Most Trusted Boxing Betting Sites in 2018

Boxing and betting go hand in hand. Or perhaps we should say glove in glove. Either way, the point we're trying to get a crossed here is that people have been betting on boxing for as long as we can remember. This is not surprising seeing as many of the biggest fights of all time have been held in Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world.

Those big fights represent the glamorous side of boxing, but we must remember that there's a less glamorous side of the sport too. They're less prevalent now, but "underground" boxing matches used to be very common. Often fought bare-knuckle, these matches attracted a lot of betting interest. Unlike professional fights, though, the betting wasn't done at the Vegas sportsbooks. It was typically done with illegal bookmaking operations.

Things have changed drastically over the years. There's no need to go to Vegas to bet on boxing legally anymore. In fact, there's no need to go anywhere at all. As long as you have an electronic device with internet access, then you can use one of the countless online betting sites available. For your convenience, we have listed what we have found to be the best boxing betting sites at this moment in time.

Our List of the Best Boxing Betting Sites for 2018

Rank Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#1BetwayBetway100% up to €30Go site Casino
#2888sport888sport100% up to €100Go site Casino
#310Bet10Bet50% up to €100Go site Casino

Most betting sites allow you to bet on boxing, as it's a very popular sport to bet on. However, not all sites meet the same high standards as the ones we've recommended above. Most of the sites that you'll find will be mediocre at best, and a few of them should even be avoided at all costs.

We pride ourselves for only recommending sites that can be described as excellent. We explain why we have chosen the sites we chose later on in this article, but let us reassure you that there are many reasons why they stand out from the rest. If you want to bet on boxing, and you want the convenience of betting online, these are the sites you should be using.

Many people believe that it doesn't really matter which sites they use, and they are sadly mistaken. This is precisely why there are so many low quality sites. They don't need to be top quality, as they get plenty of customers anyway. Those customers don't know what they're missing out on though, as using one of the better sites gives a much better all-round experience. If you walk away from this article having only learned one thing, let is be this; which sites you choose DOES matter.

We explain the benefits of using our recommendations below. We also explain how we go about ranking boxing betting sites, and deciding which ones to recommend. There's a short guide to the various different options for betting on boxing too.

Why Use Our Recommendations?

It's easy for us to tell you to use our recommendations, but we don't expect you to just blindly take our word for it. That's why we want to take the time to explain how valuable using our recommendations can be. We would hate to see any of our readers overlook our advice and end up joining a site that offers them a bad experience.

Let's start with the five main benefits of using the sites that we recommend.

  • 1Your money and your personal details will be safe
  • 2Boxing is covered extensively, not as an afterthought
  • 3There are plenty of different betting options
  • 4The odds on offer are usually very competitive
  • 5It's easy to place your chosen wagers

The first benefit listed here is extremely important. We wish you didn't have to worry about the safety of your funds and personal details when gambling online, but the unfortunate fact of the matter is that you do. Sadly, there are sites out there that simply cannot be trusted. They either don't take the necessary precautions to ensure their customers' safety or, even worse, they are rogue sites that deliberately set out to scam you. Either way, you're at risk.

All of our recommended sites are 100% safe to use.

We can state with absolutely certainty that each one of our recommendations can be trusted. Otherwise, they wouldn't be on our list. In order for us to recommend a site, we must first be positive that they won't just walk away with your funds and that they have security measures set in place to protect your personal information. Choose to use any one of these sites, and you can feel perfectly safe.

The second benefit on this list is equally as important. As we mentioned earlier, most betting sites cover boxing to some extent. While this is true, the coverage is pretty limited at a lot of them. Most sites just offer betting markets for the biggest fights, since they attract the most attention. At our recommendations, however, the boxing coverage is extensive. We can't promise you that every single fight you ever want to bet on will be covered, but the majority of them will be.

Better boxing coverage means more opportunities to place good value wagers. The same is true of having more betting options, which is the third benefit on the above list. There are lots of different wagers you can place on boxing matches, and they're all available at our recommended sites. Don't worry about being limited to just betting on who is going to win the fight.

The fourth main benefit of using our recommendations is the odds available at these sites. They are almost always among the most competitive around, which is a very good thing. Getting better odds means more money when you win. The odds may only be slightly better, but they can make a difference. If you're frequently winning your wagers, the difference can be quite significant in the long run.

The final benefit on the above list is often undervalued. But, in our opinion, ease of use is very important. A lot of sites are really outdated and/or use poorly designed betting interfaces. This really detracts from the overall experience when betting online. It's so much easier when everything is well laid out and intuitive, which is exactly what you'll find at our recommendations.

Have we convinced you yet?

We hope so, as we firmly believe that where you choose to bet will have a major impact on your online betting experience. Making a good choice in regards to where you bet will lead to a good overall experience. It may even improve your chances of winning money. Make a bad choice, however, and there's every chance your experience will be negative.

