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Baseball season is a gold mine for the serious sports betting fiend. Out of the big four sports in North America, baseball is the easiest to handicap successfully. Baseball lends itself well to statistical analysis with fans collecting (and publishing) a nearly endless myriad of stats for teams and individual players. This vast array of stats is conducive to placing well-researched bets.

Additionally, a season of MLB baseball consists of more than 2400 games. Baseball betting sites have to cover every game while you are free to pick and choose games as you see fit. You can dedicate significantly more time to handicapping any individual matchup than the sportsbook ever could.

All this doesn't mean it's easy to win money betting on baseball, but it does mean the opportunities are there. If you do the research and learn from your mistakes, there's some serious money to be made. The first step in getting started is to find the right online sportsbook for your business.

The Best Baseball Betting Sites

There are three key factors to look for in a betting site: a quality reputation, fair betting lines, and fast cashouts. Any sportsbook that has all three of those factors working in its favor is, at the very least, a pretty good place to do your betting.

Here are our top picks that meet all three criteria:

1. Bovada

2. TopBet

If you know where to look, it's really not all that difficult to find a few sites that rank well in all three areas. There are hundreds of betting sites out there and some of them are bound to offer exactly what you want. The options can be overwhelming for newbies, but we've been involved in the industry long enough to know which sites really are the best.

The other thing to keep in mind with baseball in particular is variety. Like we mentioned above, there are more than 2400 games played every year in the MLB alone. When you add NCAA baseball and international leagues to the mix, the list of potential bet-worthy games expands to several thousand.

No single sportsbook could ever hope to cover every single baseball game played in the world. That's understandable; it's not like baseball is the only sport in the world. Even so, more variety is always better. The sites that offer the most extensive baseball coverage always get the nudge over sites with fewer options.

To sum it up, you could say the above list consists of what we consider to be the best all-around baseball betting sites. They display all three of the most important qualities and have been around long enough that we've come to trust each one. If you're in the market for a new place to bet on the MLB, you won't go wrong with any site mentioned on this page.

International Baseball Sportsbooks

Baseball may be America's Pastime, but the sport has an impressively passionate fan base around the world. It's the national sport in numerous countries and some of our greatest players here in the States came up from other international leagues.

For our baseball fans located outside the United States, we have several recommendations specifically for you. US-focused betting sites may offer the greatest coverage of the MLB, but international sites cover other leagues in much greater detail. Here are our top two picks for all our non-US readers:


2. William Hill

Bet365 and William Hill are both great choices for anyone outside the US. Each company operates hundreds of betting shops throughout the UK and employs thousands of people. They are both licensed by the UK Gaming Commission, but they do accept customers from around the world.

Both sportsbooks cover the MLB along with a whole variety of international and minor leagues. You really can't go wrong with either site. We are constantly recommending both sites to our readers for all kinds of sports. They are just that big. Plus, they've earned our trust over the years.

The other reason we recommend these sites to our non-US readers is because each site can handle at least a dozen different currencies. You don't have to wager with the US dollar if you don't want to. These sites can handle British pounds, euros, rupees, Australian dollars, pesos, reais, yen, and many more.

Well, that about does it for our top picks when it comes to baseball. If you're still undecided, keep researching and remember to always keep safety as your number one priority. It's incredible how much dirt you can dig up on a sportsbook with a few well-executed Google searches. Make research your friend and eventually you'll find a safe book that offers everything you need.

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