, being trustworthy is not enough by itself to earn our recommendation. A site must also provide a quality service and an enjoyable experience. It needs to meet our high standards, and perform well in a number of key areas.

We take many different factors into account when choosing which betting sites to recommend. Some only apply to certain categories, while some are important for all sites. Below we've outlined the factors that we consider especially significant.


Licensing & Regulation

Any legitimate betting site should be properly licensed by a reputable licensing authority. This ensures that they are operating legally and subject to regulation. They have strict guidelines to adhere to, and must treat their customers fairly and ethically. We would never recommend any site that doesn't hold a recognized betting license, as there are simply too many doubts about whether they can be trusted.


Reputation & History

A site's reputation and history is another excellent way to assess their trustworthiness. If a site has a track record of treating their customers well, that's obviously a good sign. If they have been known to treat their customers badly, however, that's a huge red flag for us.

Check Mark

Safety & Security

Our readers deposit their hard-earned money at sites based on our recommendations, so we need to know that their money is going to be protected. A site MUST be able to demonstrate that they have the appropriate safety and security measures in place. They should possess an SSL license at the very least, and all financial transactions should be encrypted.


Banking Options & Processes

Moving money in and out of your betting account is a key part of betting online. It SHOULD be easy to do, but this isn't the case at every site. So, we always check out the banking options and processes at a site when deciding whether or not recommend them. A range of different options for depositing and withdrawing is a must, and we don't like to see fees for deposits. Fees for withdrawals are only acceptable if they're not excessive. Depositing should be easy to do, and withdrawals should be processed in a reasonable timeframe.


Sports & Events Covered

We like to see sites cover a wide variety of different sports and events. This ensures that customers have plenty of choice for what to bet on, making it easier to find those good value wagers. Not EVERY sport and event has to be covered, but there should certainly be a decent selection for customers.

In addition to everything discussed above, we also like to see sites offer at least most of the following. These aren't necessarily what we'd class as "deal breakers", but they certainly enhance our overall assessment of a site.

  • Bonus GiftGenerous Bonuses & Rewards
  • CompetitionCompetitive Odds & Lines
  • PromotionsRegular Promotions & Offers
  • Live BettingLive Betting Platform
  • OptionsRange of Betting Options
  • Live StreamLive Streaming
  • Customer ServiceHelpful Customer Service
  • CashoutCashout Feature

Getting Started with Online Betting

Many of you visiting this page will be experienced online bettors who are just looking for a new site to bet with. Some of you will be completely new to online betting. If you ARE a beginner, then it's important to know that choosing the right site is only one part of getting started with online betting. There are lots of other things you need to know too, so we suggest taking a look at the following section of our betting guide.

What's in this section? Quite a lot! We detail all the advantages of betting online, and explain why you should use more than one site. We also teach you about the various bonuses and rewards you can earn online. There's a useful step-by-step guide to signing up with betting sites, too, and a comprehensive FAQ page. Here are some examples of the questions we answer.

  • Is it legal to bet online?
  • How do I bet for real money?
  • Is online betting safe?
  • What stakes can I bet for?
  • What is live betting?
  • What is exchange betting?
  • How do I get my winnings?
  • How many sites can I use?

Improving Your Sports Betting Skills

Our sports betting guide is about so much more than just helping you to find the right places to bet. The following sections have been compiled by our resident experts and they feature some VERY useful information and advice. They'll help you become successful in your sports betting career whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced bettor. Be sure to check them out!

Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide to Sports Betting

This section deals with nothing but the basics. If you've never engaged in sports betting before, this is where you should start. And you should still take a look even if you already bet on sports. This a priceless resource for ANYONE who wants to learn more about betting on sports. It's a complete "Betting 101", with over 20 separate articles.

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Betting Essentials

Sports Betting Essentials

If you only want to bet for fun, there's no need to learn ALL the ins and outs of sports betting. The above beginner's guide is more than enough to help you enjoy this form of gambling. If you dream of actually making money, however, there's a lot more to learn. This section deals with various aspects of sports betting that are crucial to improving your chances of success.

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Betting Strategy

Sports Betting Strategy

This is perhaps the most valuable part of our guide. Here you can read some useful advice on a wide range of betting strategies. Some of them are simple, while others are more advanced. They'll all help you take your betting to a whole new level. And that can only spell more winning.

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As if all this information and advice wasn't enough, we've got even MORE to offer. We keep our betting experts busy here at, and we have them provide regular picks and previews for upcoming events. These will help you to make some winning wagers while your mastering the art of selecting your own!

Here are some of our latest picks and previews, along with a link to all the others.