The benefits we've highlighted so far are not the ONLY benefits of using of recommendations. We should also point out that they offer generous bonuses and rewards, for example, and plenty of deposit options. Customer support is responsive and helpful, and withdrawals are processed quickly. Basically, they just offer an excellent overall service.

Having explained why you should use our recommended sites, let's now take a look at why we recommend them.

How We Rank Boxing Betting Sites

There are lots of betting sites on the internet. And when we say a lot, we really do mean A LOT. There are literally hundreds of them. So, how do we decide which ones to recommend? Let us start off by saying that we dedicate a lot of time and effort into our ranking process. Recommending the best gambling sites to use, in a variety of different categories, is one of the primary purposes of this website. So it's obviously something we take very seriously.

We don't want to bore you with all the little details of what we do, but we do want to provide you with a quick overview.

Assessment & Rating
Compile Rankings

Although our first step is simple, it's also very time consuming. We basically just research a site as extensively as we can, trying to find out any and all information that is relevant. We look at how long they've been established, and who they're owned by. We look to see if we can find any bad reports about them or any reason for us to believe that they've done anything unfair or unethical. These aren't the only specifics we investigate at this stage either.

We also take this time to look at a site's licensing arrangements. Our main goal at the research stage is essentially to form an initial opinion about whether a site is reputable and trustworthy. This means we need to know if they have the appropriate licenses to provide online gambling services legally.

We also need to know which organization they're licensed by. Some licensing authorities will issue gambling licenses to virtually anyone, and their regulatory requirements are very limited to say the least. Other licensing authorities take a much more demanding approach. Potential licensees must meet strict criteria before they're issued a license, and are then subject to stringent regulation. As you can imagine, we value licenses issued by the latter much more highly.

Once we've done our initial research, we're able to determine whether a site is worthy of further consideration or not. If we're not completely convinced that they're reputable and trustworthy, then we don't continue our research.

Anything else we uncover would be irrelevant, as we only ever recommend sites that we know for sure can be trusted.

Having approved a site for our shortlist, we move on to the testing stage. This is when we see how well they perform in the key areas. So we take a look at their boxing coverage, and the different betting options they cover. We compare their odds to the rest of the market, and we see how easy it is to find what we need and place wagers. We also check out the bonuses and rewards on offer, and contact customer support with a few valid questions to see how helpful they are.

A very important part of this stage is testing out deposit and withdrawals. We attempt some real money deposits, using different methods if appropriate, to see how easy the process is. After we've placed a few wagers, we then request a withdrawal. We need to see how long it takes to get our money back, as this is a key factor in our rankings. We'll usually do several withdrawals over a period of time, again using different methods if appropriate, so that we can gauge what's "normal."

Once the testing is complete, we then assess everything we've learned and assign ratings in various key areas. Some areas are more important than others of course, so we weight our factors accordingly. We then see which sites score the best overall, and rank them accordingly. The end result is the list of sites at the top of this page.

Hopefully, you now have a basic understanding of what we do, realizing that we have simplified things to some extent. For every category we rank sites in, we go through the same general process, changing the criteria when necessary. For example, a lot of the factors we assess when ranking the best casinos are different from the factors we consider for ranking the best boxing sites.

The rest of this page features some general information and advice that you'll find useful when betting on boxing.

Boxing Betting Options

We mentioned earlier that one of the main benefits of using our recommended sites is all the betting options available. Every site that covers boxing will let you bet on the winner of a fight, but there are lots of other wagers you can place too. It's important to be aware of these, as you don't want to limit yourself to simply backing a fighter to win. Sometimes this is the right wager to place, but the real value often lies elsewhere.

Here's a list of the main boxing wagers you should be familiar with, along with a brief description of each one.

  • Winning round

    A wager on which round the fight will end in. It can be on just the round number, or on the round number and the fight winner.

  • Winning group of rounds

    Similar to the winning round wager, but less precise. You pick a group of rounds (e.g. 1-3), rather than a single round.

  • Round totals

    An over/under bet on the number of rounds the fight will last.

  • Method of victory

    A wager on both the winner of the fight and the way in which he wins. For example, Wladimir Klitschko to win by knockout. Or Anthony Joshua to win on points.

These are by far the most common wagers you'll find, but most of our recommended sites will have even more options available. The additional wagers will usually be offered exclusively for those once in a lifetime, major events though.

Another possible option would be to bet on boxing fights in play, giving you the opportunity to place wagers AFTER the fight has started. This opens up even more opportunities, and it can be very profitable if you know your boxing. To find out more about betting in this way, please see the following article.

More on Boxing & Betting

There's seemingly endless information about boxing and betting on boxing that we could go over, but the purpose of this page was just to help you find the best places to bet. Everything else we want to cover will be found on our dedicated boxing betting guide.

We use this guide to cover the basics of boxing and provide you with plenty of advice for actually betting on this sport. We explore the different betting options in much more detail, and look at the best ways to find value when betting on boxing matches. We provide strategies to help you win, and much more too. Take your time and look this over!

Coming Soon to
Boxing Betting Guide
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