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There is no better way to bet on soccer than using the internet. Online betting offers several advantages over the more traditional forms of placing wagers, and there are no major downsides. The only challenge is choosing which site to use, as there are so many to choose from. That's where we can help, as we've ranked the best sites to bet on soccer. We'll explain why we like these sites later on this page, but first here's the list of our top recommendations

Rank Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
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Soccer, which is also known as football in most countries, accounts for more betting activity than any other sport in the world. It's not possible for us to determine the exact numbers, but the sports betting data that we can track shows that soccer is in the lead by a long way. This shouldn't really be a surprise, as soccer is an incredibly popular sport. The World Cup finals alone are watched by nearly a billion people, and many club leagues and competi- tions attract huge global audiences.

Many soccer fans also enjoy betting on games. This helps to add to the excitement, and is a great way to put your knowledge of the game to the test. Of course, it can also be a way to make some money. If you're among the legions of fans around the world who bet on soccer, or you want to join them, then you should be sure to use a safe and reputable betting site. When it comes putting real money on the line, it's important to stick with the very best options. And those options are what you see listed above.

If you're keen to join a site right now, then please go ahead and select one from our recommendations. We're confident that you'll have a positive experience at any of them. Alternatively, please take a look through the rest of this page for details on why you should use these sites and how we rank them. There's lots more information and advice too.

Current Form

One of the primary reasons why we recommend the sites we do is because we know they can be trusted. It's similar to why you might always go to the barber who's been doing your hair for the last however many years. He always does a good job, so you know what you're going to get and you trust him. That's essentially how we view these sites. When we bet ourselves, they are the ones we use. Naturally, then, it's them that we recommend to our readers.

It's not just about our personal preferences either. We test a wide range of different sites, and carry out research into their history, to make sure that we are recommending the very best options. Things frequently change in online betting, as some places improve over time while others let their standards drop, so we're constantly assessing the situation and updating our rankings regularly. This includes looking at new sites as and when they come along too.

You can find more information on exactly how we compile our rankings further down this page. Before we get to that, though, here's some information on another of the primary reasons why we like these sites

Variety of wagers

A quality soccer betting site should give you more options that just straight wagers on the winner of a match. And the best sites do exactly that. They take it much further and offer a wide variety of different wagers. The following are just a few examples.

  • First goal scorer in a match
  • Which team will be lead at half-time
  • Top goal scorer in a league
  • Total number of goals scored in a match
  • Asian handicaps
  • Double chance bets
  • Both teams to score
  • Number of yellow and red cards in a match

Having a greater variety of wagers is not only more fun, it also means more opportunities for making money. With more betting options, there are more chances to put your skills to use. Soccer isn't the easiest sport to win money from in the long term, and it's even harder when only making straight wagers on individual match winners. The bookmakers are very good at setting the odds, so it's hard to find value this way. There's much more value available when betting on other markets.

Ranking criteria explained

Our ranking criteria for soccer betting sites is largely the same as it is for sports betting sites in general. The main differences are that we look especially closely at the variety of soccer wagers, for reasons discussed above, and also at the overall coverage of soccer. Clearly a good soccer betting site should cover a wide range of matches in different leagues and competitions, and not just focus on the major events.

You can find full details of exactly how we go about compiling all of our rankings on our page explaining how we rank gambling sites, but here's a quick overview of some of the other things we consider for soccer betting sites. These are not listed in any particular order, as they're all important.

Deposit Options
It should be easy to get funds online, with a choice of methods available.
Safety & Security
We make absolutely sure that all of our recommendations are safe and secure
Ease of Use
Navigating around a site and placing wagers should be simple and intuitive.
Reputation & History
Sites should have a solid track record of providing a good service
Speed of Withdrawals
Cash outs should be processed and paid within a reasonable timeframe
Bonuses & Rewards
Sites should be at least reasonably generous with the extra value they give away.
Odds & Lines
Competitive odds and lines are a must, to ensure you get good value for your wagers
Customer Service
Good customer service odds to the overall online betting experience.

Alternative Sports Betting Sites

We don't just help you to find the best places to bet on soccer, we can also help you improve your soccer betting skills. Our soccer betting guide is packed with information and advice that you're bound to find useful. There's tips for beginners and recreational bettors, and more advanced strategy articles for experienced bettors.

For example, we've ranked the best sites for mobile betting. Most of these cover soccer pretty well, so they might be good options if you generally place wagers from a mobile device. We've also ranked the best sites for live betting. Again, the majority of these offer good soccer coverage. They're worth considering if you do a lot of live betting.

Mobile Betting Sites Live Betting Sites

If you bet on a range of other sports as well as soccer, then you might be well served by using one of the top all-round betting sites. These are generally good options for soccer as well as most other sports.

Soccer Betting Information & Advice

We don't just help you to find the best places to bet on soccer, we can also help you to improve your soccer betting skills. Our soccer betting guide is packed with information and advice that you're bound to find useful. There's tips for beginners and recreational bettors, and more advanced strategy articles for experienced bettors looking to take things to another level.

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  • Choosing What to Bet On
  • Betting Factors to Consider
  • Soccer Betting Mistakes
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Soccer Betting Guide
About the Sport of Soccer

In addition to everything mentioned above, our soccer betting guide includes a section dedicated to providing information about the sport itself. This makes for fascinating reading if you have any interest in the game at all, and some of the information is useful to know for betting purposes too.

  • History of the Game
  • Rules of the Game
  • FIFA & Other Governing Bodies
  • Major Clubs
  • Major Tournaments & Leagues
  • Top Players & Managers